Monthly Archives: August 2008

More with the photos

I couldn’t resist posting just a couple more shots from the Nova Scotia trip. Re-entry after a vacation is always a bit hard. I hope your Friday and your long weekend (if you have one) are both great. May your knitting be close by!

Jiggity jig

Home again, home again, and other than general travel-weariness, the sensation that I may have eaten at half of Halifax’s eateries in the last 4 days, and mild wonderment over whether the overpriced takeout pizza I am now waiting for is actually a good idea (though the house is currently devoid of people and food, […]

Good times

Natives of the east coast will be pleased to know that so far Halifax is treating me well. My friends are being the best possible hosts ever, my knitting is cooperating (I did indeed take the Jaywalkers along and cast off on the plane, able to then cast on a new pair of socks lickety […]


In my head, I was going to have these two things finished by now. This Hourglass Pullover and these Jaywalker socks were going to be done. Done, done, done. I was right now (or any moment, any single moment now) going to be experiencing the glee of casting on a new project at whatever my […]

Book Review: Tweed

There are times when I get books for review and can’t wait to tell you about them. A Fine Fleece and The Knitter’s Book of Yarn are a couple of recent examples of this. Not only did I drool over them as I flipped through the pages but they are two books that still take […]

My yarnz, i show u them

Yarn makes everything better. Especially when it’s new Malabrigo Sock yarn that I didn’t expect to be in existence yet. The Purple Purl has once again separated me from more of my money, but how could a person say no in the face of this… It’s not all for me, admittedly, but it’s just so […]

Oh those Halcyon days

And that’s a wrap, folks. Pattern: Halcyon, by Lisa Lloyd in the book ‘A Fine Fleece’. Yarn: Briggs & Little Regal (light worsted), in ‘turquoise’, just under 6 skeins total. It’s a sheepy sheepy wool, so sheepy that you will regularly encounter bits of straw and grass, etc, but is a bang for your buck […]

The thing about finishing

Is that about 15% of it is skill and the other 267% (numbers are approximate) is psychology. Halcyon is turning out to be such a damn tease, I’d honestly thought I’d have finished her by now and would be showing you FO photos – especially since Southern Ontario is having the rainiest rainy summer in […]

If I had my camera

…I would show you you many things. I would show you the lovely new Hourglass Pullover I’ve started, with the delicious Malabrigo worsted I bought back in April. It’s like knitting with butter. (I was going to have a Malabrigo Hourglass Knitalong for 2 with Rebecca, but she’s already blown past me and is 2/3 […]

So Close

Now it just has to finish blocking so I can sew it together and pray it fits properly bide my time until fall when I’ll be able to wear it for real. Also, now that this is finally moving off the needles I have my next 3 sweaters all planned out. Gonna take a bite […]