Cue the cooing

It’s baby’s first handspun. Well, first handspun AND first attempt at plying. I got the key things done this morning and was sitting around waiting for a few computer things to start working (not my computer, stuff on the university end), and was contemplating miscellaneous fibre-related things and thought to myself, “stop saying you’re going to ply and just PLY.” I got the pink fluffy stuff that I’d spun up when Kate visited in October and brought a bit of pink roving and a handmade spindle just for moi. I’d spun it all up, just hadn’t done anything with it yet, on account of that plying thing.

To cut to the chase – after an hour or so I had this (ootchie cootchie coo):


Now, I’m quite willing to call a spade a spade here – it’s a wee tiny skein of pink fuzzy crud, but at least it’s MY skein of pink fuzzy crud. Spun back in October on a wobbly drop spindle (Kate knows it was wobbly, as much as I do love it there is sadly the wobbling), left to sit for months while I worked up the mental energy to go back to it.

I started with this:


Read up on Andean plying here and then did this:


Which eventually became a spindle full of this:


Nice fuzzy completely unevenly twisted (and unevenly spun, for that matter) strands of this:


Which weighed up to just under 30 grams of my very own fuzzy pink worsted/chunky handspun. Conversation piece yarn, no? I can’t imagine what I’d make with such a small amount anyhow, so I’m quite happy to just let it be a skein.


Good times.

I can tell that practice does make perfect. I am looking forward to getting more practice at the plying and I hope I can do it better next time around. I think I missed a step and was supposed to have left the Andean pre-ply stuff around my wrist (and not, as I did, dropped by my side as I was spinning the plies, ahahahaha), so that is goal #1 for next time. And there will be a next time, because I’ve been gradually accumulating more bits of fibre.

Martha got me a Fleece Artist braid of merino/alpaca at Christmas and I’ve been gradually turning it into this:


Still imperfect, but better. I suppose that is generally a good way to be.
Spinning ahoy!


  1. Awww, helloooo sweet baby!

    Glenna, she’s a sweeeet little fuzzy skein and in my opinion, quite adorable, what will you name her?

    Good for you, all this spinning!

  2. I hardly think it’s crud – in fact, I think it’s great! Much better than my first skeins. I am much better on le wheel then la spindle – I horribly over spin until it’s as crunchy as a bag of potato chips!

  3. That doesn’t look like crud at all. You should have seen my first stuff. It was much worse than that and not even a quarter of the amount. You stuff looks great. Just be careful. It’s as addictive as knitting, if not more.

  4. Bless it! So exciting to try something totally new

  5. That yarn would be perfect for this

    I love it – not crud at all! Well done!

  6. Its great! I like the blue stuff. I find it amazing making yarn, knitting with what you make is really cool too.

  7. Coooo!!! It is lovely!! I especially like the merino/alpaca green and blue!!!

  8. Cool! I love the pink stuff! It’s gorgeous! Just keep it on your desk to be petted while working, that’s what my first skein is being used for. 🙂

    And the Blue stuff is looking fabby, well done… next on the list, a spinning wheel maybe??

  9. the pink is so fuzzy and soft looking! maybe as a trim on some mitts or a hat???

  10. Ooooo now that kind of thing is so dangerous for those of us trying not to even think about starting to spin!

    It looks so innocent and harmless (and tempting!)

  11. Aww, I think it’s adorable! Keep your little baby-skein to look at fondly in the future. Yay spinning!

  12. Congratulations! What a sweet wee baby yarn.

  13. So pretty! The pink fuzzy stuff has so much character. Beautiful!
    And as for the latest spinning…wow, do you have a steep learning curve. It looks great.

  14. that looks fantastic. absolutely not cruddy at all! you have inspired me to try a little plying myself. I love that multicolored skein at the end!

  15. ladyoctavia · ·

    I am very late to the party but – AWESOME!!! Good job, see plying is not so hard…

    The blue is beautiful!!

    … yeah… I kind of gave up on making my own spindles, I will just appreciate the wonderful ones other people make all the more…

  16. Dude, that is SO much better than my first handspun skein! Well done. It does get more consistant quickly. Quicker than you’d think really.

    I have taken out my spindle in ages. Thanks for the reminder… I should get back to spinning.

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