One more thing


Just a heads up for anyone who’s planning a Venezia in their future using Knit Picks Palette yarnMystery alerted me on Ravelry that two of the colours I’m using here (Tan and Twig, both in the very pale brown area and highly covetable for a variety of Venezia colour schemes), are now on clearance and therefore likely on the chopping block to be discontinued.

Of course, one never knows what they’ll be replaced with, perhaps other pale browns will follow in their place…But they’re on now for $1.79 a ball and surely that’s not a bad deal to stick a couple in your stash if you think you might need them!

On with the Friday…


  1. Ooh, thanks for the heads-up

  2. I’ve never been used before by you. *laugh*

  3. Question about that: how many balls are you going through, approximately? I think I am going to take your advice and engage in some stashing, but as my stash space is, uh, full, I want to try to keep it somewhat under control.

    (Oh, who am I kidding? =D)

  4. Where can I get Palette Peruvian Fingering weight yarn in the Toronto area?????

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