I take it all back

Privately I was very, very skeptical about the Noro Kureyon Sock. I’d heard about the complaints (primarily: “It’s too scratchy. There’s too much flotsam to pick out. It’s too thin.”) and just written it off as something I’d pass on in favour of waiting for the Noro Silk Garden Sock (Silk Garden is easily in my top 10 yarns ever). And then a few weeks ago at the Purple Purl Rochelle gifted me with a gift certificate, and I started staring at the pretty Noro colours, and before I knew it I’d put that gift certificate towards some Kureyon Sock.

And let me tell you, the colours, they WIN. Hands down. I take back all the trepidation I had. It’s just like knitting with very thin sheepswool – a little bit sticky, and softer the more you handle it and handwash it – and I didn’t notice enough veggie matter in my 2 skeins to write home about. Also, when you stripe 2 colourways together, you can do things like this:


I love them. They fit like a dream. I knitted virtually nothing else but these while I was knitting them, and had them finished in just under 2 weeks. I had thought it would become tedious to keep switching colourways every 5 rows, but the effect was just the opposite. I loved seeing what shade would come up next and how the stripes would work out.

Project specs: Noro Knee-Highs
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock, #40 and #188
Needles: 2.25mm DPNs
Notes: I followed the same general approach that I documented here, and this time I made extra care to make them a little longer than I thought was long enough. I learned from my last pair of knee-socks that it is always better to err on the side of too long than too short, in both the leg and the foot. If the foot is too short, it will pull at the leg and the leg will become shorter, too. It also needs to be a little snug to stay up (at least 1.5 inches negative ease at the calf), and I knitted elastic thread into the cuff as is my preference.

With the Noro, I had about 20 grams of each skein left, and that was after I had yanked out several yards of each skein (in the #40, the olive green goes on for a WHILE, and it was starting to make the other colourway too obvious; In the #188, there is a part with yellow-flecked green that was making the combined colourways distractingly full-spectrum, so I yanked that out, too.) I used 1 colourway for the knee cuff/heel/toe, and the 2nd one for the cuff/heel/toe on the 2nd sock, to even the yarn quantities. In general, I think the 2 colourways one picks for a project like this have to be chosen carefully. They have to contrast enough to be obviously different, and yet if they are too different it will be distracting and disconcerting.


At first I was very, very unsure about these. Depending what time you would have asked me, I would have said these were confusing/ugly/sexy/surprising/beautiful/the best thing ever knitted/the worst thing ever knitted. Now? I love them. I love them enough that I want to do another pair, it is just a matter of whether I will wait for the Silk Garden Sock or whether I’ll try another with the Kureyon Sock.


Now my biggest problem is waiting out the summer until I can wear them for real. If only yarn lust were more seasonal.

Happy knitting, today and for the coming weekend!


  1. Stunning! I too was/am skeptical of the Noro yarn. While the colors blow every other brand out of the water, my problem with the Noro I’ve used (just silk garden) was that the yarn was so loosely spun that one too-hard yank could cause it to break. Did you have this probably with the sock yarn?

  2. Sorry, need to correct my typo – I meant “problem” not “probably.” 🙂

  3. Charming. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have the chutzpah to wear knee-highs any more, as then I’d have to find the time to knit myself some.

  4. So cute! Just think how wearing those will lift your spirits on a cold winter’s day. I can’t wait to get my hands on some Silk Garden Sock.

  5. Melissa · ·

    Oh you are my perpetual hero(ine)…KNIT ON!

  6. wow! these look terrific! soon i’ll make the leap from ankle socks to knee highs…

  7. Those turned out gorgeous! I need to get moving on the two skeins I have.

  8. I have serious LOVE for those socks!

  9. ladyoctavia · ·

    Sweet! Great to see them finished!

    *thinks… yeah those great patterns, faux argyle and oh.. ribbed cardigan… wonder when I’ll see those…* 😉

  10. They look very satisfying to wear – ‘like they fit perfectly. Then obviously they are sooo great to look at! How wonderful it will be to put those on next winter and then when you slip off your boots seeing that fabulous colour wrapped around your feet – one of a kind colours thanks to your clever striping! Congrats on another great looking FO!

  11. Those are some awesome socks!

  12. Love those colors… the socks look great!

  13. Wow! I love your socks! They’re awesome! And, Thanks for posting directions. I love knee socks because they’re so comfy and keep my ankles warm. I’m so excited to make some. 🙂

  14. They are superb.

  15. They’re sooper, Glenna!

    I know I can never knit these, as my calves are totally vile, but they really look brilliant and I admire your attention to colour and shape.

  16. Gorgeous socks & the colors are awesome. With such colors, I will love to knit with the yarn but unfortunately I am allergic to the dyes. Great job & they looked so perfect on you.

  17. They’re fantastic! 🙂 I have a skein in my stash that I bought just recently. I’m pretty undecided about it, but having seen these, I think a pair of socks might be in order! 🙂

  18. Wow, what awesome socks!
    The colours are just divine, and so cute. Very well done.

  19. I NEED A PAIR!!!!!!!! Those are amazing!

  20. They are amazing!!! Now I definitely need to make some.

  21. The socks are GORgeous! and you, you’re amazing.
    It’s nice to hear the yarn softens… although I’ve not seen it up close and personal yet… you say they’re doing a Silk Garden sock yarn? nummy.

  22. SOOO pretty! Now *I* want a pair. Too bad I’ve resolved not to buy yarn for 2 years… Did you see the new knitty, btw, with the zigzaggy striped socks in noro?

  23. They look fantastic. I love them, and will totally be stealing your idea for stripy knee socks.

  24. I’m glad to hear the yarn is scrumptious (because it certainly looks so). Lovely colours – thanks for the review 🙂

  25. They look fabulous! I just love them, and the stripes look perfect together. I will have to take a look at that yarn this weekend. I hope to get to the Purple Purl sometime tomorrow when I get to Toronto!

  26. Those are really too cute. I might just have to buy a second skein of the stuff now as I’ve been struggling for a while now to knit a pair. I’d been leaning towards entrelac but all the patterns come out too huge for my wee feet.

  27. O.o

    I luff them. The colors are just so wonderfully yummy.


  28. Those are awesome. I’ve long been a fan of striped socks and tights. I’m not a sock knitter, but I am beginning to notice a pattern: these are the second pair of knee socks I’ve seen on your blog and thought, “Wow. I’d like to make a pair.” The kilt hose also caught my attention. (There may have been other socks, too. I just can’t think of them at the moment.)

    Thanks for sharing. And in case I’m inspired, I appreciate your feedback on the Kureyon sock yarn.

  29. I LOVE them! The colors look like they were entertaining enough to make the knitting interesting enough to make knee socks even for me. I tend to get bored halfway through the cuff)

  30. Ooh they are FAB

  31. Gasp. How cool!!

  32. SOOO pretty! I love knee highs. And thanks for the positive feedback on Noro. I have some in my stash and just wasn’t sure. Now I’ve been inspired.

  33. wiscjennyann · ·

    OMG these are the COOLEST!!! I am so knitting me a pair!

  34. Your socks are GLORIOUS. Love, love, love the striping AND the knee high action. You wear it well.

    I do have one question: how does it FEEL? I’ve got several balls of this lovely stuff but I’m worried about how scratchy it might be.

    I did recently feel the Noro Silk Garden sock yarn and it’s DREAMY!!!

  35. WOW, these are so pretty!
    I had to smile… you have your socks and I have my new cardigan and we both must wait for summer to be over to wear them.
    But it’s nice to know pretty things are waiting for us, isn’t it?

  36. Rachael · ·

    Those are wonderful socks. I’ve been tempted by Noro for years because of the colours, but I think the socks will finally get me to try some.

    For the striping, did you carry the yarn up or break it every five rows. Breaking it seems like it would be a pain, but I was wondering whether carrying it would leave a ridge sort of thing.

  37. Holy crap those are awesome! Methinks I’ll need to grab some Kureyon Sock and try them myself. Even though calf shaping scares me a little.

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