More knitting minutiae that you may need to know

Today I met a knitter on a city bus, who turned out to be Michelle. I recognized her as a knitter right away since she was wearing a beautifully executed Kauni cardigan, and we chatted a bit but of course as the fates would have it I did not have my camera and alas, the encounter goes undocumented. But still! We knitters, we live in a wonderful and bizarre world that contains such encounters.

I’ve been having one of those weeks where all of a sudden a week has gone by and I do not quite understand how it could have gone by, because I’m not entirely sure what I have to show for it. Also, my camera and I are in a bit of a disagreement right now (it says it has no memory, I say YES YOU DO, but alas the disagreement continues), so I am unable to give you any photo-documentation in this upcoming list of Seven Things About Me (Steph did hers with photos because she is cool). But I did think it would be fun to make a Seven Knitting Things About Me list to make it a bit topical for the blog, so here we go:

Seven Knitting Things About Me

1. I keep all bits of yarn, even the tiny little ends I snip off from sewing in after finishing. I save them up in a little box because I learned, while sharing a house with Miss Beatrice the Cat, that little bits of yarn make excellent squishy wooly stuffing for cat toys.

2. I avoid kitchener stitch like the plague. Every single pair of socks I have ever knitted top-down (except for the very first pair), I have finished by fully binding off the last sts on the toe, then grafting the bound-off stitches closed with the end of yarn. it does add a bit more agonizing time to finishing, but hey, it gives me a bit sturdier toe to work with, it looks exactly the same, and I get to continue avoiding kitchener stitch, lalalalalala….

3. In my knitting kit (a zippered, sturdy, rectangular pencil case purchased at IKEA), you will find:
– a tape measure
– ends of yarn
– endless stitch markers
– scissors
– DPNs in 4 sizes from 2.25mm to 3.0mm
– a crumpled up Hershey’s kiss wrapper from that time I tried to throw it to the garbage and it bounced and missed

4. My favourite things to knit are sweaters and socks. I have started to occasionally branch out into shawls, but generally I need to be practically smacked upside the head to remember that there are in fact other useful (and generally quicker) things to knit, like oh, say, hats, mittens, gloves, scarves and wristwarmers. I’m going to try to spend November finishing the current sweater and then devoting some knitting time to accessories before instantly starting The Next Sweater.

5. The first thing I ever knitted (about 4 years ago now) was a baby blanket as a gift for a friend. So far, this is the only baby blanket I have ever knitted.

6. Sheepy wool is my yarn kryptonite. Doesn’t matter at all that I have several sweaters’ worth of sheepswool at home. Gimme.

7. I have a basket full of sock yarn that fills me with such hopeful glee with all its colours and promise of Wonderful Sock Knitting Ahead that I can’t possibly feel stash guilt over it. It’s my basket of happy colour and I don’t care how long it takes me to knit my way through it. In fact, if I did start to knit my way through it, I’d probably have to start buying more sock yarn again so that the stuff left behind would have company.

Tag! You’re it! Go ahead and post Seven Things About YOU.


  1. I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much knitting content! Your facts were really interesting!

  2. nibbleandstitch · ·

    Reformat your camera card. The menu on your camera should have an option for this. It will probably sound scary (“doing this will erase your memory forever”!) but it should work. Make sure you have uploaded your current photos first, of course!

  3. I hate kitchener stitch too & that’s why I knit my socks toe-up – no stitching at all, just weave in the ends!

  4. Oh I like your seven things. I love grafting!!! I am having to repair an sleeve and I am looking forward to grafting it back together again!! My camera and computer wouldn’t talk last week. The computer lady on the radio had calls too and she thought it might have been the microsoft update.Who knows. You have only been knitting for four years??? Wow!!

  5. 1. Until recently, my tension/gauge sucked. I have been a knitter for 15 years and just figured out why I had to drop four to six needle sizes to get gauge. So now, I wind the yarn through all of my fingers and around the pinky twice. Yuh-huh.

    2. I have never knitted toe up socks. I plan to. Really I do.

    3. I just started stashing. I used to be very poor and could only buy for the project I was doing. Now, all bets are off.

    4. The first thing I ever knit was a pair of socks.

    5. I wonder why people knit with acrylic yarn.

    6. I don’t wash my swatches.

    7. I think about knitting all of the time.

  6. Cool! I love your seven things… I think I am going to use this idea tomorrow! ^_^

    I never ever thought of using the leftover bits of yarn to stuff cat toys. That is such a good idea!

  7. Here are my seven:

    Yay for random knitting encounters! And I totally get what you mean about a week going by without you noticing…I have been losing days for the past couple of weeks…despite not having anything really going on.

  8. There can never be too much chat about knitting minutiae; I shall try and comply with your order today :o)

  9. I had a memory disagreement with my camera last week – the memory had been set for the internal memory rather than the external memory card – I re set it by accessing it via the “review” option (but not before I was limited to 25 pics of my sister’s wedding rather than the hundreds the card would have held ;( !

  10. Yeah sock yarn!

    I should give you the little bits I’ve been saving I mean to put them out for the birds but never seem to get around to it…

  11. I’ve started to collect the wee little ends of yarn as well – I pop them into a ziploc baggie, which usually gets shoved to the back of the shelf, so I need to start a new baggie with the next project…

    Just in case the 992 cast on stitches don’t scare you away from the IK Frost Flowers Stole – at the end you are supposed to Kitchener stitch about 260 stitches to complete it! Consider yourself warned.

  12. wiscjennyann · ·

    I love love love number 7. Happy basket of sock yarn. I need to round up all the sock yarn into my own happy basket! Today!

  13. Hi from your undocumented encounter in the Kauni cardi! Since I don’t make it into Toronto very often anymore, it was a surprise to have an encounter with another knitter in my neck of the woods…and a very accomplished one at that!

    Your blog is quite beautiful and I really enjoy your entries.

    P.S. I totally relate to your #7. Swoon!

  14. Kitchener isn’t that bad, really! A wonderful teacher/shop owner at The Yarn Shoppe in Lincoln, Nebraska showed me that I don’t need written instructions to do it, either.

    Hold the needles horizontal, parallel in front of you (as usual). Now, the needle closest to you, “knit it off, purl it on.” The needle farthest, “purl it off, knit it on.”

    So, first needle, tapestry needle through the first stitch as to knit, and slip the stitch off (onto the tapestry needle). Then, tapestry needle through the second stitch as if to purl, pull it all the way through but leave it on the needle.

    Second needle, tapestry needle through the first stitch as if to purl, and slip the stitch off to the tapestry needle. Second stitch, tapestry needle through as if to knit, and leave it on the needle.

    Repeat! Knit off, purl on; purl off, knit on. You’ll never need written directions to remember it again 🙂

  15. I should clarify, “leave it on the needle” means leave it on the knitting needle.

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