Yarn is My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Or, Happy Singleton Awareness Day, as one of my friends likes to say… πŸ˜‰ )

Beatrice would like to register that, if at all possible, Valentine’s Day is best celebrated with a nap, a bath, and a nice play with your toys.


I am inclined to agree.


I’ve had this pile gradually accumulating for ages – the “stuff I want to use next-ish” pile of mostly sock yarn.

It includes the 2nd of 2 purple skeins of Briggs & Little Super that would like to be a nice chunky hat, a beautiful hand-dyed skein of sock yarn from Kate, a lovely stacked pile of Socks That Rock Jasper and Peacock, and a DK skein of Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra, a Fleece Artist kit that has been waiting and waiting to become a pair of thrummed mittens, the two leftover bits from my Socks That Rock knee-highs of my last post, one half of a Mountain Colors Bearfoot in a nice magenta (the other half is currently in use on the needles, though yet to be photographed), a bright green skein and a bright blue skein of sock yarn from the Sweet Sheep Sock Club of the fall which are far too bright for me for regular use but are waiting to be combined with other things…such as that Shelridge Farms purple right next to them.

Now if only there wasn’t stupid real WORK hanging over my head…

I think I’ll just look at the yarn for a little bit longer. Happy Valentine’s Day, blogosphere! Be sure to tell your yarn how much you love it. Heh heh. πŸ˜‰


  1. I’ve just finished cataloging my sock yarn stash because I really want to buy some new Koigu and I just can’t justify it with all the stash. 😦

    Call me cranky but loving yarn might be the only way I’d be willing to celebrate this ridiculous holiday.

  2. You should know that I have offically changed my facebook status message to read Happy Singleton Awareness Day. I think that is so spot-on.

  3. oh my gosh! that green and blue are amazing!!! i’d put them together for socks!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Yarn strikes me as an awfully cozy and nice Valentine.

  5. Sorry you are having problems with your computer. Since around January, I have found that it takes a very, very, very, long time to load your blog. It’s only your site, and nothing or no one elses. Anyone else having this problem?

    You are very talented. I’ll keep hoping that you get your computer problems fixed.

  6. Aww, Beatrice, what a doll!

    There’s nothing like that look of insanity in a cat’s eyes when it’s playing! Is that your knitted toy and your knitted blanket? And you give Bea a BATH? Eh, how is that feat accomplished?

  7. Beatrice the Cat · ·

    Happy Valentine’s, Glenna. You can have some of my Fancy Feast since I didn’t get you any candy.

  8. My husband and I have a good friend who once re-named Valentines Day “Jerk Appreciation Day,” the reasoning being that jerks get off scot-free for being jerks on Feb. 14 just by spending money on flowers and chocolate. Therefore, non-jerks are absolved from doing anything on V-day. This is why I’ve never once gotten flowers or chocolate from my hubbo on Feb. 14, which is okay. I’m just sayin’, don’t assume all of us non-singles are having some kind of a great time! LOL!

    Lovely yarn, by the way. Sometimes it’s inspiring just to view the stash, eh?

  9. Beatrice is wise beyond her kitty years, a true sage! I didn’t even think about it being V Day…but now that you mention it…I did celebrate…I got your cork recruits mailed! Blog On!

  10. whoneedsgauge · ·

    Hi! I just linked over from Exercise Before Knitting, and your knitting is very pretty! I see from your Want-To-Be-Knit pile that you like pinks/purples. Very nice color scheme! Where did you get the thrummed mitten kit?

  11. Happy singletons day! Kitty is cute but has that look of crazy cat in her eye!! Love all the yarn, work is such a pain isn’t it.:)

  12. Mmmmm, yummy whack of wooly goodness all gathered there!
    The only reason I appreciate ‘V.D.’ is for the half priced chocolate on the 15th!!!!! What’s not to love about that?

  13. πŸ˜€ All that yarn is yummy!!

    Real work is such a drain on one’s knitting time!

  14. I never get tired of Beatrice pics!!
    By the way, I have tagged you for a meme. Please see my blog for info, hope you don’t mind.

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