Oh those Halcyon days

And that’s a wrap, folks.


Pattern: Halcyon, by Lisa Lloyd in the book ‘A Fine Fleece’.
Yarn: Briggs & Little Regal (light worsted), in ‘turquoise’, just under 6 skeins total. It’s a sheepy sheepy wool, so sheepy that you will regularly encounter bits of straw and grass, etc, but is a bang for your buck at $5-6 for 270 yards. Also, mmmmm, wool.
Needles: 5.0mm for the cables, 4.0mm for the ribbing. (I worked all the cables without a cable needle, which turned this into a surprisingly portable project as it is worked in pieces, and eventually the cables become memorizable).


Cast-on/Cast-off: I started this in the end of April, which gives this about 3.5 months for the project, but that included several stints of on-again-off-again knitting and a re-start of the back piece to give it a bit of shaping.
Modifications: The only changes I made were to knit the 2nd smallest size to begin with on the back/front, then decrease after about 2 centre panel repeats to end up with the smallest size at the waist and bust. Other than that, I completed it exactly as written, and the instructions were clear.

This is a long sweater. I ended up with about an extra inch of length, which is fine for me because I’m 5’9″ and can handle a bit of extra length (I often count on a slightly looser row gauge as a built-in lengthening modification on sweaters that would normally be meant for a shorter frame). However, if you’re significantly shorter than me then even the intended length of 26.5″ might be longer than what you want. My recommendation is to measure yourself, measure your gauge, and adjust accordingly by omitting a few rows at the beginning. (I rather like the way the cable ends at the collar).


Although the fit is generally good, I think my blocking may have been a bit too aggressive and for the next go I’ll probably try to get a smidge less ease. Any way you slice it though, this is a comfort aran and meant for wrapping you up on cool days. I’m happy with it now but probably won’t fully appreciate it until November.

While I did take a few months to work on this and probably could have done it in less time fairly easily, I’m glad in retrospect that I gave it those little vacation breaks now and then. Sometimes you want to knit cables for hours and hours and sometimes you don’t. I saw on Ravelry that someone has this on the books for their Olympic knitting project, and dude, all I can say is godspeed and may your cabling be swift.

I will, however, strike a pose, and celebrate a completed project well done.


(Photo credits, as per usual, go to my lovely patient sister.)



  1. Lovely!!

  2. Job well done indeed! It’s wonderful! The fit, color, and style all look great on you. It has ‘aran-ness” without being too boxy.

    And thanks for the tip about Briggs and Little – that is a smashing deal for woolly wool.

  3. Beautiful sweater, it looks great on you! I love that book, it’s got so many amazing patterns.

  4. Wonderful! I love the neckline, and now have great sweater-envy.

  5. That’s beautiful! Serious cables and a lovely colour. I guarantee it would have taken me much longer!

  6. Great job – I love it! I need to take on a project with that many cables….

  7. Very, very nice!! You deserve to strike several poses. That sweater rocks!

  8. That’s stunning!

  9. I’ve been stalking your blog, waiting for you to finish Halcyon. The wait was worth it– your sweater is gorgeous!

  10. Oh it’s gorgeous! I like the length. Come November you’ll really appreciate it.

  11. Gorgeous! You’ve done it again, beautifully knit! (Halcyon may need putting on my ‘list’).
    Wish I had a twin sis… you and M have such good times!

  12. That is stunning!!! You have to be proud of a project like that!!

  13. It’s gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous… and it suits you. 🙂

  14. Gorgeous! That will be perfect for curling up with some tea and a book (or a stack of papers to grade) when the weather cools down. I need to try cables without a cable needle sometime — esp. if you can tackle such fancy cables without one.

  15. Oh, nicely done.

  16. A classic! I love it.

  17. And look! It fits you! It looks nice and cozy and will be a great antidote for November when it comes. Now onto another sweater…

  18. Fabulous! That deserves some runway action. 😉 It will be nice and cozy during the fall & winter.

    I can’t wait to see what you will knit up next!

  19. Mazel tov! Applauding your new FO from Seattle.

  20. Woot! That’s great. The length looks really good on you.

  21. Oh, it’s stunning. It reminds me how I need to make ME a sweater sometime soon.

    Re: the length. I’m sure that has to do with her unisex sizing. It looks really good on you. Very cozy!

  22. Fabulous! It looks so comfy!


  23. Wow, it looks divine!! I totally agree about the way the cables flow at the neck!!

  24. its awesome and lovely and makes me wish it wasn’t august and hot!

    totally loving the flow of the cables.

  25. Wow! That sweater is truly stunning! It looks like you bought it from a store (except a million times better!). You almost make me one to knit one for myself (I say almost because my sweaters never seem to fit right).

  26. That is a great November sweater if ever there was one! Are you wearing that wooliness against bare skin?

  27. Gorgeous & you look so good in it! I can’t imagine doing all those cables without a cable needle & you did a great job!

  28. Cables without the cable needle…you people kill me. What a great sweater! You deserve a nice, crisp Fall day just for that one!

    I have to admit that I love the sheepy wools. I love the bits of grass and hay and such. It makes me feel connected to the sheep. It seems so much less manufactured to me.

  29. FABULOUS! You are my knitting hero(-ine). Do you know how long it would take me to knit that sweater? AGES AND AGES.

    Anyway, it’s wonderful, and congratulations, and it looks great on you. Here’s to a snuggly, woolly fall!

  30. Glenna, it looks SO awesome! those cables look absolutely luscious. I can’t imagine trying to do that sweater for the Ravelympics either, but my hat is off if they manage to do it!

  31. Looks great Glenna!

  32. It looks fantastic and wonderfully warm.

  33. Amazing. 🙂 I have to ask you about the yarn – how rough is it to knit with? I’m looking for worsted/aran weight yarns that won’t break my hands. I have an awful time knitting with Peace Fleece, so I guess I have to go for a pretty springy or softer wool at least if I want those aran sweaters.

    Still very impressed, by the way! 😉

  34. Very nice! I love that book. I could probably happily knit everything in it and I’ve NEVER said that about a knitting book. Looks very nice on!

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