In my head, I was going to have these two things finished by now.


This Hourglass Pullover and these Jaywalker socks were going to be done. Done, done, done. I was right now (or any moment, any single moment now) going to be experiencing the glee of casting on a new project at whatever my whim. In a few hours I hop on a plane to Halifax to visit longtime friends from my MA years, and there is nothing like a bit of travelling to make you want to wipe the WIP slate clean and have something fresh.

Sadly, the Hourglass is stalled halfway through the yoke and the Jaywalkers are still missing an inch and the toe of the 2nd sock. I may yet take the socks with me to try and finish on the way, so that’s something. This does put a wrinkle in what to bring with me, so I may just go with another sock project as backup, but then a new sweater’s sleeve would be ever so easy to start on…

Of course, it’s not as though I’ll be going into a yarn vacuum – I hear they have yarn in Halifax. Quite a lot of it, actually, and as one of said friends is a knitter, you can bet I’ll be visiting some of that yarn as well. Just a matter of time. Oh, the horrible dilemmas of the travelling knitter. If this is my worst decision-making experience of the whole trip, I’ll take it! (Note to universe: this is not an invitation to delay my flight/rain every day I am there/sprain my knitting muscles/other horrors…just sayin’.)

Catch you on the flip side! May your WIPs be done soon and your stash be enticing.


  1. love these purples!! have a great trip.

  2. Enjoy Halifax! It’s on my to-visit list — can’t wait to hear about it. That Hourglass looks like it will be nice and cozy.

  3. Oh, sounds fabulous – I always think a new trip warrants a new project – needless to say, I have several WIP’s floating around…

    have fun!

  4. Have fun! Definitely cast on a new project. The more the merrier. ๐Ÿ™‚ And bring back some souvenir yarn, too.

  5. Both projects are looking lovely. I always like socks for travel knitting myself. Enjoy the trip. I hope you have good weather!

  6. I always have these deadlines to finish things or get them to a certain stage for travels. Tricky indeed!

  7. Have a good trip and if I were you’d, I’d only take the Jaywalkers with me and then you will have the perfect excuse for galavanting at strange yarn shops.

  8. you are pretty close!!! it won’t take much to have 2 FO’s!

  9. if you finish those 2 WIPS in the same week, you’ll be overjoyed.

    plane rides are great for WIPS.

  10. Have a great trip, I’m sure you’ll bring back lots of lovely yarn!

  11. Those colors sing! I envy you all that travel-time knitting. Usually we travel by car and I’d like to finagle it so my husband drives, but he tends to get sleepy distance driving, so….

  12. wiscjennyann · ·

    At least the purples are pretty to look at! You can enjoy them a bit longer! ๐Ÿ˜€ Enjoy the trip!

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