I am knitting socks

Since this morning I haven’t been able to stop feeling chilly, have sneezed more times than I can count, and I am afeared that The Cold that has been circulating has finally reached me. I’ve managed to do the bare minimum of things that could qualify as ‘work’, and since it’s officially mid-afternoon I have scheduled the rest of the day with knitting, hot tea, and vitamin C tablets in an effort to head any Cold off at the pass.

Technically, I did start Venezia on Sunday night. I say ‘technically’, because while I did in fact cast on and accomplish a few rows of the stockinette that will become the turned hem, I haven’t moved any farther on it and am letting it sit and wait a bit longer before I call it a full-fledged Work In Progress. So, instead, I am knitting socks.


Finally, I have dipped into my Rhinebeck purchases from October, with the ‘Garnet Dreams’ shade of Socks That Rock Mediumweight. I started these last Friday morning on the bus into Toronto, which followed a period in which I – wait for it – had no Works In Progress whatsoever. I know, I almost stun myself to think about it. OK, sure, those hours were between Thursday night and Friday morning and therefore largely spent sleeping, but since I can’t actually remember the last time I had no WIPs I feel it is still a moderate accomplishment.

So I am going to just go with the STR and work on these knee socks for a bit and see how project monogamy treats me this week. After finishing a few projects in January I have a bit of that knitting whiplash, and stockinette is suitably mindless. This is Knee Sock #1, just past the leg shaping decreases. In a few more inches I can start the heel and then I’ll be in foot country. Foot country’s my favourite kind of sock country.

If I can stop sneezing, at least. 😉
Stay warm!


  1. barefootrooster · ·

    very, VERY pretty. it is cold here too — snowing, even. (and I’m in the Southwest US!)

  2. Brrr, pretty socks though! We had a few brief hours of ‘no thermals on’ temps, but alas, they’re back on…. no snow… sigh……
    I hope you send that nasty cold beastie off down the road, far far away! You’re definitely doing all the right things :^)

  3. Pink, wow, who would have guessed ;P

    Very nice colour though.

    Feel better!!

  4. Oh I hope you manage to sidestep the cold. I have this great record of never getting sick. The last time I was actually ill with the cold or the flu was back in the 80s as far as I can recall. It drives my husband batty because until 7 months ago I was a smoker so one would think that I would be more susceptible. My husband can look at someone with a cold and get sick.

    My secret? If I even START to feel ill — at the first sneeze — I declare “I’m dying” and I jump in bed and watch tv and eat chicken soup (one would think that I would be a good Jewish woman and make homemade chicken soup, but alas I eat Liptons). I’m not sure if it’s the instant pampering or the soup. But I never get sick.

    Take thee to a bed and knit!!!!

  5. I haven’t worn knee socks since I was a girl, but seeing the last pair you made and now these, I’m inspired. Very pretty!What pattern are you using?

    Hold onto your needles tightly when you sneeze so you don’t drop any stitches. It’s happened to me before! Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  6. Purty colour – hope you are feeling okay – both from the cold and the shock of no WIPS – are you sure??

  7. I hope the dreaded cold doesn’t take hold. Excited to see Venezia on the go!

  8. feel better!!!! drug up!! 🙂

    the socks are super cute. isn’t it a weird feeling with NO wip’s????

  9. Don’t get sick! We have to party, party party Friday AND Saturday!

    BTW, nice show off post about the socks. Some of us can’t finish a pair of socks in a reasonable amount of time.

  10. Oh, I hope you are feeling better soon! I just got over a nasty sore throat-based cold that was a real pain. Lots of tea and hot soup for you!

    Great springy colourway on those socks.

  11. Lovely socks. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  12. good for you for getting through some of the rhinebeck stash! i love the socks and i’m laughing here a little because my STR knee highs did the same swooshy pool at the same spot.

  13. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

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