From my stash to yours

I love birthdays and parties and celebrations in general, and yet I have somehow managed to always miss my blog anniversary – I’ve let two go by now without recognition, so it’s time for another approach. This post marks my 300th. 300 posts of me rambling about knitting, my universe, and everything. And somehow my ramblings have been diverting enough for other people to read them, so in celebration of #300 I have 3 wee yarn giveaways for you. I’ve tossed my stash and pulled a few things to part with, but which are good enough for you, the fine knitters of the blogosphere.


You, yes you, could be the new owner of:
1 skein ‘Tofutsies’ sock yarn, in a lovely rich pink shade; or, 1 skein ‘Socks That Rock’ in Jailhouse Rock; or, 3 skeins of Misti Alpaca laceweight (that’s 1200 yards of laceweight alpaca – in a pale purple shade which looks a bit darker here than it actually is. My sister did her Icarus shawl with this shade.).

One of these fine prizes could be yours! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me which one of these yarns you have your eye on, and answer a question: If time, money, and skill did not limit you, what would be your ultimate dream knit? The pattern or knitted concept that you have been secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) been yearning to make, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Let’s see your inspiration! I’ll accept comments until noon on Friday of this week. Then I will draw names randomly and award the yarns to their happy new homes.

In other news, the Cabled Swing Cardi is finished and blocking/drying, and the shawl inches ever closer to being finished. There are only 10 days until Rhinebeck and I can’t wait!


  1. First comment! Go me!

    I covet the StR since I (GASP!!) have never knit with it. It looks scrumptious. As for my great knit? Katharine Howard (I have the yarn and oh, a third of the back done) seems an obvious choice, but also I once saw a knit brocade jacket at the V&A in London and wow, someday? I will make one. At 40 stitches over four inches.

  2. Hmm – that is a tough one! I’d have to say the STR – I’ve been itching for a chevron scarf! 🙂

    As for a dream knit, I’d love a cashmere blend sweater – something big, a bit oversized and cabley – something to really cuddle up with on the cold winter days to come!

  3. Happy 300th. I missed my blogiversary, too.

    My dream knit would be a jacket, maybe one in the Best of Knitters Jackets. Being able to buy a sweater’s worth of yarn is usually just a dream. Fortunately I really enjoy knitting socks, shawls, and mittens. If I were to choose a yarn from the photo, I would choose the STR. or maybe the Misti Alpaca. No, I would choose the STR. I think.

  4. Georgiana · ·

    Ooooh… tough call. I think I’d go for the Misti Alpaca, because I need more big projects like I need more holes in my head. Along the same lines, my dream knit would be Alice Starmore’s Fulmar. Someday. Really.

  5. Happy 300th post! My dream FO would be a black and white Dale Setesdal henley sweater, complete with colorful ribbon trim and pewter clasps. But I don’t think I would enjoy the knitting! So my dream knit would be the cozy, tweedy moss-stitch cabled jacket in the new Debbie Bliss magazine.

    STR, btw.

  6. Congratulations on 300!

    I’d love any — but oh, that alpaca looks gorgeous.

    I would love to make a Dale of Norway Olympic sweater… I wonder if they’ll be doing a Vancouver pattern? That just occurred to me… oooh…
    Also, in an alternate universe in which I’d have some reason to own such a thing, an Irish Wedding Shawl, one of those fantastically fragile and beautiful expanses of lace.

  7. Oooh, how nice! If I could have one of those it would the the StR–I’ve never actually knit with it either, but I think it’s an experience everyone should have.

    If I could knit ANYTHING, it would Marta McCall’s Weekend Getaway Satchel, from some issue of IK (I have the pattern in the Best of Interweave book). That thing is freaking huge, it calls for like 30 balls of yarn, and it’s a lot of intarsia which I’m not very good at. Plus, I would want to change the felted handles to leather ones, plus sew in a lining, so it would take forever as well as requiring a bunch of skills I just don’t have. But it is just so beautiful!

  8. I’m not going to enter the contest, as I can’t get around to doing the knitting I have already, but wanted to say yay for your 300th! 😀

  9. The Socks that Rock!

    If I had a ton of money, and no limits on my knitting time, I would knit one of the Bohus Stickning kits, or a full-on Alice Starmore. I love colorwork–I just never have the time!

  10. Happy Anniversary! I usually remember mine a week or two late.

    My dream project would be a soft squishy bedspread in a very chunky pale blue merino all cabled up and backed with flannel. I know, I would ROAST under there, but I would look so snuggly and chic.

    I think any of those three yarns would be fun to knit up. If I had to choose, I guess I’d pick the STR, because it would be the hardest to acquire.

  11. I want that STR because my dream knit would be (if money were no object) to knit a pair of socks with every color of STR. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

  12. Oh the STR looks great 🙂 My most wanted to make is the Rivendale sock or Loskins, both look really involved and crazy complicated.

  13. My dream project would be Lyra- the most complicated pattern I have ever seen, but oh my goodness it is beautiful! That one will have to wait until my kids are a bit older however. I can see myself losing my place much to quickly now. hehe

    I think that I would be all over the Misty Alpaca. so pretty!


  14. Happy anniversary! Seriously, they all look lovely…. so my eye is on them all! 😉

    I’d have to say I’ve been contemplating two things… embracing socks in my knitting line-up (haven’t done that yet) or this pattern (, which for some reason intimidates me.

  15. I’d love the Misti Alpaca–their chunky yarn is one of my very favorite things to work with, and I am just discovering the joys and terrors and addictive nature of lace.

    My dream knit is those crazy entrelac argyle knee socks the Yarn Harlot posted a picture of last night. We wants them, precious!

  16. I would love to have the time, patience, and skill to knit the Fiddlesticks Peacock Feathers shawl. (I had my eye on it long before the Harlot made it. 🙂

    Since I have enough unknit laceweight in my stash, however, I would like the STR, please…

    P.S. You don’t specifiy the shade of the Misti Alpaca. It looks like a royal blue… is that correct?

  17. barefootrooster · ·

    ooh. the STR — I haven’t tried it. I’m working on cultivating a sock obsession, so the first thing that comes to mind is 2 at a time, toe up socks (both skills/approaches i haven’t attempted yet…) in the land of big knitterly dreams, demi. looks scary, but oh-so-awesome.

  18. STR…I’ve never tried it either! Gosh. I have so many knits on my dream list. One would be to do the Central Park Hoodie in different variations with different celtic cables on each. I want to do each one in different yarns I’ve been itching to try like Beaverslide, Blackwater Abbey, and Peace Fleece. My other dream knit would be a gorgeous colorwork sweater or shawl or to learn to crochet (again) and do a colorful granny square afghan. I guess I can’t pick just one. :o)

  19. Gosh that STR is gorgeous! If I had world enough and time, I would totally knit that cabled riding jacket from Teva Durham’s first book. As it is, though, stockinette in the round seems all my brain can handle right now! Happy blogversary!

  20. Seems like there is a big interest for the StR, so I’ll go for the Misti Alpaca. 🙂
    I have never knitted with any of the yarns you show.
    My dream project is the Great American Aran Afghan… I think it looks so interesting to make. And then I have a dream of knitting with multiple colours. That is one of the last things I have yet to learn when talking about knitting…

  21. Oooh, tough decisions all round! I think I would choose any of the three, but probably the Tofutsies or the Misti Alpaca, if I was forced to pick just one. :0)

    My dream project would be either a cashmere, lace wrap (no particular pattern, but actual lace is still very intimidating to me, and cashmere is far out of my budget), or a Shetland, cabled sweater, very complicated and lovely.

  22. mariajhmom · ·

    I do love STR, but the Alpaca would be heavenly too! I’d love to make a mitered jacked out of sock yarns. That wouldn’t take long, would it???

  23. Happy 300 post!
    Definitely the Misti Alpaca lace weight ;^)

    Some kind of dream knit,eh? time nor money limited… hmmmmm….. ok…. designing and knitting a fantastic colourwork sweater… that’d be one and here’s another project, just for fun, since it’s chilly and damp today and has me thinking of Winter… some long underwear, top and bottoms, using buffalo down fibre (or maybe quivet!) that I’d spin first and then knit into said items. LOL! (but seriously, wouldn’t that feel wonderful?)

  24. I love the look of that Misti Alpaca!

    My dream knit would probably be either some crazy, allover-textured cotton bedspread that’s a masterpiece of detail….or an intricately-done colorwork sweater that’s…also a masterpiece of detail. Something with Kauni. 😀

  25. Oooh, that Misti Alpaca looks scrumptious.
    If I had oodles of money, time, and skill, I’d love to knit the Bespoke jacket from No Sheep for You.

  26. Poor Tofutsies! I’ll take you home and give you lots of company.

    I have been obsessed by mohair lately even though I have used it very little but I want to knit the chunky ruffled sweater in Custom Knits in Kidsilk Haze. Right.

  27. I would like the STR please, since I have never knit with it In fact, don’t even know where to buy it locally. My dream knit would be to become so adept at intarsia that I could design and knit a sweater to duplicate the woods in autumn. All those colours intertwining with each other.

  28. Congrats on your 300th post! I’ve love the Misti Alpaca. There’s so much out there that I haven’t really found my dream knit yet but I’d love to knit the Tilted Duster soon.

  29. As I have never tried “Socks That Rock”, I would choose that one please!
    AS for my ultimate knit, I would have to go with a very fine, 100% cashmere throw!!

  30. I like that Socks that Rock. I would make the Forest Path Stole from an old interweave in laceweight cashmere if I could get my head around lace entrelac.

    I saw one done in Kidsilk Haze and it was beautiful.

  31. Mmm, STR.

    My dream project? I actually have two: a fair isle cardigan and a gansey pullover, both of which in a perfect universe I would design myself. I’m fascinated by the histories of both styles, and the meanings that can be conveyed by the designs, and I would love to someday put my own together from the yarn on up. (I’ll do it. Eventually. Baby steps!)

  32. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC · ·

    Congratulations, and many thanks for 300 posts! We love to hear about your world!! The STR is my favorite, but I mostly just wanted to say, “Hooray!”

  33. Congrats on 300 posts! How sweet of you to have a give-away. If time and money was no object, I think I would go for a Bohus sweater…either Blue Shimmer or Wild Apple. Or, a Mermaid by Hanne Falkenberg. But, I’ll settle for the STR 😉

  34. Hi Glenna,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Love your blog!

    I’d go for the STR as I’m having a love affair with socks these days despite only having made two pairs ever so far. Ah heck, even the tofutsies (I’m stashbusting, so no buying for me)

    Now for the complicated pattern – I’d go with Iceland from Rowan 42 right now cause I don’t know how to get the pattern, nor do I think it would quite work for me (darn chunky knits but I also think it would be too hot) but I love the shape of the sweater. Second place wold be that knee high sock pattern in the latest Knitty, but I’d have to heavily mod it for my calves! That two colour stuff is nutty.

  35. Misti Alpaca please. My current dream knit would be Fletcher Jacket using the Noro Iro. It is currently the most expensive project in “wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make that” queue. Oh, and happy blogiversary!

  36. Oh I would want the socks that rock–I have always wanted to use it.

    If I couldn’t knit anything regardless of time, yarn, or money (or skill!) I would knit the lady eleanor stole! with something wonderful like Seasilk…but in the right weight…ah…

  37. Wow, fun contest!
    I would totally go for the Misti, because, well, I can never have too much laceweight alpaca. It’s good stuff.

    Your other question is hard. I think being unlimited by budget is most inspiring to me (as time can eventually be found for anything, it just takes longer to finish, and skills can be learned and developed). If I had an unlimited budget, I think I’d knit a long belted cardigan out of a really high-end luxury fibre. Qiviut, or cashmere, or the finely spun fur of fluffy kittens. Something really over-the-top luxurious. And then I would live in it.

  38. That alpaca is gorgeous! My lace stash is sooo small at the moment.

    My dream knit is a Bohus sweater – I’m a little too cheap to spring for the kit, and I dare not think of how long it would take me to finish. One of these days..

  39. Happy 300th post!

    I think I’d pick the Misti Alpaca, but they are all pretty. Picking my dream knit is difficult as I usually don’t dream that big, just what I’d like to make next. Currently I’m looking forward to making Hanna by Cocoknits. I have dreams of someday making cables or socks, but they are far off dreams. I guess the biggest dream would be to make knits for my own baby, but I’m still looking for the right man to have that baby with and the biological clock is almost done ticking!

  40. I am secretly longing to create a sweater that hasn’t been frogged in any of its parts, that I knit by way of that freaky, machine-like Irish Cottage Knitting method from yarn I spun from my own sheep. First order of business: obtain sheep and learn to spin.

  41. Happy 300th! I have a LOT of “yearning-to-knit” projects. One is a lace shawl. I’m either scared of tiny yarn or hundreds of stitches on the needles or of taking up time wherein I could be knitting more really warm things. Your choice, really. I also want to try Fair Isle and other stranded colourwork knitting — sweaters and mittens and vests, ohmy! Also worried about the time it might take.

    I’ll go straight for the cables before I touch lace and colourwork. Even super complicated cables. Huh.

    Anyway, I have my eye on that Misti Alpaca. Might as well try and actually knit lace someday.

  42. Congrats on 300 posts!

    I love the STR. Such gorgeous colours.

    I think my dream knit right now is Autumn Rose. I think it’s amazingly gorgeous but my fair isle skills just aren’t up there yet. Also, I have yet to make a properly fitting sweater and I’d really hate to put all that effort into something that didn’t fit right.

  43. I have never knit with STR, but you rave about it, so I would love to give it a go!

    I think if I could knit anything I would love a huge cozy afghan knit in something soft and delicious like Karabella’s cashmere/merino blend or malabrigo. We’re talking something really big too like comforter king size. I would like the blanket to amply cover both me and my sweetie AND have plenty of room for my kitty to crawl on both of us and pull at the stitches. Definitely something big enough to wrap up in when the days are snowy and you just have a good book and cocoa or a nice long movie.

    Happy Birthday, Blog!

  44. Happy 300!

    That ole Venezia which you made with gay abandon is my dream knit and if someone else were buying the yarn a Lizard Ridge afghan would tickle my fancy – mind you they’d have to pay for me to have a sabbatical as well.

    The STR catches my eye the most.

  45. My dream knit would be a bedspread either in colour work or cables, for every bed in the house! I like the Misti yarn 🙂
    Happy 300th!

  46. Happy 300th post! 🙂 Mine is coming up too, I think…

    If nothing held me back, well… Hmm. It’s a difficult question. I have a lot of different things I’d love to make sometime (like the Central Park Hoodie) but most things I never get around to because it either takes a lot of yarn that I can’t afford, or I know I’ll just never finish.

    With no restraints, though, I think my choice would be the Bubble Pullover by Norah Gaughan in something like Malabrigo. Dream project…! Soft and fluffy and brightly coloured and perfect! 🙂

    (As for the yarn, I’d prefer the Misti, but if someone already grabbed that before me, the STR would do just fine! 😉 I’ve never tried it before..)

  47. If I have the patience and time and skill I’d be knitting an heirloom lace bedspread. Or a huge qiviut shawl.
    Hmm tough choice, but I think I’ll go with STR.

  48. Definitely the Misti Alpaca – I’m on a lace-coveting kick right now!

    Dream project would be the Henry VIII sweater from Alice Starmore’s Tudor Roses. Everytime I think “Now I’ll get to THAT project”, I take a big gulp as I think about the time committment and then usually cast on for a wimp-out pair of socks or something small. Sigh. Someday.

  49. Congratulations! If money, time and skill were not an issue I would love to spin fleece from my own sheep into enough yarn to make an intricately cabled Aran sweater. If time was not an issue I would love to sit down and knit on anything for a whole evening but with 4 kids 8 and under that is as much ‘pie in the sky’ as my first dream! Hee hee! I have never knit with STR and would love to make myself a pair one day! R

  50. My dream project would be socks. I have taken a class, can’t seem to get the idea of how to make them but am still trying. The first attempt was by magic loop and they were huge. Now am trying double points and hopefully will have something to show. Thus I would be looking at Socks that Rock.

  51. Richelle · ·

    I don’t have just ONE project in mind. My dream is to have the time to knit every day, all day. I know it’s unrealistic but you did say to dream……

    Since my feet are always cold – STR.

  52. I love the Alpaca. I have been wanting to knit a fan and feather lace shawl.

  53. I like the STR, because I knit socks all the time.

    As for a knit dream: maybe some intricate lacy shawl like the Icarus.

    Congratulations on your blog! Now go celebrate… Cheers!

  54. With unlimited time and money (and patience), I’d like to knit a big comfy sweater-coat with lots and lots of cables. And all that yarn is beautiful but I love the colours of the STR. Like everyone else. I sense a theme 😉

    Happy 300th!

  55. Congratulations on your 300th post! I really like the Misti Alpaca but that might just be because I’m on a lace kick right now. Speaking of lace, my dream project would be a wedding ring shawl full of intricate designs and knit out of my own handspun. I think that one might be aiming a little high 😉

  56. Oh I love Tofutsies! I also love your question on the ultimate dream knit – I’ve never thought about it before but still I knew right away – Cabled Riding Jacket by Teva Durham from Loop d Loop – I’ve been haunted by it ever since catching a peek of it at the Eliphantom blog. Happy 300th and many congrats on remembering to mark it!

  57. […] this catalogue is FULL of colourwork, and as I confessed to Glenna recently, I want someday to stop being fearful of large colourwork projects. (Go confess your own […]

  58. Hi! I don’t want to fight for the prizes (they are nice, though) since I’m a newcomer here(it doesn’t seem fair) and also that would cause you some troubles. 🙂
    Congratulation on your 300th, I wish you many many more!
    For the record: If time, money, skills and doubts that it wouldn’t look the same on me haven’t existed I would be knitting the Menja pullover or the Ljod jacket( Elsebeth Lavold) or the white sweater dress from Rebecca 34.

  59. Hi! I don’t want to fight for the prizes (they are nice, though) since I’m a newcomer here(it doesn’t seem fair).
    Congratulation on your 300th, I wish you many many more!
    For the record: If time, money, skills and doubts that it wouldn’t look the same on me haven’t existed I would be knitting the Menja pullover or the Ljod jacket( Elsebeth Lavold) or the white sweater dress from Rebecca 34.

  60. I’d have to go for the Misti Alpaca- I adore their products and can’t get enough! that, and a fingering weight alpaca sweater is a bit of a dream of mine. : ) My fantasy knit- a fair isle three-quarter sleeve sweater dress. Full of interesting colour combos, intricate designs…. that’s my fantasy knit!

    Happy 300th!!

  61. oh the STR for me:) Would have to play some Elvis while I knit it up:)
    If I had time,cash and skill I’d adore a full length knitted cloak in cables. Colour deep purple

  62. Congrats on 300 posts!

    I’d choose the laceweight alpaca as I love the colour and have just finished my first couple of lacework projects in recent months.

    My dream project right now is Cinderella’s Beaded Gloves, but I’m having a hard time justifying buying the sea silk for a pair of completely impractical elbow-length gloves. I’ll make them someday… even if only to wear around my apartment!

  63. Congrats – I enjoy your blog! I like either the M.A. or STR. I am dying to knit the Celtic Dreams sweater – the finished ones on ravelry are gorgeous!

  64. Happy Blogversary Glenna! Misti Alpaca!!! The Venezia Pullover, like the gorgeous one that you made and modeled!

  65. I would love the alpaca. I would like to knit a warm comfy blanket.

  66. Happy 300th! The Misti Alpaca is lovely. My dream project is the Swallowtail shawl, but Icarus is running a close second.

  67. Ooh! I love that Socks That Rock AND the Lace …I’m a sucker for purple.

    My dream project would be a cashmere Kaffe Fassett sweater; his things are so beautiful! I haven’t attempted it for 3 reasons:

    1- I’m really not wonderfully good at intarsia

    2- I live in the South so it would only be cold enough to wear here like 3 days out of the year

    3- because of reasons 1 & 2 cashmere would be too expensive.

    I also love all those Dale of Norway traditional patterns, but since I’m a BIG girl, that’s just way too much pattern to put all over me. Once I lose 100+ lbs. though – watch out!

  68. Northmoon · ·

    Congradulations on your 300th blog! I don’t blog myself, but I love reading them so thank you for posting.

    My choice would be the Misty Alpaca Lace Weight. I’m planning to knit more of Anne Hanson’s stoles this winter for sure.

    But my dream project would be a Kauni sweater or cardigan in a Damask design. Lovely!

  69. Hmmm, such an interesting question… what would I knit (and I really had to stop and think about this for several minutes!)… a long sleeve sweater, one that would really fit me, one that I could wear any where, in my favorite color (robin’s egg or turquoise blue), made in a super soft 100% soy yarn, or a soy/rayon or bamboo! blend. Although a laceweight shawl in quivet, or buffalo, sounds just as exquisite… sigh!

    I think the Tofutsies would make a great something for my daughter – she LOVES pink! So, that is the one I would covet.

    Have a Great Day and Congrats! on 300 posts! (I don’t think I could get past 10!)


  70. I can’t tell a lie, I have my eye on the socks that rock.

    I think my dream knit is a pair of fair isle socks. I have at least one pair lingering in my queue and every year at Rhinebeck I spend some time thinking about the tongue river fair isle sock kits. I’m still too chicken when it comes to this type of project.

  71. Happy Blogiversary!
    Thanks for sharing your knitting. 🙂

    I haven’t thought much about a dream knit before — maybe because my knitting queue is already so long.

    But things that I’ve thought about and haven’t put in the queue include:
    – a cashmere sweater (so soft! but who can afford it?)
    – the Lyra (even if I could finish it, what would I do with it?)
    – an Alice Starmore sweater (I’m a sucker for color)
    – a stole in hand-dyed lace weight silk (so soft! but who can afford it? ;)…perhaps with a lily of the valley pattern

    As for the prize yarns, my eye is on the Socks that Rock, followed by the lace-weight, and then the Tofutsies.


  72. Congrats on your 300th post!!

    My current dream knit is a big warm snuggly California King sized blanket/comforter for my bed. I haven’t thought far enough ahead to know what type of yarn I want to use, but I do have a color scheme and pattern in mind.

    I’m on a sock kick lately, so I have my eye on the Tofutsies.

  73. Woot, 300 posts!!! I am shocked to discover I don’t have any hot pink sock yarn –gasp so I would love the tofutsies.
    If time, skill and money were no objective I would love to knit myself a car coat from some gorgeous tweed yarn.

  74. Oh yay, your cardi is finished. Hurry and dry sweater so FO photos can be taken!

    Put me in the hat for the STR please. My dream knit is a cabled wrap dress in 4 ply. Then I’d have to lose a few kilos so it didn’t make me look huge!

  75. Congratulations on 300! They all look lovely but I think Socks That Rock is my favourite.

    My dream project would be a long cabled jacket or cardigan (sorta like this: It’s a wish list knit because it takes more yarn then my budget usually allows, and I get a little gun-shy when I see the word “Advanced” on a pattern. And yeah, it would probably take me at least 2 years to finish at the pace I knit. : ) But that’s what dreams are for right?

  76. Congratulations on 300! They ALL look lovely but I think Socks that Rock would be my top pick.

    My dream project would be a long cabled jacket or cardigan like this one ( It’s a wish list item mostly because it takes more yarn than my budget usually allows and I’m usually gun-shy when I see the word “Advanced” on a pattern. Oh yeah, and it would take me about 2 years to finish at the pace I knit. But that’s what dreams are for right?

  77. I’d love to run my finger’s through the Misti!

    As for a dream knit (when I am independently wealthy and can spend all day knitting) I’ve been thinking about a knitted dress. But w/out the aforesaid wealth it would take me years!

  78. I have to admit I have my eye on the Socks That Rock. I knit with it once and it was a dreeeeeeeeeeam.

    As for my dream knit? Easy. I want desperately to make a real Philosopher’s Wool sweater. They’re unbelievably gorgeous and it would be great to support Canadian wool, but as a porr student it is as of yet out of my price range.



  79. Wow, 300 posts! That’s quite the milestone. Congrats! 🙂

    I’ve been coveting the “Autumn Rose” pullover for quite some time now, but can’t get over a mental block for all that colourwork. Someday, however, I’m sure I’ll fine the confidence boost and get to it!

    (Oh, and I’d got for the STR, mostly because those colours are awesome!)

  80. Hi! I am interested in the Socks that Rock, since I have never had the pleasure of knitting with that yarn.

    My ultimate knitting dream would be a fair-isle sweater, entirely fair-isle! I have knitted fair isle before, but it takes me forever… so if time was not a factor, I would cast on in a second!

  81. Congrats on your 300th post. I haven’t really thought of a dream knit, I just love to knit. But I have admired the Rogue and would perhaps like to give it a try. My choice of your lovely yarns would be the alpca.

  82. yay 300! I would love that Misti alpaca! My dream knit is a jacket in Malabrigo. Oh my.. the softness.

  83. Congratulations!!! 300 posts is a lot!!!
    I just love the Misti Alpaca (even more after seeing your sister’s Icarus!)
    My dream would be to make a jumper/jacket out of Noro, but I don’t think I can afford that…

  84. Wow, 300 posts is quite the milestone. Congratulations!
    My current dream project is to make myself a pair of cabled black knee socks, all I need is some time and people to stop having babies. I can’t say no to pink so my choice would be the Tofutsies.

    Hope the running is going well!

  85. Well, I have to say I would be thrilled to be the owner of that purple Misti Alpaca. Alpaca yarns are so soft, they are always a joy to work with. These days I am venturing into more complicated lace knitting, but when I think about a dream project, it is always one of the Kauni sweaters I have been seeing on several blogs this year. I just love the rainbow colors and the way they make their design. I don’t even think the wool for the sweater is that expensive, considering the finished product, but I just don’t think my skills (both knitting-wise and patience-wise!) are up to such a project. It’s always good to have something to dream about, though, and something to work towards.

  86. my favorite is the STR. the one project i’d love to do is the Winter Wonderland Coat from Inspired to Knit. since it takes 19 or 20 skeins of blue sky alpacas, i probably will never knit it due to cost.

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