I made my first trip to the Toronto (Downtown Knit collective) Knitter’s Frolic yesterday, with Martha (wearing her finished Icarus! Go go laceweight!), Steph, and Diana (not of the blogs). There was some yarn buying. There was a bit of frenzy. And there may have been some singing along to Michael Buble while in the car. (Steph took exception to this. She prefers Harry Connick Jr.)

This is it for me for a while. No really, for REAL, I’m totally going to have to put a pause on the yarn buying, I think I’ve done quite enough damage this month what with already supporting the New York and Boston yarn economies practically single-handedly, then carrying myself off to the Knitter’s Frolic.
But the thing is, there was such good stuff there. It was so fun to go, and I would happily go again. It was a treat to see vendors I wouldn’t normally get to see in person – and other knitters I know and love! I ran into Emily, Lisa, Jacquie, Sherri, Melinda, Rochelle, and many others.

A few brief pics – Martha and Steph at the Pick Up Sticks Booth (note Martha’s armload of Dream in Color):


Diana fondles the Green Mountain Spinnery wares:


And back at home, I ogle the new additions to my stash:


The Purple Purl ladies had some good sales going in their booth, and I have the feeling they all made out like bandits. I made out with 7 skeins of Malabrigo worsted in ‘holly hock’, and a shiny free knitting tote to carry it in. I am planning this for either an Ariann or an Hourglass Pullover.

Over at the Black Lamb, I decided to exercise this new thing I’m trying where I break out of my usual colour habits and try something new – and I picked up 2 skeins of this merino/nylon sock yarns in some bright autumny sort of colours (for future knee socks):


And at the In The Loop Cafe booth I found this delicious Fyberspates fairy wool laceweight (1200 m! Dude!), which had me at hello and the price was very, very reasonable:


Y’all might have to help me out with potential patterns. This summer, I’m thinkin’ lace projects will finally happen. Real lace, not just lace edgings on things. Shawls ahoy!

And also some Michael Buble. (I never kid about car singalongs).


Happy Sunday! I wish I could just knit…but sadly these essays won’t grade themselves. Catch ya later this week my friends.


  1. Sounds like a blast. I did a little yarn shopping myself yesterday. Nothing like nice pick me up!

  2. Michael Buble RULES! I saw him on a UK TV chat show called Parkinson. This was just before he released his first album. He sang Moondance and I have been a fan ever since.

    Oh and lovely haul btw! Love all of them. The malabrigo is talking to me, the sock yarn is scrummy and the fyberspates is so, so drool-worthy!

  3. OH YEAH BABY you’re gonna do the laceweight. You will be its slave. Allow me to enable you by bringing over Gathering of Lace next time.

  4. It was great to see you too! I’m surprised Miko let the purple Malabrigo out of the shop…lol

    If only we didn’t have to work to pay for yarn…sigh…think of the possibilities! I might be homeless but darlin’ I’d have the most amazing alpaca sweaters on the block!

  5. The yarn is fab, what a store! You know I have never been in a proper yarn store as we don’t have one near.

  6. That Malabrigo is beautiful! My sort of colours.

  7. What a lovely Buying trip!!! Shawls are exciting, though I have only made a asmall one, it was a lot of lacy fun!!

  8. Duuuuuude…. SCORE!!! You caught me off guard, there’s a real drool mess here now. LOVE all your selections, and I’m Very Charmed with your future kneesocks yarn colours!

  9. Ooh looks like such fun :o)

    Great pattern options for the Malabrigo – love them both and that is the purtiest colourway

  10. ooh – looks like you made lots of great new stash enhancements!!!!

  11. Looks like you are having so much fun with all that yarn shopping. Wish I was there. Love Michael Buble too.

  12. Woohoo! Looks like a great haul (and tons of fun!)

  13. ladyoctavia · ·

    Laaccceee… it’s like braaaainsss for knitting zombies….

    That is a mighty fine haul!

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