Tourism isn’t the same without yarn

1. Would someone with knowledge of how to locate former Magknits patterns outside of Ravelry be so kind as to leave some suggestions in a comment? I would be ever so grateful. I’ve had a couple of comments asking how to find [X Magknits pattern] and I’m still away from home this week and without the mental wherewithal to dig up that information…Also it occurs to me that this is darned useful information to know about for knitter-kind in general.

2. Lemme tell ya about visiting Boston. Well actually, I can’t fully talk about Boston yet, because most of what I’ve seen of it so far has been the downtown hotel/shopping/eating complexes where my conference has been staged. I made the executive decision to break free from it at lunch yesterday, doing more than just lunch-break walking and bits of cafe knitting. I moseyed on down to the Museum of Fine Arts, which though (sad to say) a little paler in comparison to the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art, does have some fine precision curating going on. I took a few pictures (sadly sockless, as I was between 1st and 2nd sock at this point) and enjoyed some cafe respite afterwards.




3. There have been some yarn incidents. I visited Windsor Button on a lunch break and may have fallen down and blacked out near the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca. Then yesterday I went down to Needham and took in the Black Sheep Knitting Co and the sock yarn jumped off of the shelf and flung itself at me. I am telling you, a tired tourist knitter only has so much willpower left in reserve, accidents like this are bound to happen, right?


(Madeleine Tosh, Sunshine Yarns, and Mountain Colors Bearfoot – all items I don’t tend to come across at home. I had to. Right? RIGHT?)

Today I’m going to try to get on over to Cambridge and see Mind’s Eye Yarns, where I hear the sock yarn selection eats all other sock yarn selections for breakfast. I may not survive. I may need to plan lots of cafe and chocolate visits for fortification. But then I also hear there are one or two other things worth seeing in Cambridge besides yarn, so that might help too.

4. I had an almost-travel-crisis on my first full day in town, when I lost my wallet. (I got it back! Stand down panic, Mom and Dad!) I was fortunate enough to have lost it among academics, and have it returned to me via the help desk with all contents intact and accounted for (!). But this is the first time I’ve ever had to engage my backup system which involves stashing my 2nd (rarely used) credit card and some extra cash in my room and not on my person. My preparedness, it surprises even myself sometimes.

Catch you in a couple of days, my friends! Pet some yarn for me.


  1. Ooh pretty sock yarn. Hope you’re having fun!

  2. Sock yarn! Nice, nice sock yarn!! *kai covets your sock yarn*

    Love the museum piccies. I haven’t been to one since leaving the UK. I miss them.

  3. OMG you are in Boston! I’m in Boston! Seriously if you want to meet up for a coffee or something let me know. I think you have my mobile number, but I’ll email it to you.

  4. Duuuuude, I’m getting greener by the moment…..
    So.. I know you have a little info for me re: Ultra Alpaca, eh?
    The sock yarns are delicious. Whew… good save on the wallet!
    Ok, continue with the good times…..
    (didn’t someone from a past post comment leave info on the cached patterns from Magknits?)

  5. OMG you’re leaving before Monday right?! Isn’t downtown an absolute disaster right now? I refuse to go there with all those crazies in town that like to *gasp* RUN! Whatever.

    Anyhoo, if you have the chance, go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. It’s right next to Simmons College (where I’m a grad student), not far from the MFA. It kicks the MFA’s butt by a mile.


  6. Georgiana · ·

    Re: the Magknits patterns… the Internet Archive, at, is your friend! It takes a while (~6 months) for pages to appear, but quite a few Magknits patterns are there.

  7. Some Magknits patterns are here –

  8. Ooooo….. I don’t miss the Boston weather, but I do miss the MFA.


    If you go to and then in the wayback machine search type you’ll get archived info.

  10. You’re a stronger person than I. The sock yarns in that photo are beautiful. I’ve have bought twice that.

  11. Oh, lovely yarn. I will not be able to resist too. Thank goodness there are only a few boring yarn shops here which I don’t visit. Have fun with your yarn shopping.

  12. That was me, Marianne. The internet archive is one option, but you can also type “Matknits + [pattern name]” into Google, and then click on the link for “Cache” in the little google blurb. Pictures are not a guarantee, but if the pattern is cached, then the text will all be there. Print it to pdf or copy it to a word doc (or the word processor of choice) and bob’s yer uncle.

    If you google “Magknits + Archive” you’ll get the list of all the patterns, although I’m not sure how recent it is — but that might help people who just can’t remember what something’s called.

    NB: The two most recent issues don’t seem to have cached, so one would have to check in with the designers themselves. And, as with anything on the internet, Googlecache isn’t permanent, so best to copy this all sooner rather than later.

    Glenna: Your yarn, I covet it. MMmmm yarrrrrrn.

  13. That museum looks like my idea of bliss. the yarns are great too.

  14. I love, love, love Windsor Button!!!! I could look at the buttons forever…. and then move over to feeling the yarn. It really doesn’t get any better…. Enjoy Boston and refuel yourself (no more yarn blackouts!) at Mike’s Pastries with some Italian cookies or a cannoli!

  15. whew! that could have been a disaster! glad it was lost among academics!

  16. Oooh, the Museum of Fine Arts AND lots of pretty sock yarn?! Talk about a perfect trip! Except for the whole work/conference thing. : P

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