We have winners!

With the aid of the Random Number Generator, we have contest winners from Tuesday’s post!

The winners are Olivia (commenter #62), Robyn (commenter #49), and Aven (commenter #6). All three have been sent an email message informing them of their prize win.

Thank you to everyone who commented in the prize draw, it has been wonderful to read about your dream knitting projects. There is much inspiration to be found in those comments. I say to you, yea verily, go forth and knit the garment of your dreams! (Well, unless it involves cashmere. In that case make sure to save up first, THEN go forth and knit the garment of your dreams) 😉

I wish you all a pleasant knitting weekend, and a happy Thanksgiving weekend to all in Canada.


  1. Go forth and knit the garment of my dreams? Ahhhh what an idea… Even though mine doesn’t involve cashmere though, I’m going to have to save up first.

    Congratulations to the winners and have a great weekend!

  2. Yay for the winners and their shiny new yarn!!

  3. Well done on your blog-birthday, duckie, and well done to your comp winners!

    Sorry, I’ve been absent for a bit, but I’ve been a bit tardy catching up on people’s blogs. Yours is always a pleasure to read, Glenna!


  4. Congrats to the Winners!
    Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you!

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