Shiver me timbers

(The internets tell me today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yarr, mateys).

I’ve been having one of those weeks where I want to knit everything. Like, everything. Only willpower is standing between me and casting on for three more sweaters, two shawls, and four pairs of socks right this very minute. It’s that sort of must-knit-must-knit sensation where I’ve even been looking at knitting books before bedtime, or in the morning, as if just by reading the knitting patterns they will somehow magically start to knit themselves.

Part of this comes from the stash reckoning I did last Sunday, post-Knitter’s-Fair-purchasing, wherein I recognized just how many sweaters I could knit with the yarn I currently own (I did not count the actual number, I thought it was best not to reveal such things in polite company, even if said company is the yarn itself), and how many pairs of socks I could make…and then I felt a little bit dizzy and had to restrain myself from falling on the yarn with patterns and needles and starting everything right away.

This is also partly due to the sudden realization that my trip to Rhinebeck is only a month away, which gives me only a month to finish my ‘Rhinebeck sweater’. Risa is making good speed on a beautiful ‘Town and Country’ from A Fine Fleece, causing me to go back and re-read my copy and start thinking things like “sure I could start a Fylingdales cardigan, I could have that done AND do my Rhinebeck sweater in a month…” And then there are the seven skeins of beautiful red wool I got last year from Wild Apple Farms, which is the only yarn I haven’t knitted up from last year’s purchases, and which I was convinced I would have knitted up into a new Twist by now. (“Maybe I could have that done too…and the Fylingdales…and…um…”)


But my first commitment, it must be said, remains with the Cabled Swing Cardi. The pattern is by Norah Gaughan from The Knitter’s Book of Yarn, and is one of the ones I coveted as soon as I got my copy of the book. I’m working on it in the suggested yarn, Berrocco Ultra Alpaca, purchased on sale from the WEBS spring sale back in April. The colour is Lobster Mix, and while it turned out to be a more chocolatey-brown colour than the deep purple I thought it was going to be, it’s still absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to finish. So far, I’ve done only the right front piece (above), although this also happens to be the piece which requires the most thinking, so that’s got to be worth something, right? I’m still enjoying the yarn, and the pattern isn’t causing me any problems, it’s just gotten sidelined by other things and it’s time to give it some good solid quality time.

So I’d like to at least have this done by Rhinebeck, and preferably not have to walk around with just one front piece pinned to my t-shirt…Though Elspeth has sagely pointed out that this would still, at the very least, make me recognizable. In an ideal world, all Rhinebeck-goers set knitting goals, complete them before the festival, AND arrive at the festival to find perfect weather appropriate for the wearing of the knitted items. Is it wrong to hope for all three? I think I can do it. I just have to actually, um…knit it. Yes.

Happy Friday!


  1. that color of purple is beautiful!!!

  2. What a swoony color! Lurve.

  3. I’m amazed at how almost paralyzing my overwhelming sensation to knit everything right now can be. I just can’t seem to knit fast enough!

  4. I did some “stash reckoning” on Wednesday including a foray into the checking account to tally it all. Scary, scary day! Time to diet!!

    I really enjoy your blog and your knitting is lovely–esp the Malabrigo sweater you just finished!

  5. I’m going to encourage you to forget all of the other yarns and patterns beckoning you, because I can’t wait to see this one finished. I have it on my to-knit list too, and there aren’t many finished versions of this on Ravelry. Just keep thinking of Rhinebeck.

  6. Funny, I’m the same way about wanting to knit everything right now – and today I got my copy of the new Mason Dixon book, and, well, let’s just say it hasn’t helped…

    love your sweater!

  7. That’s so lovely – one of my favs too.

    It doesn’t look chocolately brown at all in your pic – must be one of those shades that looks different depending on lighting, etc.

    now get it done – I saw ple outside today wearing turtleneck sweaters (I’m still in short sleeves and sandals)

  8. You are inspiring! I am just finishing a sweater I started five years ago. But first, I had to lose 10 pounds!

  9. I love weeks like that!
    My urges haven’t risen to the several socks-sweaters-shawls level, but I’m being pulled in a few different desire-directions right now!
    I love the progress on your photoed knit. (once again, the colour is lovely).
    Have fun at Rhinebeck!

  10. You get way more sweaters done than I do! Way more knitting, in fact. Ah, to be single (not that I’m saying I don’t like my life, b/c that’s not true).
    And oh, to be going to Rhinebeck! One day, maybe I will.

  11. What beautiful cables!

  12. Stunning. I can’t wait to see it finished.

  13. Lovely cables on this sweater. You’ll be happy to know I’ve finally joined the ranks of Those In The Know….I have very nearly conquered my fear of Cables Without A Cable Needle. I cast on a Koolhaas for a friend’s Christmas present and got a quarter of the way into the first real round and thought, “this is insane!” (especially if I’m taking this on the bus!) I gave it a try and it’s worked out okay. I take the stitched off the needle long enough to swap them and then I work them in the new position. Brilliant! Of course this has led to cable madness! I cast on the Estes Vest last night. Cable needle be damned! Okay, except for the horseshoe cable, I’m still using it for that part…but otherwise…I’m a maverick!

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