Things I have done this week:

  1. Taught the first week of classes and (very very possibly) confused the ever living heck out of my students.
  2. Fallen upon my Silk Garden Sock with love and devotion. (Sock pattern post to follow).
  3. Contemplated the fact that there are now merely 5 weeks left until Rhinebeck, and yet my supposed ‘Rhinebeck sweater’ is still only complete as far as the right front piece, and that only up to the armhole.
  4. Contemplated how much I wish it was Rhinebeck right now.
  5. Contemplated the fact that I will be attending a perfectly good local knitter’s festival this weekend, and maybe should try not to kill entire fall yarn budget in one fell swoop.
  6. Recognized that #5 may in fact be futile.

Things I have not done this week:

  1. Photographed my finished ‘Hourglass’ sweater. I need to wrangle my photographer. (Apparently her excuse is something called a “job”, psh).
  2. Finished reading Jane Eyre. It is currently the only thing keeping me from reading The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde, despite the fact that I have in fact read all three sequels to The Eyre Affair.
  3. Swatched or cast-on for the eleventy-million other things I’d like to knit. I feel this shows remarkable self-restraint.

How’s your week been? No matter what, I hope your weekend is even better.


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  2. I just went to the Tall Ships regatta ( ) and went on board one of them. Very exciting! I have not yet finished writing the research proposal for another application, but I have a thesis abstract. The end is approaching for the dissertation (please release me!). I’m making good progress on mr beest’s cardigan and my socks. Mr beest is away for the weekend 😦 We need 25 hour days and 8 day weeks…

  3. Ah, confusing students is what that first week is all about. And then you spend the rest of the term explaining it all to them. 🙂

    I think I may have frightened one class a little by my extreme enthusiasm for the material — I’m teaching a course I’ve just made up, centering on the poetry I love best, and focussing on several of the broad topics that inform my dissertation. So I’m, like, totally hyper in the class…

  4. Thanks for asking! Moving very forward on log cabin development. Having declared the individual cabins FINITO, I am joining them with green (yellow) space to make neighborhoods…

  5. Thanks for asking! I’ve survived the first 2 weeks of school, and even marked my first set of tests. I’ve made a great start on my Bonnie body piece, and bought a lap top (must get kids using the “childrens” computer though).

    I’m itching to buy more wool, and trying to not look at tempting sheepy-wooly family farm websites…

  6. Oh Silk Garden sock – can’t wait to see.

    My week has been long but now it is holiday time :o)

  7. I finished my Shetland Triangle Shawl but haven’t taken pictures of it yet. I bought the Name of the Rose yesterday so I can start reading. I have two ‘almost’ FOs that I need to finish and I’ll be casting on for my Linden sweater any day now. 🙂

  8. Hope to see you there tomorrow – I’ve already abandoned all hope of a yarn budget. Just don’t come between me and Malabrigo!

  9. So glad to catch your postings. I know you are busy, but they so brighten my day. Have a lovey and knit filled weekend.

  10. I’m going to Rhinebeck too! Speaking as a Londoner, that’s about as life can possibly be. I booked my flights the other day. And I just read The Eyre Affair – I really loved it. I think I need to read th sequels too – in fact, that might make good aeroplane reading.

  11. I lurves the Jasper Fforde novels.

    I can’t wait for Rhinebeck either if that helps 😉 I’m a tad further along on my sweater for it though.

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