Sock it to me

Thank you so much for your comments on my previous post – it has been fantastic to note the range of leg sizes y’all have, and also I think fairly comforting to note that I think everyone has a size buddy out there somewhere. Chances are, whether you’re thinking “oh no my legs are too skinny/fat/shapely/weird shaped”, at least one somebody has the same kind of legs.

In other news, I am starting to think a photo course entitled something like “How to Take Sock Pictures With Your Own Feet” would sell big. An online tutorial. Something. I can never seem to make my entire foot look accurate whenever I do pictures like this. The bottom heel/sole of my right foot seems oddly misshapen somehow, and other shots made my toes look totally different on each foot, which surely cannot be right as they look pretty well the same to me when I am barefoot. Nonetheless, the socks themselves are lovely:


The Jaywalker Socks have been a surprise for me. The first pair I made about 2 years ago came out too small, and became a gift. I sized up on the second pair and gnashed my teeth the whole time, swearing that I would never touch this pattern ever again. Then I started wearing the finished ones and loved them so much I had to admit the pattern had won. I made a third pair back in April, completed largely during my spring trip to New York thanks to lots of time in airports/planes/subways, and all the miscellaneous waiting around that travel does. This yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, in ‘Irving Park’. It’s the 2nd time I’ve knit Jaywalkers with Lorna’s Laces, and I suspect the two have now become permanently linked up in my knitting brain.

On my August Halifax trip, though, I needed a sock in a hurry and realized I had my final ball of Socks That Rock from the Rhinebeck 2007 purchases (though, um, not my last ball of STR in general, heh) all wound up in a bag with a pattern, so I just grabbed those on my way out the door. It is the ‘Coleen’ pattern from the Sweet Sheep Sock Club I joined last year.


It is essentially a souped-up 3×1 rib pattern with accented stitches at the top of the leg and just before the toe. Since the pattern only uses 60 sts I felt good using the STR Mediumweight, as I would normally go with 64 sts on regular fingering-weight. The pattern is fine, although I am still wondering how well these decorative rows will hold up with wear, particularly the ones by the toe. But it was a quick knit and easy to do while on the go and driving all over Nova Scotia, so that was good.

I currently have no socks on the go but I do have approximately 6,781 things I want to cast on, so we’ll see how that holds up. I have 2 other sweaters currently in WIP form and a bit of a startitis itch. The Hourglass Sweater is thankfully done (as per usual the finishing languished for several days…even though it was hardly any finishing at all), but still needs to finish drying. It’s been a humid and rainy weekend around these parts, as I’m sure is the same for much of North America. Stay dry!


  1. Those are awesome socks! I haven’t heard of the Colleen pattern before, but I really like the look of it.

  2. Fabulous Jaywalkers and the Coleens!
    What rain? :^)

  3. Beautiful socks! I love the Lorna’s Laces colorway. I also found it difficult getting a good picture while wearing my finished socks. You did a great job though. 🙂

  4. I agree with you on having hard time taking a good picture of the socks. I’ll be waiting for you tutorial while admiring your beautiful socks!

  5. I have yet to succumb to jaywalkers. Mebbe b/c I am not a huge fan of most self-striping yarns, even for socks, and that’s what works best with that pattern. I think I’m the last knitter on the planet not to make them! Still, yours are lovely.

    I’m with you on the taking sock pictures thing. The best sock picture I’ve taken of my own feet looks like I’ve got two lefties!

    I also have the startitis itch but BAD. I think it’s the fall weather coming and making me want a whole bunch of new sweaters 🙂

  6. I haven’t yet done the Jaywalkers. I’ve heard that people either love to knit them or they hate to knit them. The Colleen pattern is nice. I like the design on the instep.

  7. I love having yarn and pattern in a bag ready to grab on the way out the door! I’d also love to get a place in how to photograph your own feet class.

  8. Looks like you’ve picked up the sock-blogging torch from me, just as I laid it down.

  9. Oh yes a tute on how to take socks photos whilst wearing them would be well received in these parts! Glad to see your feet will be cosy this autumn.

  10. Okay, so I’ve heard the Jaywalker pattern is stretchy. Is that the case? I want to make them, but I’m still on the fence.

  11. Lovely socks. I knitted the Jaywalker too & had a little problem with the colors pooling. Like you, I like the pattern but have not given it another go – maybe I should.

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