Hay is for horses

Hey there folks – where is the time going these days? How is it possible that in a mere two days, October will be upon us? I’m all conflicted about that. On the one hand, I love fall and I love cool weather that allows me to wear my knitted things, and I love that October will bring some travels to NYC and the Rhinebeck wool festival…but on the other hand, time always does tend to pass by faster than you think it should. This whole last year I think the only month that appeared to go by “slowly” was July, and now I have very little recollection of what I actually did in that month.

As far as what I’ve done this past month, well, I have indeed made some good progress on the Cabled Swing Cardi. The chocolatey Berrocco Ultra Alpaca is lovely and soft and heathery…


…however it is possible the alpaca content is not the best idea ever for my hands. Yesterday afternoon suddenly my right hand started to cramp up while in the clasping position, and then this morning the same thing happened when I was turning the shower knobs. Not a huge setback yet, there are still 3 weeks left to go until the Rhinebeck deadline of course….But still, one never does want to be plagued by injury. Here’s hoping a few days of ibuprofen and stretching and 100% wool knits only will do the trick.

In other news, in between agonizing over how best to convince my students that ideas are actually important and do in fact matter a great deal in our every day lives, I’ve started to fall a bit behind and have a couple of book reviews to catch up on. I also have some catching up to do on blogging and passing on good will. Marie at Sel & Poivre and Froggie girl at The Crafty Frog have ever so kindly nominated me for blogger awards, and I was extremely touched.

In the rules of this game, one generally does the “pass it on” thing and nominates more bloggers…I always have such a hard time with that because I feel guilty for excluding people at the expense of others. Y’all know I have my fantabulous sister who also knits and whose blog I think is awesome, and I regularly try to keep my Blogroll (down there at the bottom right) updated with the bloggers I read on a regular basis, and I often link to my knitting friends around these parts who I think are the bee’s knees. Please visit them and know that if I was passing out blog awards, these folks would be the first I would turn to.

When it comes right down to it I think anybody who writes a blog, a knitting blog or cooking blog or whatever-you-are-most-passionate-about blog, is doing something that is not without significance. It takes time, energy, and thought to write a blog, any blog, whether you’re posting every day or every month. I have a lot of respect for anyone who does it, and having this blog right here has been an important experience for me. I could write blog posts while I was working on my thesis and remind myself that writing things down and thinking thoughts was not always going to be an agonizing experience, just as one example, and yanno, that’s not nothing. Reading others’ blogs always reminds me that we are not just our knitting, we are people who find knitting very important, and our blogs are always some very small window on what that means in our lives.

Ever since Ravelry came on the scene a year and a half ago or so, there has been a lot of speculation in the Knitblog world about whether Ravelry would take the place of blogging. And I think there’s some truth to that only if you value Knitblogging for pictures and Finished Object specs and yarn information. But for me Knitblogging is more than just an archive of information; it is a different medium for sharing ideas and expressing ourselves and figuring out who we are as people who identify so strongly as Knitters. I mean, we haven’t abandoned newspapers, magazines, or novels, merely because Google has become such a big part of our lives, you know?

Anyway, if you’re a blogger, cheers to you. Me and my yarn stash salute you.

With that, i’d better get some lunch and continue sorting out my day and the rest of my week…Onwards to October! I sense great things in October, don’t you think? What’s on your knitting plans for October?


  1. What wonderful warm thoughts for all us bloggers. I love the blogs much more than ravelry. Yea blogs! Yea Bloggers!

  2. Totally agree! I take so much life inspiration from blogs.

  3. I agree as well. We share so much more information through blogging and get to know the person behind the blog. Your swing cardi is looking fab!

  4. Speedy recovery from your knitting injury! The sweater is looking beautiful so far. My right hand developed a bit of “knitter’s claw” this weekend from too much knitting with angora. I hadn’t realized that it isn’t that stretchy!

    I’m feeling the blog love here, hooray! I like reading others’ musings and thoughts on their blogs — it seems like a more creative space to me.

  5. So sorry to hear the alpaca is messin’ with you! That sure is some gorgeous knitting there.
    I’m still wishing for cooler temps, they’ve gotten better… it’s 84F at the moment :^)

  6. That yarn is a beautiful colour! I hope you heal in time to finish it. From a totally selfish point of view, I really want to see what this cardi looks like on a real person. (but I want you to have pretties to wear at Rhinebeck too!)

  7. My knitting plans for October? Knitting. Anything. Just so long as I’m knitting. πŸ˜‰

    Oh. And a… wossname. Convention? Sale? in a big warehouse in the Danish city Kolding, in the end of October. I’m going with a few fellow Danish ravelers (hopefully!) – Danish brands are being sold for low prices, at least that’s what I hear. πŸ˜› They have a delightful Shetland wool, alpaca and silk lace yarns, and so much more yummy stuff… Can’t wait to go!!

  8. Hear, hear!
    I like Ravelry fine, but I don’t see it as a replacement for blogging at all. In fact, right now it’s a good time-killer while I’m nursing and can’t do much besides navigate the mouse.

    Sorry about the hand issues. Have you tried different needles? I find that Addi turbos (the regular kind, not the lace kind) often give me problems.

    My knitting plans for October: finish my last sweater for AFA, lace shawl for my mom’s birthday, and a sweater for me. Seems a tad ambitious…

  9. I love scouting Ravelry for inspiring FOs that I may have overlooked, but I still infintely prefer blogs. It hink people are a lot more detailed about their projects on the blogs, includig how they made their mods, not just that they ‘made some mods on the neckline’, etc.

    I hope your hands are feeling better! I’ve recently started a gigantic men’s sweater, and it’s been rough on my wrists… I think it’s the weight.

  10. You know, this post makes me feel better about not being able to stick to just knitting in my blog, or even mostly knitting. I love blogging. I also love knitting. But my knitting hands can’t keep up with my typing hands (ha! I switch out my two hands every time I switch activities?? I hope my meaning is sort of clear), and my typing hands can barely keep up with my blog topic ideas. I just like writing, I guess.

    Wow, what are my knitting plans for October? Finish a sweater! And a cowl. So that I’ll be ready for November. And what other cold that comes my way. I think I can finish a sweater in the next two weeks. I wonder what I’ll do after that. Mittens? More socks? I’d really love to keep knitting sweaters… don’t have any more sweater-quantities of yarn though. 😦

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