So yo, my knitting peeps, have I mentioned how ultimately bummed I am that I can’t go to the April 1st launch of the new Yarn Harlot book and get to congregate with more fun knitters? I mean, even with all books and Harlot aside, the Toronto launch last year was so fun and I met so many new knitting friends.

My bummed-out-ness was such that I planned the post-revisions jaunt to NYC as early as possible, to get to see the Harlot there on the evening of April 2nd. And now I am wondering if it is at all possible to turn some of that NYC time into a belated, site-appropriate version of this awesome version of knitterly crazyness.

Now, I’m betting some of these translate pretty easily. Toronto has the TTC, New York has the subway. Toronto has the Skydome, New York has Madison Square Gardens. Both places have doughnut shops and coffee shops and yarn shops. But tell me, what would the New York version of Canadian Tire money be? 😉

I just want to join in on all the Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour, is that too much to ask? I suspect by next week I’ll be cracked enough that walking up to, say, the ticket-counter at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Rebecca, you’ve been warned), and asking them to hold my sock for a photo, would not seem at all out of the realm of normal.

In tangential Canadian-ish sort of news, last week Canadian comic Sean Majumder was on The Hour, and then Martha found YouTube clips of his ‘Raj Binder’ persona.

Sean, you give me courage to do Inexplicable Things.

Knit on, my friends…I shall return now to the revisions!


  1. Kathleen · ·

    What’s Canadian Tire money?

  2. Oh, I am so rewriting that list for New York tonight.

    Assignment due tonight? What assignment due tonight? That must be some other week.

    (Also? I got Wednesday off next week, huzzah!)

  3. HAHAHAH… Sean is Funny!
    Oh how I envy you folks up there… sorry you can’t make the Toronto Launch (hey, I’m sorry I can’t make it :^) but it sounds like you and others will be making the NYC event… an Event!

  4. I don’t think there is an American equivalent to Canadian Tire money. At least, I had never seen anything like it in the US before my husband and I encountered it when we were living in Toronto last year. I’ve got my husband thinking about it, too, but we’re coming up with nothing. Have fun doing a NYC version of the scavenger hunt. It sounds like fun to me!

  5. It’s really sad that you can’t be out on the 1st. I hope you have a fantastic time in NYC, though!

    And you know, there’s nothing stopping you from making April 1 “inexplicable knitting behaviour day”, Right? Just because you’re not in Toronto, doesn’t mean you can’t play along — I’m sure your hometown has Tims, Canadian Tire, street-meat vendors, yarn shops…. You could do a big photopost to let us know how you played along!

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