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There’s not much I can say about the Hourglass Sweater (from Last Minute Knitted Gifts) that hasn’t already been said. It’s simple, comfortable, and surely destined to become a wardrobe staple. After the usual Finished Object hemming-and-hawing, I’m pleased with mine:


Pattern: Hourglass Pullover from ‘Last Minute Knitted Gifts’ by Joelle Hoverson
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted (in ‘holly hock’); I alternated skeins every 3 rows to prevent any pooling from the semi-solid kettle-dyed skeins
Needles: 4.5 mm circulars.
Size: Between the 37″ and 41″. I aimed for 39″ based on my gauge swatch (aw, lookit, I even swatched like a good knitter should…) and this worked out well.

Modifications: Although this is a fairly uncomplicated pattern and could use a variety of ubiquitous yarns, it is also a pattern that rewards attention to your own body shape. If I’d made the pattern exactly as written, it would have been too short and sat too high on my hips. As I often do, I added an inch in length before and after waist shaping to get the shape to match mine more evenly.

The other key ‘fit’ issue is the shoulders. A very brief search on Ravelry will turn up no shortage of finished Hourglass sweaters whose necklines turned out too wide. My sister warned me about this possibility as well, as she had made this piece last winter, so I took this to heart and worked a few more raglan decreases along the yoke. I also spaced out a few of the decreases 2 rows apart instead of just 1 row apart, since my row gauge was coming out a bit tighter than what the pattern intended (this is so rare for me as to be almost unbelievable, usually I have looser row gauge than whatever the pattern wants).

However, in the larger sizes it seems as though the opposite approach is required – that working a few decreases more often would result in a better fit. So, your mileage may vary.


In the book this is identified as a ‘More than twelve hours’ project, which I would laughingly label an “understatement”. Although it is a fairly quick knit as far as sweaters are concerned, it’d have a hard time fitting this into a weekend. All in all I think I even managed the bulk of the work in about 2.5 weeks, but then was stalled at the end by going away on a trip and then getting side-tracked. The finishing is quite minimal as it is worked all in the round, so once you’ve done the knitting, all that remains is a bit of sewing up hems and the underarms.

This is going to be my ‘backup’ Rhinebeck sweater in case of disappointment with my intended Rhinebeck project. I’ll get to that one next post!


  1. barefootrooster · ·

    this is one of the prettiest hourglass sweaters i’ve seen. may need to move this up the queue! the fit looks perfect, and the color is lovely. yay!

  2. Oh Glenna, what a beautiful hourglass! Perfect fit (it looks fantastic on you)! Another great winner, folks. Seriously, it looks like a sweater to live in, comfy with great fit and we know how soft it is knit with Malabrigo.

  3. It looks fantastic on you! I love the color…. I’ve been remiss lately on my sweater knitting. Time to get busy!

  4. Lovely color, and it looks great on you! Don’t you love Malabrigo?

  5. kateohkatie · ·

    Beautiful! And the fit is fantastic!

  6. It’s gorgeous and I love the colour that you’ve picked for it.

  7. That looks lovely! The yarn is gorgeous too.

  8. Its fab, the fit is perfect with your modifications.

  9. Very pretty – the alterations to the pattern made it fit so well!

  10. That Hollyhock colourway is so pretty! As far as ‘back up’ sweaters go, that one is more than qualified. And good tip on the waist shaping.

  11. This is beautiful – the fit is just right, and the yarn you used is scrumptious! :0)

  12. So pretty! A classic. And wow, a BACKUP Rhinebeck sweater?!?

  13. That sweater’s too beautiful for Marlena to wear! Just kidding — had to keep up the Days theme. It looks so warm and cozy, and your mods look great.

  14. Oh fantastic! I love that. I do have to agree with you. Who can knit a sweater in a weekend?

  15. Not very original of me, but I have to agree with everyone. The sweater is beautiful–I love that colorway! And it fits you so well!

  16. It’s gorgeous & fits you so perfectly. Love the colors too. 2.5 weeks is considered fast by my standards.

  17. It’s lovely. I have looked at this pattern often, but it’s not right for me. On you, it looks fabulous!!!

  18. Very, very nice – your mods made it perfect! And thanks for sharing your ideas for the neckline – I think my main concern when I’ve seen it done before is that the neck is too wide…

  19. Looks great! I love that color on you!

  20. ANOTHER great fit hence another great sweater in your lift of FO’s! Congratulations!

  21. She’s a beaut! How many skeins did you have to use?

  22. Another winner! It looks great on you. 🙂 A great “everyday” sweater with lots of style.

  23. It looks really great on you. 🙂 Seems to be a perfect fit!! Love the colour, too.

  24. Fabulous!! Marianne sent me over here, since I’m ruminating on this sweater. I think you convinced me. I just knit a sweater (my first) in Malabrigo worsted, so I would likely choose something different, but I do love how yours turned out in the Malabrigo.

  25. It’s beautiful.

  26. I am also long-waisted and the sweater is great on you! I want to try the sweater out and was hoping you could give me a little info on the fit, since yours is so perfect–I have exactly a 37 inch bust. Should I make the small (37 inch bust) or go up a size to medium (41 inch bust). Does this pattern run small, large, or just right? Thanks!

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