Good times

Natives of the east coast will be pleased to know that so far Halifax is treating me well. My friends are being the best possible hosts ever, my knitting is cooperating (I did indeed take the Jaywalkers along and cast off on the plane, able to then cast on a new pair of socks lickety split), and we got in a good piece of key Nova Scotia tourism yesterday while the sun shone. (Tuesday calls for rain, but from what I gather weather reports don’t necessarily actually mean anything. Think good thoughts.)

Me and my new sock took in Lunenburg and the Bluenose II (thankfully still in harbour):




(Then, just like a knitter, the Bluenose II cast off. Yuk yuk yuk…)

And after a longish jaunt and much more car-knitting time, made it over to Peggy’s Cove. The sock and I were both extremely impressed:




Then we came back and had fish & chips and a pint at the Henry House. And lo, it was good.


There was 1 yarn store stop in there too, but I’ll save those for later reporting as I’m sure there will be yet more. Today was some good shopping and browsing and wandering around downtown, and I still have 2 more days for further delights.

I hope your knitting is going well, wherever you are are at.


  1. What a fabulous time and I’m near weeping looking at the fish and chips…

  2. Yes! Yes! henry House fish & chips & pint! I had that at my conference in Halifax ages and years ago! You won’t have a better fish & chip experience anywhere ajghhhasdlghlllll…. *droool*

  3. What great photos! I see why the sock was impressed.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous. I sometimes envy single childless folks their free time and ability to enjoy travel. I suppose I’ll just enjoy it vicariously through bloggers like you for the next while!

  5. ohhh, i remember Peggy’s Cove. but when i went it was all foggy and cool. absolutely lovely either way!

  6. Beautiful! One of those places on my looooong list of places I’d like to see….The sky is so blue!

  7. It looks like you and the sock are having a fabulous time! That blue sky is so tempting.

  8. look at those travelling socks!

    knitting up so quickly!

  9. Love the colors of the sock. Looks like you have been able to knit quite a bit plus the sight seeing.

  10. Aww, man. So much touristy fun. (Also, I have been meaning to tell you that even as you are planning to come visit me, I am pondering coming to visit you. Eastern Canadian vacation?)

    Enjoy a pint for me!

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