To bring or not to bring

Oh, packing. I thought I had conquered you. Look, I even made nice “outfit” piles, packing sweaters & jeans & tees together so as to make dressing in the morning that much easier. But some things, some things are still perplexing me. To bring or not to bring?

1. Laptop. Pros: ability to do work or blogging at a moment’s notice. Cons: an extra few pounds in the carry-on luggage.

2. Wool coat. Pros: will be well-covered for the low evening temps predicted. Cons: May simply end up being carried around needlessly when lighter layers could end up being functional.

3. Current socks in progress. Pros: Would force self to work on 2nd sock while travelling and possibly complete same. Cons: Would be way less fun to knit than the waiting Lorna’s Laces yarn which is shiny and pretty and new and has not already spent the last month being lugged around in my handbag.

4. Current sweater in progress. Pros: Could get more done on it and feel virtuous. Cons: Would take away from sock knitting time speculated in #3.

5. Reading material. Pros: Will have inevitable time in airports, transit, and lying around in evening, and could get reading done for either professional or pleasurable purposes. Cons: This is a knitting trip and why am I bothering to pretend I will do anything but knit?

And why yes, I DID spontaneously decide to knit a new pair of Maine Morning Mitts last night which would match my jacket if i decide to do the jacket-layers instead of the wool coat option. Why do you ask? (My packing neuroses are also fairly vain, it would seem.)

This time tomorrow (God willing and if Air Canada doesn’t let me down), I’ll be moments away from landing in New York and the fun will begin. Better get a move on.


  1. Have fun at Rhinebeck! It sounds spectacular.

    BTW, I’d go with layers and bring 2 pairs of socks to knit (leaving the sweater at home).

  2. You’re funny. Go with the layers. Leave your work at home.
    HAVE FUN!!!! (after all, it IS a holiday!)

  3. 1) i have a laptop you can use for blogging. leave the work (and the heavy laptop) at home.

    2) skip the wool coat. if it gets really cold, i can loan you one of mine. it just seems silly to lug it all the way.

    3-4) don’t ask me, i’m having severe case of startitis.

    5) i have plenty of reading material here, including a certain book i got signed for you on tuesday ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1 MORE SLEEPS!!!!

  4. I thought I was the only person who agonized like that over packing. Have fun!

  5. Leave the coat and do like all the cool kids in NYC…toss a wrap or shawl over the layers. Have fun and enjoy Rhinebeck. Maybe next year I’ll join you.

  6. ladyoctavia · ·

    Take both pairs of socks!! or… neither and buy sock yarn there…

  7. Sometimes packing can be so difficult! I’d say:

    – leave the sweater in progress at home
    – bring one book (one that isn’t too big but maybe just started or haven’t started yet), your socks in progress and the Lorna’s Laces
    – I would stalk the weather report until the absolute last minute to decide on the coat.
    – If you don’t need the coat then you’ll have room for you laptop. But ask yourself if you will seriously use that thing? I don’t think you will as you’ll have too much fun to blog and if you’re doing work then you’re not vacationing properly! Plus won’t that machine take up space for all the goodies that you’re going to buy at the festival??!

    Just my 2ยข. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. My friend Carol goes into “packing panic” everytime she goes on a trip. There is scurrying…flailing of arms…hyperventilating…it’s much fun to watch. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I am preparing for a trip in November and have already started obsessing. I’m about to buy a new MacBook [yay!] and I’m thinking of delaying the purchase so I won’t be tempted to take it with me — how sad is that? I’m betting you won’t have a lot of time for computering and it sounds like there are people there who would let you use theirs so I vote for no laptop.

    Layers — especially since you now have matching mitts.

    Knitting — umm, won’t you be taking classes and purchasing yarn, etc at the festival? So, really you should only need to bring something for the trip out. I would only take the sweater if it is close to finished so it could be a twofer [see Layers] otherwise, take the Lorna’s Laces as it won’t feel so shiny and new after festival purchases.

    Have fun!

  10. I say layers, knitted ones of course. Bring the sock and finish it. Leave the laptop at home. It will take away from knitting time. Have fun!

  11. No on the computer…you’ll lug it around more than you’ll actually use it. Same with the wool coat. Yes to both the sock and sweater. The sock is smaller and more portable, but on a plane you can settle in with the sweater. Yes to a small book, you may need a break from knitting…hey, it *could* happen! I am the worst at packing! Personally, I’d pack everything, just in case, but somehow end up using none of it. I’m famous for that.

    Have fun! Your sweater looks great!

  12. Have a great time!

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