I’m starting to come down with a serious case of start-itis or creative vertigo or stash lust or whatever you want to call it, the drive to knit things, all kinds of things, new things now, now, right now. I’m sure this is partly due to me settling into a vacation vibe, but also thanks to the stack of essays I have to grade, since nothing sparks the knitting drive like the desire to procrastinate.


Still, I’ve been holding off (so far) because there are things already underway that need some attention, in particular poor lovely Halcyon which I started back in April. Even after my fix-it ordeal, I ended up ripping out the entire back section 2/3 of the way through when my fretting over whether I’d allowed enough hip ease got the better of me. I went back, started over with the sleeves, and then last week arrived back at the back piece which I cast on in the next larger size up, only to decrease back to the smaller size at the waist which will hopefully negotiate just the right amount of fit. Fingers crossed, because I am loving this knit once again and the thought that it might betray me is too much to bear.


I love these cables. By all rational explanations, I shouldn’t be loving wooly cables in June, but this week the weather seems to have reverted back to April, with daily rainshowers and daytime highs below 20 C, so I’ll take the cables while I can.

Last week when the knitting ennui was looming, I dug into some forgotten purchases from last fall and came out with the 2 skeins of Colinette Jitterbug that have been patiently waiting, and decided they would not, after all, become knee socks, but a nice light Clapotis:


Halfway through and so far, so good. I’m knitting this lighter on 3.5mm needles, and may end up doing just a smidge of blocking when it’s done, to give it a bit of help in the draping department. When this is done, a shawl will take its place – perhaps Swallowtail? Flower Basket? Something else entirely perhaps? And maybe also some startitis satisfaction.


  1. jessmary · ·

    I’ve been having a bit of startitis, too, which also includes a Clapotis. Yours is lovely!

  2. I say give in to it – everything gets done in the end

    Love the Jitterbug clapotis – great choice of yarn – none of the wear issues I’ve seen in the socks I’ve made with it should apply

  3. LOVE the colour of your Halcyon!! And you’re right, it has been cozy-knitting weather around here lately (as I write this, today’s big shower is starting…and we’re scheduled for yet another one tomorrow! Aaaaaaaand Friday! Huzzah). My starteritis is only in the mild stages just now; I’d say I had the starteritis sniffles, but I’m drinking lots of fluids to stave off a fever. Ah well…as Sarah said, everything gets done in the end!

  4. I’m totally into your clapotis- mostly because I just finished my Mom’s socks in the same colorway, and it’s lovely.
    Check it out on my site- my fav picture is with the glass of wine. Tee hee.
    Oh, and I started my Clapotis with Raven Wubu (sp?) from Blue Moon. I swear Starter-itis is in the air!!

  5. Oh my, those knits in progress are gorgeous. A Fine Fleece is my favourite new knitting book. Love that new shawl too.

  6. I hear that Startitis loud and clear. Down here, it was swatchitis, but am I currently happily puttering through a Flower Basket Shawl, so let that be a vote for that pattern. We can knit along! Sort of.

  7. ladyoctavia · ·

    Those cables are out of this world! I love them!

    What a great colourway the clapotis is in, looking good.

  8. I absolutely love the color of your Halcyon, and I don’t even like blue all that much. And cables. So pretty. And don’t worry, you’re not too insane, still knitting wooly cables in June–my next project will be a chunky sweater, and it’s hooot here. But I’m pretending it’s freezing and I’ll want the sweater. Pretending, or ignoring reality… something like that.

  9. I hear ya on the startitis. I think it’s super contagious.

  10. The cables are wonderful!!!! We are having early spring wet, chilly weather here too – makes for great knitting time!

  11. I love your reference to being “betrayed” by the sweater! That is such an accurate description of how it feels when things go wrong with a knit I am otherwise enjoying. Those cables really are fab!

  12. Beautiful caables and clapotis, I would just give in to startitis otherwise it eats away at you!!!

  13. The Jitterbug colourway is GORGEOUS!! Beautiful cables and startitis?
    You speaka my language!

  14. Lurvely clapotis. I’m tempted to cast on for mine. But then I’m tempted to cast on for lots and lots of things 🙂

  15. Love the colors of your Clapotis – it’s stunning!

  16. […] limit my knitting projects in the face of impending startitis, and so I have brought with me only Halcyon and Philip’s Socks, and would be thrilled to pieces if I could manage to finish one of them […]

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