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After experiencing empirical evidence (once again) of the failing combination of Air Canada/Newark Airport, I am home after some delay but did at the very least use my time on flight delays to snag some photos off of my camera! At home now, in between gulps sips of vodka cold straight vodka a refreshing beverage I am pleased to be able to share some photos from the weekend highlights as I count down the minutes until I can pour myself into a pre-bedtime bubble bath reminisce fondly over some of the bits of weekend fun that did indeed happen before Air Canada decided to screw over their computer system, me, and goodness knows how many other passengers.

For lo, I am returned from Rhinebeck, and yea verily, there were good things and good people to be found there.

I found Lisa from Toronto buying Socks That Rock, which I also did and am happily admiring the wares. (However, note to The Fold: dudes, three words: Cash Only Checkout. Would speed things up by half if those of us with cash could hand it over and dash out again).


I found Emily from Toronto buying Briar Rose (she was also making a good demonstration of the Buy Yarn in Colours You Are Wearing Principle, which Rebecca and I also put to good effect over the weekend)


I found Franklin, signing his new book (which got me through some good bedtime reading and a few rough moments in airports today, just sayin). I told him he was #3 on my list of Things I Must Get To at Rhinebeck, and he said he was flattered to make the Top 5. Franklin, you are Top 5 in my book any day.


In the process I also found other knitters waiting to see Franklin, reading and enjoying the book while waiting:


I found Elspeth from New York, who is indeed as wry as her moniker suggests. We tried the whole “take a fun photo of yourself and the fun people you meet” photo thing. It was off-centre but good. She tried to tell me the wool fingering weight I got at A Touch of Twist was too rough and that I’d have to end up sending the finished mittens to her, but I suspect she is not to be completely trusted.


Elspeth comes with a posse. (I suspect also that if she did not come with one, she would create one as she went.)


I found Robyn from Montreal and her band of family and friends and (momentarily asleep) young’un. She was doing quite well considering she had just discovered an hour before this photo that she had lost her credit card.


I split half of the very last baked potato to be found on the Saturday:


I observed Rebecca and Melanie making important yarn selection decisions at Sliver Moon. I didn’t buy anything there though until the 3rd visit anyway.


Rebecca and I admired each others’ finished Rhinebeck sweaters:


We all observed a lot of yarn:



And my finished Cabled Swing Cardi came through with flying colours, with perfect sweater-wearing weather all weekend long.


Next post: More from New York, and more from my newfound stash acquisitions. I’m off to put the feet up and find the bath bubbles.


  1. OMG you guys look so nice in your new sweatorrzzz! And fingerless mitts too, I see those. And you got hugs from Franklin that is so great. You vill show me all your wares tomorrow.

  2. The credit card was never found 😦 Oh well, they’re mailing me a new one.

    It was fabulous to meet you! I can’t wait to see what you purchased!

  3. Looks like you had a great time, which is lovely! The sweater is absolutely beautiful. Is it one of your patterns?

  4. OH okay nevermind! I didn’t see the last post about the sweater. It’s still amazingly gorgeous though.

  5. Ahhhhhhhh the coolest! Looks like loads of fun! Love the sweater, love the pictures. What a weekend. I’ve got to get on the Rhinebeck train one of these years.

  6. I love your cable swing cardi. It looks like a great time!

  7. Wow, that looks like so much fun? I wonder what my chances would be of convincing the fella that we should go to Rhinebeck for our honeymoon instead of Greece or Tunisia…

    Your swing cardi is fab!

  8. Ooh I am jealous, both of your beautiful sweaters and that fabulous trip. Too much fun is bad for you you know, best send me the STR I think ;o)

  9. Such great fun with all that yarn shopping. I love that BIG purple f…. bag – just nice for yarn shopping.

  10. Great cardi! I wonder if I could spin enough for one of those! Looks like you had a great time at Rhinebeck, can’t wait to see what you bought.

  11. Wow. Where to even start. Your Swing Cardi, beyond beautiful, in all the other photos in your past posts the colour (from my view) always looked purple, could NOT get the brown, now I do. That is a GORgeous brown! Loved seeing the Wisteria sweater on Elspeth (I have the pattern AND some yarn for it, it’s on my List)… mostly though, seeing all those beautiful handknits just does the soul such good.
    What a wonderful time you had! Good on You!

  12. Looks like you had a marvelous time! Your sweater looks awesome — even better than in the un-modeled photos you posted last week. What a great garment for fall.

  13. Love the new sweater! (and it isn’t pink, red, or purple… are you feeling okay… ;P)

    I think there is serious need of a stash confession! I can’t wait to see the pics.

  14. The sweater looks fantastic. I love the colour. I am jealous that you got to go to Rhinebeck. I have been wanting to go ever since I started spinning. I hear it is something to behold. It’s great that you were able to go and experience it.

  15. I love the Wool St. photo…. if only yarn fumes could bail us all out!

  16. Your sweater looks fantastic, and Rhinebeck looks like it was a blast!! I too have suffered from the hellish combo of Newark airport and Air Canada. They should just print on your ticket, “your flight will be delayed by at least an hour, so feel free to hit the bar.”

  17. It was so nice to meet you! Thankfully, NextRhinebeck is only 363 days away. Phew. I was getting antsy.

  18. Oh, that looks like so much fun – I’m aiming for next year…

  19. That looks like so much fun! I love how so many people knit sweaters especially to wear to Rhinebeck. I love knitters!

  20. Thanks for sharing! Looks like an fantastic time was had by all. I was so bummed that I couldn’t be there this year. But the goal is next year, for sure!!

    PS: I still want your sweater. Just saying.

  21. Hey, I remember meeting you in line at Franklin’s book signing. I believe cupcakes were involved (which I did not bake, but did eat)! And there I am, reading F’s book! (I’m the one with the red hair and the black glasses).

    It was great meeting you.

    ps your sweater does look fantastic!

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