Do dancers knit?

In between working through various piles of grading (one hopes they get shorter eventually), and miscellaneous bits of knitting and swatching (still going), and cobbling together in written form my endless mental notes for book reviews (they are really much better as actual notes and not just mental notes), and contemplating how long is the appropriate time in between visits to Swiss Chalet for another set of Lindor chocolates Festive Special, I have been neglecting the blogging this past week. As it turns out I need at least another day for the above three things, so today instead you get some clips.

Please enjoy these dudes, who were not top 2 in Canada but are tops in disco in my book (for a non-remix version there is this clip starting at 2:15).

And please also enjoy So You Think You Can Dance (Canada)’s #1 and #2 picks. They’re darned good even if the routine is darned cheesy.

And if these songs end up in your head all damned day, then my work here is done. Happy knitting!

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  1. Oh you are a good blogger compared to me! Loved the look of Twist in the sneak peak so I hope you squeeze in some proper photos for us soon

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