Monthly Archives: July 2008

Where to now, Phil?

(That subject line is a bit funnier if you’ve seen Eddie Izzard joking about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, but I digress). So far it’s kicking off to be a pretty good weekend. It’s a sunny day and I’m finished my grading for the moment. I got to do some quality hangout time with lots […]

I’d like to meet knitters in all of these places

…or really, I’d just plain like to meet people in these places. Knitting optional. Neato. I think there’s a bit of a Coke-commercial-vibe going on here, and a few questions are popping up in my head (like, would this video have the same effect if it was somebody besides a white guy?) but I still […]

On a Summer’s Day

It’s Canada Day today, and fellow Canadians across the country will be celebrating in all manner of summer frivoloty, red-and-white, fireworks, etc. So far I have celebrated by sleeping in until 10, and working up the nerve to go for a run while writing a blog entry instead. It’s actually a gorgeous day outside, highs […]