Things November brings

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, Armistice Day and Veteran’s Day elsewhere. I’ve got my poppy stuck on my sweater today and will try to fasten a second one to my coat as securely as possible before I dash out the door. So far I think I have managed to only lose one this season, though, so I’m doing pretty well on the poppy count. This morning I listened to the broadcast of the service from Ottawa and was reminded during the interview afterwards with Paul Gross that I have got to get out there and see Passchendale while it’s still there.

Remembrance Day is almost mid-November and it always makes me think of the weather of past seasons; I can recall past years when we’ve had snow on the ground at this point, and some that have required very little warm clothing at all. This year, though, the cold is starting to settle just above freezing, and the knitted accessories are going to have to come on out of hiding. I intend to start more hats and mittens asap…just as soon as I finish this one little thing:


Twist is almost finished, she just needs sleeves attached and some buttons and a good blocking. Then this wonderful sheepy warm garment shall be mine to help keep the chill away.

Mmm, squishy unblocked cables, mmm…


Happy knitting today.


  1. tinebeest · ·

    It is so strange to see Flanders pop up everywhere this time of year. I don’t know about other Flemish people, but I only came to realise how important our little patch of land was in that horrible war when I came to Britain. It’s not that we don’t get told at school, or commemorate, but the immensity of the tragedy didn’t sink in until I saw what Remembrance Day means for people in other countries.

    Loving the sweater: great colour! I’ve got it somewhere in my queue for the year 2189 I think ^.^

  2. Good work with the poppies, untold numbers lost here! Good work with that sweater too and reminding me that November is good in its on special, racing away with itself way.

  3. It was Remembrance Day here too. We had our One Minute’s Silence and then the Ode on the Radio. In a big faux pas the newspaper put the wrong poppies on the cover of their special booklet. I don’t understand who didn;t check?? Did someone way their hand and say ‘There will be some poppies here’ and then use clip art??
    Lovely squishy cables. That’s very nice wool as well. It looks a bit tweedy??

  4. Twist is just gorgeous. I was hoping to use my stashed Rowan Scottish Tweed for one, but man is it a yarn eater — I don’t think I have enough yarn. Happy knitting right back at you!

  5. ladyoctavia · ·

    Last year Leah was marching in the Ottawa ceremonies, it is quite something.

    I have to see that too…

    I failed on the poppy front, I think I lost mine in a matter of minutes.

    Pretty (and pink/purple )

  6. Those are indeed squishy looking cables!

  7. We also have Remembrance Day here – 2 mins silence at 11am on 11/11. Twist is gorgeous – love the color!

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