Lisa was ever so kind to tag me on a ‘Seven Things About You’ Meme, and by the laws of the internet, I must obey!

However, I am breaking the rule about tagging specific people. Consider yourself tagged! Hah! Yes, you over there in the corner, that includes you. Your Seven Random Things, I must read them. Here are mine for today:

1. Even though I’ve tried all sorts of different cupcake recipes, my favourite is still chocolate cake with vanilla icing.

2. Before I was a totally obsessed knitter, I was a beader. I don’t think my technique was anything spectacular, and I think ultimately I am happier with knitting, but I took to beading with the same project-oriented-ness that I now take to knitting. I amassed a decent-sized bead stash, thanks in large part to the Queen St. wholesalers in Toronto (Hi, Arton Beads! I still love you even though I visit Romni Wools down the street more often.)

The advantage with beads, though, is you can have thousands of them and they’ll still all fit in a Rubbermaid Bin with room to spare. The other week my brain just snapped with the February-ness of it all (You know, when you sort of forget that there was a time when you wore something besides your winter coat and every single knitted thing you own, before going outside), and I went back to the beads for a spell. Came out with a few necklaces and then went on this past weekend to make a few sets of stitch markers. It’s super useful to be able to do that. Stitch markers really are like knitting jewelry.


3. After coming to it late on DVD, I am a huge fan of the cancelled-too-early-thanks-to-stupid-FOX-network show ‘Firefly’. I occasionally contemplate taking up sewing just so I can make a Firefly costume. (I’ll let you guess which character. Hey man, a show with 4 whole female characters to choose from! Awesome!).

4. I’ve been in a real reading rut lately. I love novels but haven’t been able to snap back into reading one at bed for a few months. Instead I’ve been reading knitting books.

5. Beatrice the Cat is only mine temporarily. I’m just minding her house while her regular humans are away. Unfortunately my time with her comes to an end in March, though, so she’ll have to find someone else’s knitted goods to claim as her own.


(She really is a sweetie-poo. That’s good sock flattery right there.)

6. Like possibly most of Canada, I am really hoping Ellen Page wins the Best Actress Oscar on Sunday. Unfortunately, I’ve become so tired of the Hollywood film industry in general that I probably won’t watch the ceremony. (Just count how often the Best Actress nominees reflect Best Picture nominations. Then do the same for the Best Actor nominees. I’ll wait. Then judge for yourself just how feminist the film industry is.)

7. My favourite snack or light meal for any time of day is whole wheat toast with melted white cheddar cheese. And tea.

Tag! You’re it!


  1. Hmm… cheddar cheese.. i miss cheddar. 😦

    Cool facts. 🙂 I’ve just done a meme so I’ll use that one!

    I love your bead collection.

  2. Hi Glenna,
    Longtime lurker, first time commenter, here. I love reading your site and seeing all the lovely handknits you’re creating. Ivy is still on my list of things to do all these years later! Someday…

    Here’s my meme post:

  3. Oh I just had cheese on toast for breakfast!! Hello to the lovely kittycat Beatrice!! Oh I Love Love Love Firefly and Serenity. I have just laid my hands on the 2 Firefly books- transcripts of each episode and information and lots and lots of pictures of their costumes too!!! It was a fabulous show and then they cancelled it. At least we had the film though I cannot bear to watch it too often. We are spoiled for strong female characters, though Joss is great for this. I am recording The Despos and editing out everything except the scenes with Captain Tight Pants. The show will make no sense but my friend and I can just watch Nathan Fillion!!! I shall be keeping an eye out for Jayne’s Hat!!!

  4. Ah, but you can knit yourself some Firefly goods as well – check out the Jayne Cobb hat!

  5. Well, this was fun… and you make Gorgeous stitchmarkers.
    I imagine you’ll miss Beatrice,eh?

    Gracie and I baked a chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day, chocolate icing and she liberally applied sprinkles :^)

  6. whoneedsgauge · ·

    I’m going to guess Anoura, because she has the best costumes, although I think that Kaylee’s would be the most comfy.

  7. Wow! Beatrice looks just like my cat Prudence!

  8. Firefly rocks! My favorite quote is from Jayne: “If wishes were horses, we’d all be eatin’ steak.” The movie’s not bad, either. Summer Glau quite literally kicks arse.

    And speaking of the tee-vee, I plan to watch the Oscars just because Jon Stewart is hosting. He ought to make it at least tolerable, if not enjoyable (though I haven’t seen more than a couple movies this year so I won’t have a clue about any of the nominees, alas.)

    Maybe I’ll consider myself tagged and do one of these sometime in the next few days.

  9. those are the perfect cupcakes…mmm….Firefly!!! It was great!!!

  10. I could use some of those stitch markers….

  11. I used to really love beading, too- I loved making tiny flowers out of beads strung on wire thread a la Martha Stewart. Oddly, I’ve never done that knitting wire with beads thing, which seems like it would be a natural love. Hmmmm.

    Are you coming back to TO after you leave Beatrice and Hamtown?

    Cheese on toast and tea?! You’re a closet Briton, like me! Nothing is better than tea and toast.

  12. I hope Ellen Page wins too, I really loved Juno.

    I’m intrigued to know which firefly girl you’d want to dress like. I have absolutely no clue where to start. I kind of like Kaylee, but I don’t think I could pull all the pink ruffles off.

  13. Beaaaddss…. that fire on Queen was just west of Arton Beads… I was there yesterday, my hair still smells of the smoke…

    Beatrice will miss you!! (well your knitting at any rate… you know how cats are… 🙂

  14. Have been lurking till now but thought I’d consider myself tagged! And I now realise why I don’t like doing meme’s as I can never stop writing… 😉
    Beautiful cat on beautiful blanket by the way.

  15. LOVE FireFly!! Maybe you can make Beatrice a mini Jayne hat to remember you by.

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