Weekend Report

The best weekends are when knitting friends come to visit. Rebecca (who generously hosted me for Rhinebeck last October) had to come up to Toronto last week for work, and then stuck around a couple of extra days to hang here in Hamilton. She’d even saved up her yarn-buying just for the weekend trip back to the T-Dot on Saturday, and we did pretty well by visiting 3 yarnish stops: Lettuce Knit, Romni, and finishing up at the Purple Purl.

On the way, though, Martha requested a stop at IKEA to take advantage of the Mattress Sale. While she browsed the mattresses, I, um, ‘tested’ an armchair and knitted away on my Rib and Cable Sock (in Mountain Colors Bearfoot, pattern from Interweave Knits, Fall 2005)


And then in the warehouse I found some absolutely knitting-tastic pencil-cases (in a bin with similar cases for CDs and cell phones), which were about 8 inches long and absolutely perfect for knitting notions. I bought 2 and have fully deployed one for portable use:


By the time we made it to the Purple Purl we were thrilled to be able to sit and ponder and knit and look at books. (Oh yes indeed, I bought yarn – more on that later on). We sat…


I brought cupcakes…


Martha looked at a copy of ‘Victorian Lace Today’ which sort of broke her brain…


And I knitted on Venezia.


Good times. Too bad it’s Monday again!


  1. Venezia is looking splendid!
    Sounds like a fun weekend.

  2. I love that rich red in Venezia. I can’t wait to see how it comes along!

  3. Ooh ooh Venezia – so exciting :o)

    Looks like great fun was had

  4. Great weekend!

    Venezia is looking beautiful! What happened to piccies of the yarn you purchased… *yarn voyeurism*

  5. that sounds like a wonderful weekend – cupcakes AND knitting!!

  6. Mmmmm, so much to drool over, Venezia, cupcakes…where’s the yarn? heh. LOVE the expression on Martha’s face :^)
    Great little bag snag!

  7. Venezia is looking wonderful.
    I get that look on my face when I look at VLT too!

  8. I am the greatest Ikea companion because I am not only an enthusiastic arm-chair tester, but I love them meatballs. Glad to see you made some beautiful progress!

  9. Sounds like a perfect weekend (except the Ikea bit)(Ikea makes be break out in hives due to an unfortunate customer service incident 20 years ago)(it’s not easy to hold a grudge for that long)

    And those cupcakes…were those in the yarn shop? If I had a yarn shop that sold cupcakes I’d never leave. (Which is perhaps why my local yarn shop doesn’t have cupcakes.)

  10. That looks like a great time, Martha looks fun! The yarn store is a bit special, we don’t have them like that here! Venezia … gorgeous …

  11. Glad you had a positive IKEA experience (love their stuff, but hate their service) – the knit-tastic pencil case is perfect!

    Not sure what Martha is trying to imply whilst browsing VLT – horror? adoration? how swine-ish the knitted-on borders are to knit? And Venezia is looking beauteous!

  12. A great looking weekend! Venezia is coming along, and your cupcakes look scrumptious!!

  13. Oh, that sounds *heavenly.* My accountant’s office, where I have an appt today, is right across the street from my hometown yarn store. Maybe a stop is in order?

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