Magknits and Basic Black

I found out this afternoon via a Ravelry user that Magknits is no more – the patterns are all gone. The real question now is how to access the patterns now that the online Magknits archive has been taken down.

I received a question about my ‘Basic Black pattern, and thankfully I have my own computer files with pattern notes and also a printed copy from post-publishing (I think…I know my mom is knitting this…), so I should be able to recreate the pattern and post it as a free PDF either here or on Ravelry, or both.

There were many fine patterns archived at Magknits and I hope they will live on in another format! My heart goes out to all the knitters and designers who were relying on this site.


  1. That’s too bad. I enjoyed MagKnits and there were patterns on there that I was hoping to make in the future.

  2. NOooooo! ACK!

    I’m pretty sure I have it saved in my computer… I’ll send it to you.

    damn. and ouch.

  3. I was planning on making this too!

    I feel really, very sorry for the designers in this whole thing.

    I’m a lurker on your blog, by the way. I really enjoy it (and your venezia is to die for)

  4. Thank you so much! I was looking at it at Magknits on Friday and didn’t print it out. Today I went to do it and found out it was gone!

  5. There’s no pictures, but I found a googlecache here.

    I”m really unimpressed that the designers whose patterns were hosted by Magknits didn’t get a heads up about this. The whole business was wierd to begin with, and now it’s taken a swandive into batsh*t, I think.

  6. Wow, that’s a bit unexpected (considering they just put up an April 08 issue) It’s sad to see things like this go down, but I understand their reasoning (and think it’s fairly sound, too).

    So, you going to put your pat. up as a Ravelry download? 🙂

  7. Whew, thank you Abbie… having a bit of a CF here finding it in my computer… the old one.
    What was their reasoning and where did Em read about it?

  8. genuinelye · ·

    You know…I was panicking, and guess what…

    I’m knitting Basic Black!

    Thank goodness it will be on your blog. It’s a nice pattern, btw, and my first sweater ever.

  9. Magatha · ·

    I was just about to start on Basic Black but had not printed out my pattern yet. Argh!

    I am bookmarking your blog in case you intend to provide or sell your pattern.

  10. Oh thank you!! I only have the button band to do and I didn’t save the pattern. I just wrote it down as I went!!!

  11. What a mess this all is! Glad to hear you’re on top of things. Aren’t you still out galavanting through the streets of NYC?

  12. […] sweater that I am knitting is a MagKnits pattern-Basic Black. Fortunately, the designer (Glenna) is going to repost the pattern on her blog. What a […]

  13. Dragonridermom · ·

    Thank you so much! I had Basic Black bookmarked. I was just waiting for the right yarn. I have been trying not to print patterns until I am ready to cast on. But now that MagKnits shut down unexpectedly I have to re-think my philosophy.

  14. I too was about to cast one. Then it was gone, I did find it as a cache but with no pics, so I have a full copy if you need it. I’m glad you will be still sharing it with the world.

  15. *hugs* Just glad you can re-post the pattern somewhere accessible. It was in my to-do queue.

  16. thank you SO much. I was just about to ask you on Ravelery.
    All the designers’ works on MagKnits is very much appreciated.

  17. That stinks. It’s kind of irresponsible – why publish all those free patterns only to take them away with no notice??? At least give a month or so for people and designers to save them….

  18. What a bummer!

    I don’t know any of the details as to why Magknits decided to close shop so abruptly but I’m terribly sad. I can only imagine how much it has affected the designers! There were a lot of great patterns and it’s unfortunate for all involved that there wasn’t any warning or work around.

    I do hope you’re able to get all your pattern parts and repost. The Basic Black was on my list of to-dos too.

  19. Thank you!

    It was on the list to be my next sweater.

  20. Thanks for uploading this to Ravelry, I’ve just put it in my favourites and added the pdf to my library. It’s a very nice sweater!

  21. Ah! That’s some terrible news. Glad you’re making your own pattern available for us.

  22. Strange! And icky that you, who have published on that site, should find out in such a circuitous way. That’s just unprofessional of them. Anyway, I want to make Basic Black…now I guess I’ll have to wait until you can re-publish here!

  23. ladyoctavia · ·

    WOW!! I wondered why someone was asking for the Jaywalker pattern…

  24. Kirsten · ·

    I’m so glad I printed the Basic black pattern twice, just in case. I’m halfway done, in Rowans tweed and I love it! I really think of knitting another one in a lovely alpaca/silk blend I still have in my stash. Thank you for the pattern!

  25. Christina Hansson · ·

    I am halfway through the back of the Basic Black, just about to bind off for the sleeves, and now the pattern is gone…. Thank you so much for posting it!

  26. Christina Hansson · ·

    I forgot… I just read the blog string; it looks like some of you have saved the pattern. If you happen to have it, would you mind emailing it to me ( I’m halfway through the back and eager to finish the cardigan.
    Thanks! Christina

  27. I am looking for the Ada June hat from Magknits. If anyone has it I would love for them to email me it. I am in the middle of knitting it and have lost my pattern.


  28. Courtney · ·

    Does anyone have the Magknits veggies pattern saved?


  29. Courtney · ·

    should have left my email for anyone to send –


    I hope this helps. It doesn’t have any pictures but the pattern is there.

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