Keeping it Simple

Back when I was Miss Beatrice‘s roomie for several months, I did a bit of kitty knitting. After a bit of practice I discovered that any bit of snugly knit stockinette wool, folded over and stuffed with yarn scraps and catnip, pretty much did the trick. And then there is also that Log Cabin Blanket that took much of my knitting sanity, which is still over in Beez’s house since Someone likes to nap on it and I’m not yet desperate to have it back.

But Miss B also had a long bit of rope that she liked to chase after, which she promptly made disappear some time after I arrived, so I fixed that by braiding together some long lengths of yarn, the same chunky wool that I did the Moderne Log Cabin with. It did the trick but (this, the thing with no knitting in it whatsoever) has apparently become a much coveted toy ever since the new recruits arrived.


(Ramona apologizes for being a little blurry). So, naturally I got out some doubled lengths of yon Patons Classic Merino and commissioned Long String Toy: The Sequel.


This afternoon I went over for a hello and the feline residents were in a nappish sort of state. Beatrice greeted me and said “well yes but what do I get for being BOTH a gorgeous kitty AND not having tried to kill the new young twerps in at least a week?”


“Hmm…” [bite] “This is satisfactory.”


And then we had a play.






And lo, it was good.


  1. Simple is good then! πŸ™‚ Cool kitties.

  2. Hello to Bea again! That bird looks must have been quakeing in its feathers!!

  3. Huh, that’s not a bad idea of a way to make cat toys. I should try that on my cats next time I feel like they’re bored of their old toys!

  4. Aww, thank you, it was good seeing Beatrice again :^)

  5. Anonymous · ·

    Kitties!! Yay!!

  6. Oo, that last one was from me. Didn’t realize my log-in had crapped out on me. πŸ˜€

  7. Melissa · ·

    Ooooohhhh, kitties mauling yarn…always gives me a cold shiver up the spine.

  8. Oh kittens.

    I thought they would be a bit snobbier than to play with Patons Classic Wool.

    They should have held out for something more luxurious…

  9. What cuties!

  10. Could you possibly find more photogenic cats? I think not!

  11. Hooray for kitty posts! Your commentary on what Beatrice says is hilarious. I’m hoping to get a kitty of my own this year- and then I’ll be taking all these kitty toy hints to heart!

  12. At the moment, I am thinking about thinking about getting a new cat. I’m not quite ready yet, but stuff like this nudges me a little closer to just thinking about getting a new cat.

    My former cat Truman knew what yarn he could play with and what was off limits. I loved that.

  13. kat person! · ·

    Huh. whilst reading this i gradually became aware of a thumping and clunking at my feet and finally looked down to see ramona rolling about with string toy the first.

  14. Thank you for the lovely kitten pictures!! They are lovely kittens!!!!

  15. […] while our job upon arrival is to find a picnic spot.) Martha was playing with Ramona, one of the cats, who jumped for the toy just at the moment I clicked for the photo. She was suitably transformed […]

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