So Close


Now it just has to finish blocking so I can sew it together and pray it fits properly bide my time until fall when I’ll be able to wear it for real.

Also, now that this is finally moving off the needles I have my next 3 sweaters all planned out. Gonna take a bite out of the stash but good. Just try and stop me.

Will an FO post be next? Stay tuned to find out. In the meantime I’ve got some holiday-Monday bicycle riding and sock knitting to do.

PS – thank you thank you thank you everyone who left happy birthday comments. You make a knitter glad to turn 30.


  1. OOHHHH! Looks lovely – can’t wait to see the finished object! That blue is just divine!

  2. Oh that is beautiful. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. Very, very beautiful – congratulations!

  4. 🙂 nice title….can’t wait to see it all assembled and modeled!!

  5. It’s stunning. I love that colour and the cables pop!

    FO piccies awaited eagerly!

  6. Ooh the anticipation – good luck with the try on

  7. Preeeeetty. I like it. And now onto the seaming!

  8. I love cables and suddenly I love that shade of blue, too. If you don’t want the sweater can I have it?? 😉

  9. I think a PhD is pretty darn cool, ok it doesn’t keep you warm on a cold night but it doesn’t hog the TV remote either. As for yarn, when isn’t that a good thing to have. Loving the stash you hauled in for your birthday.

  10. Those cables look awesome! It’s going to fit, for sure. : D

  11. Stunning! and here’s to a fabulous fit!

  12. Love the color & of course, the cables too. Your knitting is perfect & I can’t wait to see it all seamed up.

  13. thats a gorgeous color blue!!

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