Dear random knitting blog (if that is in fact what you are)

I’d really REALLY appreciate it if you would stop re-posting my own blog posts on your site. Somehow it does not surprise me that your domain has been suspended.

No love,

EDIT: BAH. The site is still up, it’s just that hotlinks to it are labelled as “suspended”. Seriously, whoever owns “” can go ahead and screw off. They’re just re-posting all sorts of other bloggers’ posts (including this post, with a few select sentences changed, I might add), and naturally have no contact information posted about who runs the site.

Does anyone know how to find this out and in which direction I should start throwing a piece of my mind? I tried a ‘whois’ search and got nothin’.


  1. kaimistry · ·

    That sounds pretty unpleasant. *hugs*

  2. dang….. and arse… drats and hooey….(what IS a ‘hooey’?)
    (unbelievable what some folks will ‘do’…)

  3. sknitty · ·

    Drat! Glad is was caught (presumably).

  4. I completely sympathize (they’ve snagged my posts too, the bastards!). Let me know if you know anything about blocking/citing/complaining against/egging the cars of these kinds of “bloggers”, will you?

  5. I went to the link and I got this error:

    The website you are trying to view has been suspended due to a breach of our Acceptable Use Policy.

    I’m glad that they were ripped outta the interwebs, those bastards!

  6. Yeah, I get this all the time. It’s really obnoxious.

  7. The link gives the suspension message, but the URL takes you to the site, which is still up. However, it looks like it is some kind of weird bot site, since odd words are changed so that the posts make little sense. It has even posted this post! Although it changed the words to make it sound like you are complaining about something else! The posts there are also headed with a weird name or initial thing, as if it’s a group blog and that’s the participant submitting the post. If you try to comment, you get the same suspension method! Very strange and disturbing! And now I’m going to run my anti-spyware program, ’cause it wouldn’t surprise me if that site is toxic!

  8. I do enjoy the way the site seems to have used a monkey with a thesaurus to rephrase the posts….

  9. That is happening to me, too. There’s a name for it, although what it is escapes me at the moment. The good news is that our Technorati Authority scores are going up…

  10. ladyoctavia · ·

    Is that is what’s happening?! I have one of those two, WTF?!

  11. Ah yes! It’s called “Blog-scraping”. There’s a bot that randomly plagarizes blog posts, trying to generate more traffic for the site owner and therefore more income. It’s a growing problem in the blog-o-sphere. *sigh*

  12. I have never heard of that before, how horrid.

  13. Oh I’ve heard of that before but I’ve never known anyone it’s happened to. They’re called Splogs because it’s a new form of spam. Here’s a short bit on it. Google to learn more. There are also plug ins now that apparently help combat it, but I’m not familiar with them.

  14. Wow, that’s messed up. How did you know that someone was doing this to you? I want to make sure no one does it to me!

  15. I have been blog tackle snooped by them too and it really yanks my chain! Those are my nice words!!!

    By the way, I am a human, who knits, and not an evil robot blog stealer!!!!

    Fight the evil!!

  16. Oh that blows. I hope they get their site taken down completely. It’s strange that this is happening all over blog-land – I have no idea why people think it’s fun to re-post what others have written!

  17. it looks like it’s suspended now, thank goodness! how did you find out they were posting your posts?

  18. Wacky and unpleasant. I choose not to have ads on my site, so dislike the idea that someone else would use my posts (and therefore my labour) to make money.

    Sending these people a kick in the shins on your behalf.

  19. I would like to know how you came across this – makes me paranoid!
    Stupid stealers of intellectual property.

  20. Oh, I just saw they used my latest posting, too, just a few hours ago… but the site appears to be taken down now. Oh, that’s just too annoying.
    Greetings from Japan!

  21. They got me too – I don’t know that they are suspended – maybe you just can’t access it that way – I don’t know – I was P*SSED off too.

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