Sweater Report

When I blithely decided earlier this week to have all 3 of my Works In Progress be sweaters and thus to cast on for the Urban Aran, clearly I was either being very well prepared for the weather, or daring the fates to openly mock me. Either way, around these parts we are going to get pounded again this weekend with upwards of 20cm more snow between Friday night and Saturday night. Maybe there really is someone up there going, “you want more sweater weather? Well check THIS out, HAH!”

You know it’s bad when the weather news reads “First winter storm of March hit on Tuesday…” because if there’s a “first” storm then there must at least be a 2nd, if not a 3rd or 4th in store. The snowbanks are getting to be higher than people. I mean dudes, we’ve been getting snowfall every 5 days since the end of January, and while that’s normal for many other fine parts of the world, Southern Ontario is starting to collectively weep because we can’t remember a time when we wore something other than boots and 5 layers of clothing to go outside. I remember looking at Liz‘s photos of Oakland, California a few weeks ago and thinking, “huh, that’s weird, there’s no snow in those photos.” And then having to remind myself “OH. Some times people live in places without snowstorms. Right.

I am hugging my sweaters-in-progress, for they are of many colours and are good to me.


‘Glowing’ is zipping along and I am planning on casting on the 2nd sleeve tonight while the first flakes fall. It feels so lovely and I am already thinking ahead to what other sweater projects I would like to make with Mission Falls 1824. It’s soft and bright and sturdy and – unless things go horribly awry during washing, which I hope will not – is worth every penny.

‘Venezia’ is coming along at a slower pace but is also a happy sight:


I was, admittedly, a little unsure about the colour combination for a good long while, but now that the body is taking shape I think it’s growing on me quite well. My plans are to make modifications for a v-neck instead of the boatneck (thank you, Ravelry!) and I should be able to start that soon.

Venezia is the only sweater with a theoretical deadline. On April 2nd I have made plans travel to New York again, and I want (a finished) Venezia to come with me. I’m heading down to visit Rebecca, enjoy some post-term touristing and relaxation, and catch the Yarn Harlot on tour too. (I wish I could go in Toronto on April 1st, but sadly I have to “teach a class” that day or some such nonsense). Ever since my jaunt down to NYC for Rhinebeck I’ve been wanting to visit again and see more of New York and I’m so excited.

I hope your weekends are enjoyable…I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get not just some knitting done but also some real work as well. Pesky revisions.

May your knitting be close by and may you not be snowed in.


  1. Wow! Nice color work. I’m impressed that you can keep it all straight. Good luck!

  2. mariajhmom · ·

    I’m liking Glowing! It looks like fun to knit. And the snow…I’m jealous. We have almost no snow where I live in Minnesota. If it’s going to be cold, we may as well have snow.

  3. we are supposed to get socked with a ton of rain mixed with snow. i am so sick of winter! but, it looks like you will be well outfitted for the storms to come. i remember snow on my birthday one year (mid may!)

  4. Venezia is just beautiful. I love the colors you chose.

  5. I agree with Emilee– those colors are sublime! I might want one just like it…

  6. kaimistry · ·

    They’re both looking great. I can see why you’re hugging them with all that cold weather about! πŸ™‚

  7. Beautiful sweaters! I too love the Mission Falls, and am currently on the hunt for the perfect reason/excuse to buy some more.
    I’ll say this for the snow: it gives me more knit-wearing time πŸ™‚
    Have fun in NY!

  8. You are so Productive! Both projects are stunning!
    The snow keeps missing us, surprisingly places south of us getting more snow! I’d personally welcome a few days of being snowed in….. better watch my mouth, this is Oklahoma, March, anything can happen :^)
    I’m so excited for you and getting to NYC!!!!!!!
    (am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that you ‘need’ to go to NYC to see Stephanie at an event?)

  9. ladyoctavia · ·

    Very pretty and colourful!

    What is up with the weather?!

  10. Absolutely loving your colour-choices for Venitzia. And there’s a v-neck mod? Awesome. This may be added to my queue!

  11. I used to only use Mission Falls for sweaters because it’s so soft and spoingy. Unfortunately it grows a LOT when washed. I hope you have better luck than I did.

  12. Happy weekend to you too – what great company you have to keep it with

  13. Lovely colors on all your sweaters! I started up another sweater recently as well, but I have the opposite problem as you: here in Las Vegas, winter is decidedly over. I had to pack away all my hats and scarves yesterday. Wanna trade weather?

  14. Ooh! Aaah! Loving them both!
    And yes, Mission Falls 1824 wool is very nice. I have a sweater for my son languishing using that very yarn.

  15. Whoa, you are fast! I can’t believe how much progress you made on both sweaters. They’re looking beautiful. New York City (sigh). It’s my favorite city in the world and it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve visited. I’ll live vicariously for now. πŸ™‚

  16. Both are looking amazing!! And I hear you on that snow- what is going on??? I just finished my thrummed mitts this morning, and I’m thinking I probably stil have time to make another pair of mittens before the snow goes away…..

  17. I just read that you’ll be visiting. Please let me know if you guys are planning on any knit-ins. I would love to drool over your fair isle work in person πŸ™‚

  18. Wow – the Venezia is absolutely gorgeous. Good luck finishing up this month.

  19. That Venezia is bea-yoo-tiful! Is that KnitPicks Pallette? (Which means you’ll end up with a ridiculously complicated, unequivocally gorgeous fair isle sweater for, oh say $10? Wow.)

  20. You are a colour-combo master! I just love how both sweaters are working up. Venezia looks incredible and I want to make one in those colours. (one day)

  21. Wow – the colors of Glowing are fantastic – really well co-ordinated. I can’t imagine myself knitting 2 sweaters let alone sweaters with such challenging color work – great job!

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