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Knit-in-Public Day dawned with lingering clouds and rain, but as the day grew so did the sunshine and the size of the knitting crowds. I hopped a bus (with knitting and trusty cupcake carrier in tow) to Toronto and arrived at Lettuce Knit a little after 10 when the activities were just getting going.


Franklin was there for the ‘1000 Knitters’ photoshoot, and I had a place in the morning shift. (There on the right looking like a regular everyday knitter is Debbie New.) The esteemed Rachel H was doing a great job directing traffic and would pull a few people at a time to go wait for their turn in the photography session, and in the mean time everyone just sat and knitted, chatted, shopped a little, and generally enjoyed the lovely day. For my photo I brought Venezia with me since it’s the piece of knitwear I’m most proud of at the moment. I’m glad I did.

I was a bit nervous when it was my turn but I sat and knitted a couple rows on the scarf, tried to remember to actually look at the camera and not just the knitting, and hoped generally not to come off like a dork. I mentioned my knitterly twin sister who couldn’t come (she had a good excuse though, what with prepping her post-convocation party), and he agreed twin participants would have been darned cool.

I never did double-check to make sure Franklin got a cupcake, though. They went pretty fast.


There was more intrigue when friends of Stephanie‘s brought her a veritable cooler full of dry ice. (well possibly not the whole cooler, but a large quantity all the same). It provided delight and fascination to adults and children alike.


I met a few new friends and chatted with ‘old’ ones, swapped yarn colour decision-making suggestions with Kim and Emily, got career encouragment from Dr. Steph, talked steeks and showed off Venezia’s insides, scored some free Soak samples (though sadly no actual door prizes for me), and had a pretty good time overall.

After lunchtime became too great to ignore, and my return to Hamilton called to me, I went for a quick burrito with Em, and then carried on walking back to Union Station. It was a great day. I can still feel the sun I got on my cheeks. And then I got to come home and party with Martha and friends (note to self: attend more parties featuring sangria) and then fall nicely exhausted into bed.

I think I’ll do it all again next year.


  1. ladyoctavia · ·

    Looks like fun!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! I spent most of the afternoon knitting in the car and stuck in traffic, on our way to look at a puppy. We never got there. 😦 The traffic was bad. But I did get to KIP!

  3. Your cupcakes were deeeee-lish! I’m glad I was able to elbow my way to them. πŸ˜€

  4. Sounds like a fantastic day – look forward to trying to spot you and Venzia amongst the 1,000 knitters

  5. …and a grand time was had by all…. certainly looks it! Sorry that Martha couldn’t make it, wah :^) but I’m glad to hear she was partying!

    What was Stephanie pointing at? that or it looks like she was holding that little one’s head back… (as in, don’t lean too close) ?????

    Mmmmm, those cupcakes look fabulous.

  6. Oh that photo is SO flattering! Only for you…really.

    And you did win something! A Franklin “Knit Happens” button. Email me your address and I’ll mail it to you…or, I’ll just carry it around until I see you next.

  7. It was a great day! Thanks for the cupcakes (I think eating cupcakes for breakfast should be done more often!) and the lovely chat over burritos.

  8. It was so good to see you. I love the picture with the dry ice.

    And your cupcakes: delicious!

  9. Elizabeth in Apex, NC · ·

    Hey – sounds like a great time had by all. We might just need your cupcake recipe! AND I have a friend who is Hamilton for grad school (though not over the summer, she’s doing research overseas); she could use some knitterly fun. Can you drop me an email some time? Thanks much!

  10. it is funny to say, I recognized you by your sweater. gorgeous! and thank you so much for the cupcakes. my daughter was the green sweater-dress clad 5 year old. the only way I got her to sit for Franklin was bribing her with one of them.
    many thanks,

  11. What a great turn-out! CUPCAKES!!!!! Now I want one.

    Our WWKIPD wasn’t very large but we had lots of heart.


  12. Thanks for documenting, for those (many, many!) f us who couldn’t be there in person!

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