This is the story of a pair of socks

I’d like to offer proof-of-life photos and reassure you that yes indeed, the vest has been steeked, finished, and is still alive, but the darned bugger is still damp from blocking and I haven’t been able to get it on to photograph yet. Soon. Soon. It’s cold and it’s vest-wearing time and that Ivy League Vest pattern is some kind of awesome.

Instead, I have a story. Settle in my friends. It’s been waiting for a while, and I still can’t believe that I, the queen of impatience, haven’t told it yet. I suppose there is just no underestimating what will happen when you are in the grips of dissertation distress. But anyhoo…First we go back to mid-2006-or-so, when I was watching Veronica Mars DVDs and doodling argyle patterns in my notebook. Veronica, as the modern smart girl’s hip-happening almost-Nancy-Drew and general emblematic young woman fashion-plate, wears kicky things like faux-argyle diamonds, or small amounts of argyle on hoodies or cardigans, most often in bright pinks and greens. And all of this seeped into my subconscious, and I kept thinking, you know, what Veronica really needs is a nice pair of mini-argyle socks.

‘Socktoberfest’ 2006 rolled around and I ordered myself a whackload of sock yarn from KnitPicks. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I finally got down to making some socks, all the while with Veronica on the brain, and after a few iterations (one nixed attempt is immortalized up at the bottom left of my blog header, in Apple Laine yarn) I finally had these, in KnitPicks ‘Essential’:


Surely Miss Mars herself would approve. I was so pleased with them I sent them off to Knitty for a pattern submission. Sadly they were rejected, but Amy generously suggested that I self-publish. I let the idea percolate until the summer, when I reminded myself that I didn’t really want a pair of mini-argyle socks (or mini-faux argyle – these are 2-colour in the round, not the 3-colour intarsia of argyle tradition), what I wanted was a pair of mini argyle knee-socks. So, I went back again to the needles, this time with some more sedate shades of Knit Picks Gloss. By October, they were done. I managed a few photos on my own, and Beatrice agreed that the finished socks were adequate:


Then, I went out for a run one day and promptly fell and skinned my knee so badly that I began to wonder if my knees would ever be photogenic again. And then winter came on, and the thesis stress was there, and etc etc etc…Until finally we come to this weekend and I batted my eyelashes at my sister long enough for her to nab a few shots for me. Les-voila, the Veronica Knee Socks:


I love them. I adore them to bits and pieces. I have been wanting for months to get the pattern out for sale (as soon as I figure out how to do that), and all it wants is a bit more writing and some sizing instructions. I am hoping that if I post about them now, I’ll work up some sufficient guilt that I won’t let that delay for too much longer. πŸ˜‰


They are worked top-town with elastic knitted into the single-rib cuffs, feature shaping along a faux-seam running up the back of the leg, a short-row heel, and use 2-colour stranded technique in the round. I used Knit Picks ‘Gloss’ in Black and Burgundy (2 skeins each), and 2.75mm bamboo DPNs for a stranded gauge of 8 sts/inch. They are warm and smooth, thanks to the blend of wool/silk contained in the Gloss. These ones here are made to fit my 15.5-inch shapely calves, to a length of about 14 inches or so between the cuff and heel.


A knit saga almost at the end. Whaddaya think, my knitting friends? Good enough for mass consumption? One thing’s for sure – in these socks, you are sure to be noticed, whether Nancy-Drewing it or no.

Next colour-work installment…the Ivy League Vest, and Why Steeks Aren’t So Bad After All. πŸ™‚


  1. Those are SO CUTE. If I ever get around to learning socks (and colourwork!), I’d buy that pattern.

  2. Those are the cutest socks. I love them!

  3. Love them! Very interested in a pattern.

    Also, where did you get those shoes?

  4. Gorgeous! Definitely fit for public (paid) consumption!

  5. They are totally wonderful, Glenna! A faux-seam! Elastic worked into the cuffs! My gawd, this even might make me take up colourwork again! What is Knitty like, rejecting these (well, OK, the shorter) beauts? Their blinking loss.

    And are you planning to include instructions for the shorter version (this from someone who doesn’t wear skirts and wouldn’t ever want to subject anyone to the sight of her hideous calves, even covered with fantabulous argyle socks)?

  6. They are gorgeous! I think I prefer the bright pink though – even though I NEVER wear bright colours.

    I never noticed Veronica wearing argyle but I like that cardigan in the link you posted πŸ™‚

    btw, I also totally want the shoes the socks are wearing in the first picture!

  7. LibrarySpice · ·

    Those are beautiful – I would definitely buy the pattern if you make it available.

  8. You ask.. are they fit for mass consumption? Oh mercy! I love and adore these socks like you wouldn’t believe!!! YES!!!
    I would buy that pattern, snap it right up! Get thee to thy writing desk :^)

  9. marykay71 · ·

    I think they are fantastic! I know I have said it before, but I will say it again – you are so totally talented. That pattern is absolutely NECESSARY for the knitting masses out there. If I caould get the hang of knitting socks (I have not stopped trying, but I just cannot get it together) I would absolutely buy that pattern. Absolutely go for it!

  10. Those are adorable! I just love the faux seam detail up the back. Good work!

  11. Oh my gosh those are the most fantastic socks EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get writing!!!

  12. Wow! Those socks are ADORABLE! Love the knee sock version!

  13. Those are absolutely gorgeous! It’s almost enough to make me get over my fear of colourwork socks!

  14. O. M. G. Those rock! I can’t wait for you to get the pattern up.

    Go you, with your mad designing skills!

  15. They are gorgeous socks! I had ordered some yarn to knit some entrelac ones but I might use it for them instead!

  16. I’ll take two.

    It embarasses me that there are two things I can’t do in knitting. Number one is argyle. Like real, intarsia argyle with a lot of colors. I just end up with a bunch of triangles attached with a couple stitches. (Number two is kitchener stitch. Seriously. One of the most important things a knitter needs to know how to do. Can’t do it.) Anyway, with this pattern, I could really make a pair if argyle socks. Can’t wait to get a copy of this pattern.

  17. Those are amazing! I’m not familiar with Knitpicks Gloss – is each skein enough for a pair of socks? In other words, does it use enough yarn for 4 pairs? I think it would be neat to use a solid and a variegated, and I have some variegated sock yarns in my stash…

  18. Very nice! I think I saw an earlier iteration of this idea last winter when I visited. I would totally buy the pattern – I’m not sure if it would be possible to adjust the sizing easily in something so intricate. That would be my only concern (as a possessor of even shapelier calves!)

    Can’t wait to see the finished vest. You’re making me want to drop everything and start one myself!

  19. They are utterly gorgeous!
    Can I have those cute shoes too?

  20. OH my goodness! I have the green argyle sweater Veronica Mars is wearing in that second screen shot!! I’ve seen it around on other people but I had no idea it was so.. well, awesome. It’s one of my favorite sweaters.

    Your socks are adorable. I’m a bit obsessed with argyle, but even if I weren’t, I’d still love them πŸ™‚

  21. Thomasean · ·

    Oh my!!!!!
    Those are adorable.
    I like the long ones and the short ones. I’d like to buy the pattern for the short ones too.

    Try to submit them to MagKnits. I’ll bet ya Jaywalkers are more popular than Monkeys.

    I clicked on your name on the Harlot’s blog…boy am I glad I did.

    When you say faux seam… does that mean I don’t have to sew them together after I’m done knitting???

    Please e-mail me when you get them for sale. Nice work.

  22. those are great!! Veronica would sooooo wear those! (coming from another Mars addict here!!!)

  23. Oh Glenna, count me in (again) as one of your admirers…they are lovely! I got the um “recruits” boxed up and ready to ship out (hold your nose for the alcohol fumes…) and then discovered that I’ve “somehow” erased the email with your address. I’m sorry — what should have been a simple “send the box” operation is not, but alas…could you please resend me your address?
    Thanks in advance, Melissa

  24. okay…yeah…those socks are spectacular! good on ya!

  25. They are fabulous! I love that s’eam’ up the back…..

  26. I adore them. Awesome socks! Can’t wait until the pattern release!

  27. This is very late, but wow, those are super cute. As are the shoes, for what it’s worth!

  28. Yes, I need these socks. Please write up the pattern so I can knit one up!

  29. I also like the socks a lot, but I just love the shoes! I’m looking for that kind of shoes for ages! I’d also like to know where to get them but probably they would be too small for my huge feet again….

  30. Rubyscarab · ·

    Please- Need pattern! Have sister’s birthday coming up and this is the only pair of argyle knee-high socks I have found any where! Please help!

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