Must remember to use brain

This week I’ve only been managing bits and pieces of knitting (including a return to the Korknisse pattern – more on that later when I’ve got pics, also the 2nd knee sock), in between going here and there and furiously clinging to some procrastinatory time. Plus we’re having the 2nd blizzard in less than a week around these parts, so there is sort of a lack of inertia. (Oh yeah, and somehow The Cold never did quite take – I’ve had a few intermittent days of “I’m getting a cold” disease where I think something is going to develop into huge symptoms but never does. ::knocks on wood::)

But in the walking and bus-knitting moments I’ve been going back and listening to that yarncraft podcast with the Yarn Harlot. I never did take it off my mp3 player and I find it sort of inspiring to listen to how she talks about knitting. And then there’s the moment where she talks about the posts on her blog about, say, locking herself out of her hotel room wearing only her underthings, or dropping her shoe out of a window, or whatever, and responding to people who think she’s a moron by saying “Everybody does this. Everybody. We’re all just struggling through our day!”

And this was all extremely comforting to me today when I was trying to find humour in the fact that I – wait for it – left my laptop behind in a cafe. No, I don’t know how I managed to do this. My only explanation was that I had so much crud with me that I had to pack up, and I had let the laptop sit on the table to shut down, and I was rushing to get to a bus with such concern that I forgot to do the step where I was supposed to slide the laptop into the laptop compartment of my bag.

Until two hours later when, after making the bus – that was 25 minutes late – and finally getting home and scraping some of the icy snowy sludge out of the driveway, and then putting the kettle on and petting the cat, and then sitting down to my desk, I finally unzip my bag and discover my laptop cord and a big gaping hole where the laptop should be. And at that point the only possible response is to say OH FUCK (because there is nobody in the wrong except ME ME ME ME damnit why God why did I do this to myself) and dash around madly trying to phone people at the cafes and still try to appear sane even though I have just done something that proves entirely otherwise.

Luckily, the universe is still populated with a few careful human beings, and my laptop was indeed found and held for me just at the very place I had left it. And I got it back.

Knitting to resume shortly. Also the use of the brain.

Because I can’t bear to have an image-less post, and because I have an uncommon amount of affection for this advertisement (despite my cynicism, I think this is actually a lot more progressive than other ads that try to be), I will leave you with this YouTube find:


  1. Nice to see that there are people who will hand in lost property! 🙂
    Glad you got it back.

    I love that podcast and only listened to it again yesterday! 🙂 She’s right about it happening to everyone.

  2. Today I am with you on the brain thing.
    After a chaotic day in work where I discovered I ordered 2 servers not 1 (at 5K a pop), I have finally got home, but very late.

    And then I write Steve his Valentine card card upside down, and suggest going on a date next weekend, but have to make it Sunday cos I already have other plans (with knitters) for the Saturday. I have no alternative cards and no time to get another.

    I think a glass of wine might not help matters but I will feel better

  3. I’m so glad that you will get the laptop back. I know I have done such things when I’m rushing around. And it’s hard when you haul so much stuff around on busses and trains. I’m forever checking that I haven’t dropped my wallet, keys or cellphone.

  4. That is some awesome karma. So glad you got it back.

  5. I knew it! The world is not this deep dark pit of greed, despair and selfishness the media likes to tell us. There are actually decent people in the world who still know what is right and act on it. Glad you got your laptop back!

    Hunker down because this snow storm is going to get worse before it gets better. The best thing to do is pour a large drink (preferable alcoholic) and knit your brains out!


  6. Oh dear! *hugs* I’m so glad you got it back.

    I was up early with all sorts of plans, and go through most of my AM stuff and tried to take a little nap (last party + early morning = nap seemed a reasonable equation) only to sleep from 12-4:30…

    Which means I have to do work tonight (instead of say knitting), but I haven’t been conscious long enough to accomplish anything significant (or screw anything up…). Great way to get started on the first month of serious work on my thesis…

  7. Oh wow! I’m so glad you got it back.

  8. ACK!!!!!……..ACK!!!!!…….. my heart beat and breathing are getting a bit more normal… but holy crap… ACK!!!
    Dude… you are one lucky person! (….ack!!!)

    I like that commercial too :^)

  9. WHEW! So glad to hear it was found by an honest sort. That must have been a sickening moment when you realized it wasn’t in your bag.

  10. So glad you’re going to get it back – we all do these foolish things because we’re always doing so much – nice to have proof of the loveliness of people

  11. Big huge “WHEW!!!!” Wow. It is nice that there are still caring, respectful people around….

  12. I’m so glad you got it back, Glenna! It’s the karma from those cupcakes!

    You’ve posted a great commercial too as I say, “pass the tissues, we all got issues”


  13. Oooh, that must have been an awful, bottom-dropping-out-of-your-stomach feeling when you realized about the laptop. I’m glad you got it back!!

    I’ve lost my wallet a couple of times, and always got it back, intact and with everything (after beating myself up in my head about what an idiot I am). There are more good people out there than I think we realize sometimes.

  14. Have been lurking so far but had to come out to say that your story gave me palpitations just reading it – my laptop is my third arm or something like that – and imagine leaving it! Eek! Glad you got it back though.

  15. Thank god they still had it for you! And to think, I once left my well-loved travel mug behind in a cafe (in residence, mind you) and not 20 minutes later it was gone gone gone.

    Ew, who’d want a used mug?

  16. Holy crap…I can’t believe you got it back…Hurray for the good people/person who turned it in.

    And thanks so much for that You Tube…I needed that today.

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