Better with catnip

It’s a sad, sad truth that this blog has been greatly lacking in cat content lately, ever since I moved out of Miss Beatrice’s place when her regular humans returned at the beginning of March. Sure, I’ve visited her (and her humans), but it’s just not quite the same. Well, Beatrice’s world got rocked a little bit the last couple of weeks, when two young’uns showed up to join her.

So naturally, I spent a good chunk of my time on Sunday making kitty toys. Borrowed my sister’s copy of Stitch n’ Bitch Nation and sat down with the ‘Catwarming Set’ pattern, and churned out 3 catnip mousies and 3 stripey catnip balls. (All the better for rolling and chasing).


Hallie showed some reluctance at first but came around once the toys were put in motion.


I tossed Ramona a mousie and she promptly killed it. Their little i-cord tails, I see, are excellent for biting:


So all in all a good Sunday’s effort, I think:


Looking forward to more kitty times. They are always good times.

Tomorrow: reports from the set of The Hour. Sock picture with George? Check.


  1. My son is OBSESSSED with kitties. We draw them, we talk about them, we watch the neighbor’s cat when he’s playing in the yard, we watch home videos of my friend’s cats, and now he’s excited to see “your” kitties here. Too bad I’m a little allergic, so we can’t have one as a pet 🙂

  2. So cute! Young cats are so much fun.

  3. O what a good idea! We’ve got two kittens too, although they seem happiest killing real mice 😦 (they live on a farm) Having a fake mouse may just stop them from scratching the brand new bedroom rug…

  4. Heh, Hallie and Ramona… They’re certainly Beauties, how’s Beatrice faring? I do miss Beatrice. Miss her tons. Maybe next time a photo of Beatrice? Can never have too many photos of Beatrice to view… ya wanna talk blatant hints?
    Love the kitty toys!

  5. ok… the quilt squares… those showed up over at Nora’s… the thing is, at both blogs, I’m getting the same quilt square with my comments. how ’bout that?

  6. Love the little cat toys and the kitties are very cute! 🙂

  7. Awww! Those little white cats are adorable! I loved the Catwarming idea from Stich N Bitch Nation as well- such a great idea for those us of us sans felines to live vicariously through others!

  8. What lovely cats! I must get round to making mine a mouse.

  9. What gorgeous little cats – beautiful coats! You don’t say how Beatrice has taken this infringement of her territory? Do hope she’s not skulking.

    Love the photos of you and Martha: but who’s who?!

  10. McAmy · ·

    Random question. Your photos always turn out so well–what digital camera do you use, if it’s digital? I’m looking at buying a new one with my tax incentive whateveritis.

    *pets kitties*

  11. Now those are certainly well appreciated knit gifts

  12. Sock picture with George? Colour me jealous.

  13. Lady O · ·

    They are so cute! I hope B. isn’t in too much of a snit.

  14. Oh such cute kittens!! What a lovely Aunt you are!!!

  15. They got kittens? Hahahaha! My evil plan…it can now come to fruition!

    Now that the house is distracted by *kittens* this, my friend is the perfect time to snatch Beatrice!!! They’ll never know.

    I love it when a plan comes together!

  16. Lovely white kitties show off the colours of the knitting very well!

    I don’t want to be a whiner but will we soon please see some pics of Glowing?

  17. kat person! · ·

    i WILL know…

  18. Fine, then I revert back to my previous plan of substituting another black cat in her place. You’ll never know!

  19. Oh my god. How could I forget the maniacal laughter? Every evil plan needs maniacal laughter.


  20. Awwwweh! I love kitties! Those little mice are just too cute!

  21. How cute! What a good kitty aunt you are.

  22. kat person! · ·

    you’ll never find another black kat like beez so again, i WILL know

  23. kat person! · ·

    though i acknowledge that there have been days since the new kitties showed up when i half expected beez to show up at glenna’s door with all her hand-knitted toys tied up in a kerchief on the end of a stick and ask to be let move in

  24. […] all regular Christmas to-doing. Of course, since I was here last winter Beez has acquired two new young companions, so the dynamic isn’t completely the same. But since all three of them are adorable in their […]

  25. HI there,

    Just came across your blog while looking for some homemade kitten toys. Love crocheting and these are just adorable. I am going to make a few today for my new little kitten 🙂

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