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First up: I have formatted ‘Basic Black’ as a pdf, and it is now available on Ravelry (for those who are registered on the site), as well as right here:
Basic Black

But in the present-day knits category, I’m thrilled to have my first pair of finished socks in over a month. When I made a pair of Jaywalkers last summer I swore I’d never make them again. The knitting was monotonous, the stitches were many. But then I kept wearing the ones I’d made and thinking, gee, these are comfortable. Gee, maybe they might be worth it to try again…

So I dug up some of the Lorna’s Laces I’ve been hoarding (this is ‘Tahoe’, a beautiful watery mix of blue and green and purple and delightful for coming out of winter), and boy was I glad I did.


After all the sweater knitting, it is great to get some socks back into the rotation. These were great as a travel project and I finished all but the foot and toe of sock #2 while on my trip to New York. They’re comfortable and I look forward to knitting up more Lorna’s Laces…and dare i say it, maybe even some more Lorna’s Laces Jaywalkers. I may have found my perfect Jaywalker yarn.

As far as the sweaters, I’ve cast off one more and ‘Glowing’ is now having a wash and then I’ll give ‘er a bit of a dry and see how she fits. I’m just itching to get to some new projects and it feels good to finish a few things first.

This week I am once again like a ship in the night, as I take off for Boston on Tuesday. This time it is for a conference (let me tell you about how much I would love to be able to ditch it, but sadly I have to go “present” and “be professional” or whatever, psh), and I already have the guidebooks in hand and the yarn store addresses ready. I’d like to get to Mind’s Eye Yarns, A Good Yarn, and Windsor Button, but am entirely open to suggestion.

May your knitting be close by!


  1. Thank you taking the time to reproduce your pattern! It’s a keeper!

  2. Welcome to Bean Town. Careful of the crazy Red Sox fans and beware that the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup playoff and playing the Canadians this week šŸ™‚ Windsor Button is WELL worth the trip however.

  3. I am SO glad to hear Basic Black is in pdf, and available,you are brilliant and oh so generous! Thank you!

    Love the Jaywalkers! Those are fab colours, just what you needed after such a long dark winter!
    Get through the professional presentations and then have some fun!

  4. Thanks for the BB pattern Now I can block my cardi and sew it up and do the bands!!
    The Jaywalkers look excellent. I do like that pattern and the colours suit it so well!!!
    Boston?? Tea Party!! That’s the first thing I think!!!

  5. ladyoctavia · ·

    Snazzy socks!! I did my first (ok only) pair out of LL too, they seem to work well together.

    Thanks for the pattern I shall be saving it and thinking up ways to convince myself to knit sweaters again.

    Have fun in Boston!! (Despite the whole professional thing…) and say hi to the yarn for me, I missed it last time I was there…

  6. Gorgeous socks! I’m so impressed with how your LL behaved with that pattern. I always expect LL to pool and am pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t.
    I’ve heard that Jaywalkers aren’t stretchy. Did you have to tweak the numbers to make them fit?

  7. Aww, Boston, pssht. (Hi, is my New Yorker showing? ahem.)

    If you blow through your budget yarn shopping, the children’s museum is a surprising amount of fun even if you’re not a child. And next to it is the site of the Boston Tea Party. You can throw crates of “tea” into the harbor. Good times. =) Have fun!

  8. Love those jaywalkers – beautiful colourway. Have a good trip to Boston – may the work bit be short and sweet!

  9. Love the socks! I know all about hoarding LL. šŸ™‚

    Thanks for the pattern as well.

  10. Oh and I meant to say enjoy Boston!! šŸ™‚

  11. Socks look great! I’m going to dig out my one Jaywalker and make it its mate now!

    Thanks for providing Basic Black. It’s in my queue. I finished Ivy last night, which had been languishing for want of some neckband repair (I was in the KAL long ago). I will let you know when I post a finished picture to Ravelry.

  12. Drats, I’m on the other end of Mass — but should you decide to make the trip to WEBS let me know. That’s in my back yard.

  13. Fab jaywalkers!
    Have fun in Boston and buy lots of yarn šŸ™‚

  14. Your socks are lovely and thank you for giving us basic black as a pdf. x

  15. Theresa · ·

    Do you know where to find the jaywalker pattern, now that Magknits is gone. I am not on ravelry. Thanks

  16. Your Jaywalkers look fantastic & the colors are so lovely. Also knitted the same pattern last year & was disappointed with the pooling & I also used Lorna Laces. But yours turned out so nice.

  17. kelebek · ·

    But wow. I just bought some yarn from a fellow ravelry user, and it arrived today. And here I am today I am looking at the socks you made, exact same yarn, exact same shade (Tahoe). Cue X files music right here!
    Thank you for the PDF pattern.

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