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I need another sweater project like I need a hole in the head, I know. But see, I went up to the Listowel Spinrite sale again on Saturday (with Kim – blogless – and also Steph and Martha, which made for a pretty hilarious car ride), and I told myself that if I hadn’t cast on any thing with the yarn I purchased on the previous sale trip (which was last August), then I had to do so in the car.

I’d finished a pair of socks the day before, and Venezia just wasn’t the right car trip knitting anyhow, so I pulled out one of the bags of Shetland Chunky I’d purchased in August and set out armed with the Street Smart booklet. You know, that booklet, the one everyone on the internet and their hamster has knitted something from. I purchased the booklet in August as well to help me use the Shetland Chunky (which was $9 for a bag of 10 balls, and my willpower was not strong enough to pass that up), but just hadn’t gotten to it yet. We’ve still got a bit of sweater weather going, so maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.


Admittedly, this yarn isn’t something I would normally go out and buy for myself if it wasn’t on sale. But it’s still 25% wool we’ll forget for a moment that the rest is acrylic and feels soft, and it’s chunky which means speed is definitely on my side. And the colour is lovely. I’m enjoying getting more practice with cables, and am finally getting the hang of the cabling without a cable needle technique. It will definitely be a cardigan for me, since the acrylic factor would make it a little too stifling as a pullover. It’s been good bus knitting so far.

With Venezia and Glowing also on the go, we’ll just have to see which of these 3 sweaters can cross the finish line in March. ::ominous organ music:: Heh.

Even more remarkable is that, up until Saturday, the Urban Aran was the only thing in my Ravelry queue (which, if you’re not on Ravelry yet, is the place where you can file away patterns on a ‘to-knit’ list, and include notes on what yarn you’d like to use, etc). Now, my queue looks like this:


I realized a few weeks ago that my queue had stopped being the fun exciting wish list that it was in the beginning, and had started instead to make my stash look like a cumbersome and foreboding to-do list. Rather than making me happy about all the waiting potential projects in my stash, it was increasing my stash guilt to unreasonable levels. Since I’m trying right now to have a better relationship with my stash – i.e. wherein I knit from it more often and remind myself to “go shopping in my stash” for new projects – I just decided to make that queue into a fresh blank slate. From now on, when things go into my queue they really will be just the next 1 or 2 projects I want on deck, and anything else can happily rest in my ‘favourites’ and web bookmarks. I’ll decide on new projects one at a time, as the need arises.

Oh, stash psychology. Fun times.


In other news, the Korknisse and I are all moved out of Chez Beatrice and are temporarily relocated at my parents’ place (not far), finishing out the term, finishing out my dissertation, and continuing the job hunt. It’s been a long time since I actually lived at home so it’ll be an interesting adventure, but I will say that it is good to actually have all my possessions in only one location. I’m hoping to be able to do some decent sorting out and figure out what I need to keep, what can be recycled/garage-saled/Goodwilled/given away, what just needs to get tossed, and so on.

Just as long as I still get to keep my stash. A knitter has to draw the line somewhere. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Your Urban is looking gorgeous. I start one a while back for Ollie, but haven’t worked on it for ages. Bad girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You know, I was thinking the same thing about my Ravelry queue too the other day. Need to clear mine down and use the favourites option more often!

    Good luck with the sortung out!

  2. ladyoctavia · ·

    That red is very nice (and no one will notice the acrylic), they will be too busy being wowed by the awesomeness that is you!

    That is interest, how you relate to your queue. I love mine, and adding to it (and adding to it and adding to it). I tend to think of it as a here reside my favouritest things that one day I will knit. Rather than a list of things I must knit.

    The Korkies in a box are too cute and will certainly brighten up any area.

    Oh, moving, good luck! The knowledge that I’ll probably have to do that within a year – two is part of what made me go castel instead of saxony… I can’t imagine having to move houses with one!

  3. Yes, no one touches the stash, except you, of course :^)
    I just ordered ‘that’ booklet… could NOT find it anywhere in town!
    What I really didn’t like… the postage/shipping/handling cost nearly as much as the booklet! arse.
    (I know… wah wah wah)

  4. I love your red yarn and, just think! you’ll be able to machine-wash it with (almost) impugnity! I’m beginning to fall out of love with luxurious, expensive yarns as they so often wash crappily, even after the most gentle of handwashes. There are some incredibly good acrylic-heavy yarns atm (in fact, ahem, I’m wearing some now!).

    Your queue psychology is interesting… I don’t want to have squillions of things in my queue, because it all just gets a bit overwhelming, but I do use it more as a memory bank – I always used to see patterns I liked online, then ‘lose’ them; the ‘queue’ helps for in that respect.

    Hope your temp accommodation works well, and you take full advantage of parental beneficence!

  5. Good luck with finishing up the diss. and the job hunt! Hmmm… I predict that I would last about 5 days max at my parents’ house. Here’s hoping that your family is a lot more easy-going and less nosy than mine!

  6. Hope the move went well!

    I love that shade of red, and see no further need for justification arguments beyond it: “Why did you cast on *another* sweater?” “Because it’s RED.”

  7. It’s a lovely pattern. Let me know how you like how that yarn wears. I’ve looked at it on more than one occasion but I haven’t had the oomph to try it.

  8. I’ve got a pile of chunky yarn waiting to be the Urban Aran, too, but I am making myself have no more than 3 current projects or I won’t finish ANYTHING. I hear the Shetland chunky pills…not that I want to be the bearer of bad news or anything…but at least it’s machine washable!

    Interesting queue philosophy, btw. I stick stuff in my queue that I like, even if I don’t really intend to make it any time soon. I have to admit that Ravelry isn’t good at keeping me organized, since I don’t want to admit to everything I haven’t finished and the true size of my stash ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But it IS good for checking out other yarns and patterns that people have tried.

  9. Hey, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and even I miss Beatrice the cat…. Good luck with everything! I am living in my mum’s house (again) now, am finishing my thesis, so we’re very much in the same situation. What’s more, I’m living in the total countryside, so I need a car to go to university – something I obviously cannot afford, so we need to share my mother’s car. sigh…
    I really like these “urban arans” I see all over the net, I’ll see if I can order “this booklet” somehow (am in Europe). By the way: I really like your blog and am always waiting for you updates. Doris

  10. The red sweater looks lovely. My Ravelry queue is really just things that I like, so more of an ideas thing rather than a definately knit thing. I find it less restrictive like that. My stash is starting to overwhelm me too though. the trouble is I love it all too much!

  11. Love the cardigan – those cables are delicious

    Great queue strategy – mine has got a little crazy lately and I often find that what I cast on isn’t even in the queue! Might just be brave and clear mine out too :o)

  12. Urban Aran is a quick knit – love the color you chose!!!

  13. Ah, the urban aran! That red is going to be so pretty on you.

  14. When will I get the officers for my own little cork person army? If I had the need for an army (and really who does?) I would totally dress them in fun colored hats and tubes as sweaters.

    I think I would like my officers to be from California.

    And I have 2 more balls of that Patons stuff in that color. Yours for the take G to the C.

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