Inexplicable, Part 1

It’s 11pm and I’m in my pyjamas running around trying to stuff things in my suitcase necessary for a) 4 days in New York and b) temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius, which I’ve almost forgotten what that’s like. And I’ve got to do an apology because i’ve been horrible with responding to comments and emails the last few days and my brain just hasn’t been able to cope.

Also, I’m having a bit of a drinkie because I’ve still not fully come to terms with the fact that my dissertation is no longer in my hands, Venezia is still not fully dry after laying out all day (I put her on spin in the washer and laid her out on a drying rack and am crossing all fingers and appendages for transportability tomorrow), and I’m so overtired from stress that I don’t think my brain remembers what bodily relaxation is like.

But by this time tomorrow i’ll be in another city and that will help matters I am sure. When I booked my ticket to New York a couple of months ago I knew I’d be hitting the right time to see the Yarn Harlot on April 2nd and that I’d be missing her in Toronto on April 1st, and yet the bizarre series of circumstances that has been causing me other stress the last few weeks also led to me being in Toronto today, and with a free evening. So I got to go. It was fun. I tried my best to let my brainwaves come down from Beta (concentration, stimulation), and move into Alpha (no concentration required) and perhaps even Theta (meditative state…still working on that one…)

The Isabel Theatre was lovely for waiting in.




I am super proud of my see-stor Martha who totally scored 4th place in the Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour Toronto scavenger hunt. Yay! (Seen here with Kate on the right who accompanied her for the afternoon. Martha totally got a TTC driver’s picture too, which I think rocks.)


And we got serenaded by the Skydiggers beforehand. Or is it a concert? Is it a serenade if it’s for 300 of your closest knitting friends? I have a vid clip here that I took of their first song and it was really so lovely to listen to that I want to share it. I hope they won’t mind. (But if someone tells me to yank it down I totally will.)

I’ll have my camera but not my laptop on my travels so I may not be able to blog much…but I’ll do my best for Venezia pics and New York pics and all assorted yarny tales. Rebecca is going to make sure we get to Knitty City and Seaport Yarns, along with all touristy attractions.

Catch you on the flip side, knitters!


  1. You sound so busy! Relax honey, all will be well and you got to hang with the Harlot!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy NYC and we’ll see you when you get back.

  2. sinensis · ·

    Look how the girl who just finished her thesis is congratulating the girl who won the prize in the silly scavenger hunt. Silly. Wow that wind is doing a number on my hair eh?

    Have good NYC and hugs for Rebecca! Relax good!

  3. Have a great time and try and relax a little!

  4. It was great to see you, and I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time in NYC! Let us know how her “stateside” speach goes, and relax a bit!

    Congratulations on handing in your dissertation. That’s truly awesome.

  5. Rachel H · ·

    I love that you got the part where Andy asked for the house lights not to be dimmed too much. Very cool indeed.

  6. […] and Michael from the Skydiggers. They were super and completely game for the event. Glenna posted a clip of their opening song, I caught myself starting to sing it this morning when I went to get the kettle on. By the end of […]

  7. Drats, that clip is no longer available… too late to the party, again.

    Looks like SO much fun! Congrats to Martha!

    Relax, breathe, make wonderful good times in NYC!

  8. Have a great trip… though I’m sure you’re already here. Geez, Seaport yarn is my LYS for my office. Drop me an email and I can give you my number.. that is ifyou get before you’re no longer not in NYC.

  9. Have fun! Glad you got to catch the Harlot ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. It was great to see you, even sans Venezia.

    I will raise a glass with you when you are finally done defending your thesis.

    I had never heard Skydiggers before so I was delighted – in fact I’ve been trying to buy their cd ever since – most stores are sold out, but I’m still trying.

  11. ladyoctavia · ·

    *Happy thesis handed in dance of joy*

    It was great to see you! Have fun in NY!

  12. You are so lucky to be meeting the Yarn Harlot. I wonder if she will ever visit Australia. Now I will have to wait for her book to arrive her & I think it will take a while. Have fun.

  13. Yippee! And enjoy :o)

  14. DUDE!!!! I just saw the photo of you and Steph knitting at the airport, wearing your beautiful Venezia… heh.. again..what FUN!

  15. I just saw you in Venezia at the the airport with the Harlot! That sweater is gorgeous! It looks like it fits perfectly! ‘Hope you are having a great time in NYC and ‘looking forward to more Venezia pics on your return!

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