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I know that for much of North America, Tuesday is the first day back to the work week after Labour Day, the first day of school, the first day back to reality after summer (wah)…But if you’re able to be distracted for a few tiny moments, I have a question for you.

I’m thinking knee sock thoughts again, and am thinking design thoughts for patterns still to come, and wondered if y’all would mind…measuring your legs for me. I’m trying to get an idea of the range of sizes legs come in. So if you’re up for it, and don’t mind stating measurements on a public blog, would you mind grabbing your tape measure and letting me know the following?:

A (ankle): circumference of the ankle/lower leg at its slimmest point, just above the ankle.
C (calf): circumference of the calf/upper leg at its widest point, usually a couple of inches below the knee.

(If you’re curious, my numbers are 15.5 inches at the calf and 9 inches at the ankle).

I hope your week goes well, whether or not you’re back to reality!


  1. A: 8″
    C: 13.5″

    I don’t think I have ever measured those spots before.

    Am I crazy, or did you make an adorable pair of argyle knee socks awhile back that you were going to write up a pattern for? I still covet those. Even though I still haven’t learned socks OR colourwork.

  2. You’re in luck; I had been thinking of doing this recently…

    A: 8.75″
    C: 14″

  3. My holidays are still to come so I can easily be distracted

    A: 9.5″
    C: 18″

  4. A: 9.5″
    C: 16″

    Enjoy… !

  5. I just started what I hope will be knee socks (provided that I have enough yarn), so I just did this the other day.
    A: 9.5″
    C: 16.5″

  6. A: 7.75″
    C: 13.25″

    Looking forward to seeing the results!

  7. Oh man, I used to ride horses as a kid. I hope this means my legs “shapely” and not fat. 😦 Ankle: 9.5, calf: 14

  8. A: 10″
    C: 17″

    I love your knee socks and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

  9. I hope I’m not too late to the party…
    A: 8″
    C: 14.25 ”

    You’re getting quite the range in measurements,eh?

  10. Georgiana · ·

    Ask and ye shall receive!

    A: 8.5″

    C: 16″

    Have fun!

  11. 8.5″ and 13.75″. Grrrr for my disproportionate calves.

  12. barefootrooster · ·

    my measurements are exactly the same — 9 at the ankle, 15.5 at the calf. hooray for kneesocks!

  13. I discovered your blog recently and love checking in on your lovely pictures and projects. So fair’s fair – here’s my contribution.

    A: 7.5″
    C: 12.5″

  14. Mine match yours, too. 9″ and 15.5″. I loved your earlier knee socks and look forward to new ones.

  15. a: 9″

    c: 17″

    waiting anxiously!!!!

  16. a. 8.5″

    b. 15.5″
    I’ve just finished the leg of my first pair of knee socks. Can’t wait to see yours.

  17. No problem.

    ankle: 7.75″
    calf: 13.25″

    It’s kind of weird to measure them–I’ve never done that before. Not really necessary if you’re making sweaters!

  18. A: 7.25″
    C: 12.25″

    (I have chicken legs)

  19. A: 9″
    C: 17.5″

  20. A: 23.7 cm
    C: 41 cm

  21. I have mine as well as the measurements of each of my family members in a little chart at the back of my knitting notebook so I can give you two sets of adult sized female type legs…

    first set…

    A: 10″
    C: 15″


    A: 12″
    C: 17″

  22. Very interesting to see all the measurements!

    I assume you want them in inches.

    A: 8.75″

    C: 14.5″

  23. Here you go:

    A: 9.5″

    C: 16.5″

    Thanks again for the yarn shopping advice, BTW!

  24. Mine are pretty curvy!

    A: 9.25″
    C: 17.5″

  25. Elizabeth in Apex, NC · ·

    Here you go!
    A: 8.5″
    C: 15″

  26. sue in MA · ·

    Well got brave and measured! LOL 9.25″ ankle and 13.25″ calf. Now don’t you DARE ask for thigh measurements!


  27. 9″ and 15″….. Good luck!!

  28. There might be a biometrics study in this somewhere…

    A: 8.25″
    C: 15.5″

  29. Heee! Another Dr. Glenna design!!

    A: 9.75″


  30. A: 10″
    C: 16.5″
    (though I nearly had a heart attack when I measured my calf from the WRONG END of the tape measure and had an initial measurement in the THIRTIES.)

  31. Here are my bird leg measurements… lol

    A. 7″
    B. 13″

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂

  32. 9″

  33. 9 inches and 15.5 inches!

  34. Northmoon · ·

    I have small bones –

    my ankle is 7 3/4 ” and my calf is 13″

  35. Ankle: 20 cm. (about 7.8 in)
    Calf: 31 cm. (about 12.2 in)

    I’ve got chicken legs, I think… 😛

  36. A 8.5″
    C 17″

    Tiny ankles and huge calves

  37. A = 8″
    C = 15.5″
    Loved your Noro knee highs. Can’t wait to make my own pair.

  38. It’s great that you are doing this & it will be interesting to see the results. My measurements are :
    A = 8″
    C = 14″ (I have fat calves & still looking for a knee high pair of boots that will fit)

  39. ankle :9.25″

    hope this helps, some lovely knee highs that dont cut off my circulation would be great 🙂

  40. I have biggest calves ever!
    a 8.75
    c 22.75

  41. Jeez…I am seriously delinquent in my crazy knitting lady blog reading.

    A= 9.5 (In my family we call these “Bitner Ankles.” My mom, her mom and her mom…Thanks Great Grandma Bitner!)

    C= 16.5…I walk a lot? Swimming, biking…something?

  42. A = 8.5″
    C = 14″

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