O hay, I got yarnz

I learned two things today:

1. I am powerless over yarn (well OK, I knew that one already), and
2. Purple and teal green have a very strong hold on my yarn-buying.


From the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair, yea verily, I returned with:

Wellington Fibres mohair/wool for some beautiful lace (they were new to me, and I think I will make them a permanent stop at my next such Ontario knitting event);
Indigo Moon and more Malabrigo Sock from The Purple Purl (It was on sale, ON SALE I tells ya);
A 750-yd and 380-yd skein of hand-dyed fingering weight from The Sweet Sheep. Michelle has quite brilliantly started doing up her fingering-weight yarn in long 750-800 yd skeins so that you can get a big shawl out of only one skein, and never need to change a ball or weave in ends. I am looking forward to casting on with that one soon.

I’ll be sure to hop on and post more fun pictures from the day later on in the weekend – tonight I’m going to hunker down under our rainy hurricane remnants (stay dry, those of you in its path!), and have some knitting play time with the sis. Happy Saturday!


  1. I knew I’d miss something! I totally blew by the Sweet Sheep! Yarn it All!

  2. more malabrigo sock? and it was on sale? dude, i would pay extra for that crack, i mean yarn!


  3. Purple and teal are excellent colours to be stuck on, in my humble opinion

  4. kateohkatie · ·

    Hey! Those are my colors to be obsessed with! 😀 I agree with crudmonkey, though–they’re a fine obsession 🙂

  5. Yum! Very beautiful collection, there.

  6. Nice Haul! I was wondering who got the sock skein in Joker…so glad to see it was you!

  7. those colors sure are gorgeous though.

  8. Not only are those great colours (but hey, I’m biased!) but I’m considering having kids just so I can give my first-born for more of that Malabrigo Sock…..YUMMY!

  9. So purty!! I’m really feeling teal this fall, as well. Such an amazing colour.

  10. Totally awesome yarnz!

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