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I discovered today that one piece of my Rhinebeck experience that I had totally forgotten about – being captured on camera by the LetsKnit2gether podcast – has now hit the airwaves šŸ˜‰ So if you head over there you can see about 30 seconds of me in the blogger meetup segment. But more than that (because my dorkishness is, let’s face it, only a minor thrill even if I did reveal my unintentionally overachieveing laminated Blogger Bingo card), it’s a pretty awesome vodcast because she’s captured a lot of the key aspects of Rhinebeck. There’s film of the sheepdogs and angora goats and all sorts of stalls. You can practically smell the yarn fumes and maple cotton candy. And you can see a whole bunch of other bloggers too. I keep going back and looking and scanning the crowd shots to see who I recognize. (Note Raverly’s Jess in her ‘Mama Rav’ tee!)

In other news, I am loving reeling in the Finished Objects this month. I finally got to take the Ivy League Vest out for a spin, the Ribby Cardi #3 is now washed and laying out to dry, and the Monkey Socks I finished a couple of weeks ago have now gone into permanent rotation. But these items were all begun in December, and I now have the first FO that belongs completely to 2008.


Back in June last year at the TTC Knitalong in Toronto, I won a prize of a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in ‘Fruit Coulis’ colourway. I love the colours, pink and purple are definitely my speed. Only problem is, Jitterbug comes in a scant put-up of 320 yards per skein, and since I can just barely squeak out a pair of Monkeys from a 360 yard skein of Socks That Rock lightweight, I have been letting the single skein of Jitterbug sit while I pondered how best to use it up. Then, the week leading up to my first dissertation defense loomed, and I just said heck with it, this is pretty pink yarn and I want more socks and I am doing something with this Jitterbug just because.

Making the Most of Your Colinette Jitterbug When You Have Size 11 Feet:

1. Split the skein exactly in half. (See above).
2. Work toe-up instead of cuff-down.
3. Up-size the needles, since Jitterbug is slightly smooshier and can handle it – I normally use 2.75mm and went up to 3.25mm on these.
4. Use fewer stitches – I normally use 64 and went down to 56.

And then I added in a k3, p1 rib pattern just to keep it interesting, and voila! Finished, cute, highly wearable socks:


They may even, dare I say it, be slightly too loose. I’ll see how they wear and if necessary, I would be willing to rip back and re-do the 1×1 ribbing on the cuff a little more snugly. Hurray! Pair of socks #2 for 2008!

I send many yarnish and virtual well-wishes for the weekend. May your knitting be close by (especially if you live in the cold snap parts of Canada right now because DAMN is it cold enough to freeze your snot out there.)


  1. I’ll check out the vodcast soon… about those socks, they turned out fabulous… so a 3.25mm is close (I think actually larger than US3s?) (ok, I checked, it’s a ‘large’ US3… who knew?) anyway, my point is…when I’ve used US3/3.00mm I cast on 48 stitches… seems to be plenty big, so you might keep that in mind…
    They are very pretty!

  2. The video podcast was so much fun! I’m such a dork.. I waved when I saw you, heh.

  3. Thank you so much for the heads up (Do I really sound like that? weird huh?)

    Love the jitterbug socks. Although I haven’t commented, I love the fair isle work you do. Just amazing!

  4. Ooh I love jitterbug – they are lovely socks.

  5. Nice socks! I’ve got a skein of Jitterbug in the stash waiting for just the right project. So smooshy!

  6. Look at you go, you sock machine! Thanks for that Rhinebeck link, I loved watching the clip! And you were great. I think I’m going to have to go this year, if work will let me!

  7. I was planning on using my Jitterbug to knit some lacy socks – like the Tsarina’s Bluestockings. But it is good to know that you can make simple socks out of them too!

  8. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Jitterbug. I’m going to have to search it out. I’m not sure if WEBS has it or not. I’m actually trying to stay away from there right now. So if you know, please don’t tell me.

  9. The socks look good, I invested in a good scale the other day and it is so useful for sock yarn weighing! Freezing snot, that sounds colder than I have ever experienced!

  10. Ooh pretty yarn! I’ll be getting a few 100 gram skeins in the mail soon that I’ll need to divide in half.. I just don’t have a ball-winder, so I guess it’ll have to be done by hand. Hooray! šŸ˜€ Actually, I find it rather soothing…

    Although, winding 400+ yards does drive me a little insane.

    You’re just cranking out FOs, huh! Like a little one-woman sweatshop. šŸ˜€

  11. good to know – I have size 10 feet and have stayed away from the Jitterbug for that very reason! i’m impressed you got a really full size pair of socks!

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