Monthly Archives: July 2008

And the rest is knitting

There are times (ultra mope-tastic times) when I feel like printing up a t-shirt that says “I turned 30 and all I got was a PhD and a bunch of yarn.” Because most of the time the world doesn’t actually care if you have a PhD, or yarn, even if if it’s very nice yarn. […]

Philip’s Socks

When I cast on with the Dream in Color Smooshy, I fell in love. Now that I’ve cast off, the love affair continues! I will definitely be getting more of this in the future. The Masonic Socks are finished, and will be in the hands of their recipient this evening. They’re a bit bigger than […]

The survivors

Oh guys, oh my friends. You’re just killing me with the comments on my last post, I just knew we should have left more time to do the selections because approximately 264% of you have commented and said “oh please read [this novel you didn’t end up picking]” and now I’m so sad for all […]

Reading the 20th Century

(First, and as an aside: I am winning over knitting. The socks are 90% complete and all they need is a Sunday afternoon movie and they will doneski. Take that, knitting ennui! You are not the boss of me!) Once upon a time there was a group blog called ‘Knit the Classics’, a project in […]

Big talk

Oh, sure. Going to “finish a sock or a sweater”, I said. “All week to knit” I said. I should have known that as soon as I made such plans for myself, my brain would do an about-face and say, “no, maybe not so much.” The kitties were darling and would have happily allowed me […]

Change of Scenery

I’ve relocated for most of this week chez Ladylungdoc, who is letting me mind her kitties while she and her husband are away. It’s a pretty good deal; the kitties get food and meds, and I get to be a Torontonian again for a few days. After living back in Hamilton for almost a year […]

Buttermilk Scones

Last weekend on the family trip to Stratford, Ontario, we stayed overnight not in a B&B but in a small rental cottage-like house. Since the house didn’t come with someone to make breakfast, I decided to take over the kitchen for the morning, and did a breakfast which turned into a sort of extended brunch […]

12 of 12 – July

Back in the fall I started doing the 12 of 12, but have forgotten about it the last few times. Not this month! Ha ha! I remembered this time! In case you’re just tuning in, the 12 of 12 is a blog project where you take 12 pictures during your day on the 12th of […]

Why, exactly?

I am designing again. I’ve had no shortage of ideas accumulating in corners of my brain and in various notebooks, but since the last year of the PhD pretty much sucked out most of the creative energy, time, and confidence that I had lying around, I haven’t been acting on many of them. This past […]

Rolling along

This FO has been lingering for a week now, and in fact still needs 2 ends woven in, but I’m pleased with it and it’s done-ski. My Colinette Jitterbug Clapotis: I did it according to pattern with slight modification, on 3.5 mm needles to accommodate the Jitterbug. I did omit the final increase repeat, and […]