Knitting is my therapy

It’s only Monday and I’m already having one of those weeks where I want to hide under the covers and whimper and hope some source of stress magically goes away while I’m under there. (Stupid thesis revisions that I stupid still have to finish and stupid course that I stupid still have to write lectures for and stupid snow day we could have had tomorrow until the weather report changed and stupid dishes that won’t stupid wash themselves and and why is it almost March already and and and and and…)

So even though I have already had a late-afternoon bagel (all the cream cheese talk really got into my brain) and then dinner when I came home, I am still contemplating the dessert options. Specifically, the leftovers from Saturday’s cheesecake endeavour:


I decided to do a half-cheesecake recipe with 1 of the cream cheese packages, and saved the 2nd for eating with pepper jelly (I’ve had a jar kicking around since the holidays). But all the recipe suggestions you folks gave me last time nearly had me hurtling to the nearest grocery store for more cream cheese and everything else required to make the recipes. But as it is I went for the things most likely to use up other things in the kitchen, and this Smitten Kitchen recipe fit the bill. Instead of mango slices I mixed some strawberries and chopped mango because that’s what was available at the store. As my friend Trevor said, this cake is dangerous because it tastes like it’s good for you. The lime flavour in the cheesecake and in the fruit syrup sort of infiltrate into the whipped cream and you forget that there is anything in there that has grams of fat. it’s SO GOOD.

You know what else is good? Venezia. She is beautiful. I haven’t knitted on her in a few days but hope to do a few rounds tonight. Here’s where she’s at now:


I’ll be honest. I’m 99% sure I should have switched the garnet heather (dark red) with the merlot heather (brown), but now that it’s taken on a bit of length, I think I’m OK with it. I’m not annoyed enough with it to rip back, and even though the colour values aren’t quite the same as the original Venezia colour scheme, it still looks like a damn gorgeous tapestry and I’m OK with that.

And lo, the knitting calls to me. I’m going to go enjoy the last hour or two of my evening.
Keep the knitting close by!


  1. Oh Venezia is gorgeous!!! Hope the Rampant Stupidity sorts itself out. The cheesecake looks very yummy!!!

  2. Woo Hoo, first comment!

    I want that cupcake– no I need it. I will logroll over to your place and hide under the covers with you… as long as we can eat cupcakes in bed.

    I’m off to have PB&J now…

  3. Omigod! Someone beat me to the comment. How much does that suck??!?!

  4. Woo Hoo 2nd, 3rd, and 4th comment! I rock!

  5. Garnet or no, that is going to be a beautiful sweater!

  6. ladyoctavia · ·

    I feel your pain!! *passes the vodka of Grad student commiseration*

    But DAMN GIRL that sweater looks fine!

    (and the cheesecake doesn’t look half bad either…)

  7. Gorgeous work on Venezia.

  8. hmm… cheesecake…. πŸ˜€

    love Venezia, it’s looking absolutely fabulous.

    *hugs* hopefully the blues will pass soon.

  9. that sweater is absolutely beautiful! I hope your week gets better!

  10. that looks deeeelish!!! key lime is one of my favorite flavors!

    venezia is beautiful – i love the plum/purple tones of the sweater….

  11. I tell ya, that ‘cupcake’…. wiped out all the rampant stupids, didn’t even look back, but sorry it was such a stupid filled day for you.
    Venezia IS looking quite amazing!
    Here’s to the rest of the week being much better, the worries will sort out just fine.

  12. Not very original of me, but I’ll second “gorgeous” for your Venezia. I have hopes of beginning it at some point, but I am making slow progress on the Ivy League Vest (my first real attempt at fair isle knitting). I am hoping that I will have the glitches worked out (ie, remember to change the row start/end locations after decreasing/increasing) by the time I get to Venezia. I’m looking forward to future progress posts!

  13. You seem to be having the same week I am. Yesterday after work all I wanted to do was crawl into a ball under the bed cover and watch bad teen soap operas. Sadly, I was lacking cheesecake.

    And I have to say the Venezia is looking good. I’m still intimidated by the endpaper knits, though they maybe on the needles soon. Do you have any hints for colorwork, especially how to alternate between the colors?

  14. I think the colors in the Venezia look great. Sorry to hear that things are getting you down. Hope dessert helped a bit!

  15. Oooooh. It’s beautiful. Oh, hey…there’s a sweater too! Just kidding. That’s a beautiful sweater, really. I envy your patience for tiny needle color work. It’s a rare gift.

  16. Wow – you are a total colour babe. I am…well, not.

    I bow right back at you πŸ˜‰

    PS – I was back at work 23 minutes after a week’s vacation and I was ready to raise the white flag in surrender to the stoopid people. (those that are too stoopid to spell stupid correctly)

    Some of your cake would have been nice!

  17. Venezia is stunning. I love the colors you chose. It’s perfect therapy for the blues. It must be going around. All I want to do lately is be at home with my knitting and TV. I hope your week got better!

  18. favorited this one, dude

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