Monthly Archives: November 2008

So What Does it all Mean?

Have you had your daily dose of vertigo today? Knitting is supposedly making us smarter, though. Get on those mittens. BILLIONS of them.

And suddenly it was winter

This Saturday my sister and I and friend P hit the road for a day trip to Stratford. (The one in Ontario, sadly not the one in England). We’ve all been there often enough during the summer and fall when the theatre season is on, but since we’d never been in the non-theatre months and […]

Best laid plans

Last week I finished the striped gloves, and they turned out suitably pink and brown and stripey: They’re perfect for our current temperatures which are hovering in the just-below-and-just-above-freezing range. Not quite as warm as mittens but they’ll do the job nicely for the time being, and are darned cheerful too. I do love that […]

Wednesdays are for Coveting your Stash

Who else wants to cancel all their plans and to-do list and knit Noro socks instead? Come on, we’ll bake cookies and make a day of it. No? Just me? I’ll just be over here by the DPNs if anyone needs me.

Like Knitting with Chocolate

I’ve spent the last month considering my colour habits in knitting, specifically my relationship with the colour brown. (Well, I’ve done other things in the last month, too, but you understand). In all my colour selections in the past I’ve tended to avoid brown just as an impulse, because I usually associate it with all […]

One more thing

It hit me that I never did do the “rest of it” photos post from my New York City trip in October. Sure, Rhinebeck and wool festivals are well and good, but I’ve heard rumours that it’s possible to experience NYC without buying yarn. (I’ve heard). This isn’t to say that we didn’t do a […]

Things November brings

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, Armistice Day and Veteran’s Day elsewhere. I’ve got my poppy stuck on my sweater today and will try to fasten a second one to my coat as securely as possible before I dash out the door. So far I think I have managed to only lose one this season, […]

More knitting minutiae that you may need to know

Today I met a knitter on a city bus, who turned out to be Michelle. I recognized her as a knitter right away since she was wearing a beautifully executed Kauni cardigan, and we chatted a bit but of course as the fates would have it I did not have my camera and alas, the […]