Getting through it

I’m afraid there’s not much knitting news to be had ’round these parts this week…I’ve got these stupid revisions that need finishing and need finishing right about now-ish, a couple more lectures to write, two blog book reviews to get on top of, not to mention the sudden experience of waking up this morning with a sandpaper throat, a chill that won’t go away, and the balloon-headed feeling that comes with the onset of congestion and sniffles. (We could play a game: it’s called, ‘Guess How Many Blankets I’m Wearing’…)
[EDIT: Answer – Two. Over a hooded fleece bathrobe. With knitted socks.]

And since last I blogged, I also have half of a sleeve.


But a few of my knitting friends do have exciting posts, though, which I must share…

Steph reports on the bag that almost ate her friend;
her friend CanaryKnits has a super stylish angora argyle pullover;
and Kate demonstrates how to decorate a really awesome tiered layer cake.

Knitters are the best.


  1. Hope you feel better, and that the revisions practically do themselves, or at least that it will feel that way. 🙂

  2. I’m guessing 4 blankets minimum.

    Maybe you should start an easy afghan to help keep knitting and warm? Best of luck with all your to-dos, and stay healthy!

  3. ladyoctavia · ·

    I hope you feel better, colds suck!

    *does dance of thesis support*

  4. *sending good medicine your way*
    I hope this ickyness goes away right quick. Thanks for the props 🙂
    Your knit-progress is beautiful. You continually amaze me with colourwork.

  5. Oh yuck. I hope you feel better. I hope you’re wearing some handknits socks and a sweater under those blankets.

  6. Those were all great posts. Thank you:^)
    Lots of hot tea, bundle up in your wool, rest, fluids, rest, repeat.

  7. Awww, that sucks! I hope you feel better soon. Try not to stress.

  8. Oh I hope you feel better soon. Everyone I know has gotten sick over the past few weeks. But we’re all individuals — no one seems to have had the same illness. At least we’re keeping the doctors busy. I’m over mine — hope you get over yours soon.

  9. I have it too. I’ve been stuck on the couch for 3 days with not much knitting to show for it as I’ve been so tired and achy. I hope you get over it quick!!!!!

    PS – beautiful sleeve!

  10. Hope you’re OK, Glenna, and haven’t succumbed to the dreaded lurgy?

    The Venezia sleeve looks wonderful. There’s something about that blue and yellow ‘stripe’ combo that’s just somehow draws the eye (well, my eye, anyway!). It’s really looking lovely.

  11. Hope you are feeling better now.

    Fab looking sleeve.

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