No Pictures, Just Questions

1. Is it possible to slow down time and make the next week last forever? Thoughts of term starting are creeping into my brain and man, knitting thoughts are so much more fun.

2. Why does the last gift always take so long? It’s just one pair of mittens and I’ve been dragging it out like death warmed over when actually the yarn is extremely nice. Whip me into shape, blog friends.

3. Is there anything more fun than my sister‘s new Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Dance Party 2 game for Wii? Because if I had realized sooner how much fun Wii actually is for grownups I would have jumped on that bandwagon a whole lot sooner.

4. Why are the cats all trying to kill each other when all I have to do is watch them for two more days?

5. Why is it suddenly 10C and rainy when a week ago it was -10C and blizzarding?

6. Perhaps most importantly, why haven’t I located my camera?

I hope everyone out there in blogland is having/has had a great holiday and the last days of 2008 are worthwhile. I’m starting to think ahead to 2009 and things I’d like to do. Think of the knits that await.


  1. wii is so amazing, G and I got my parents addicted and they now have more wii stuff than we do. And I hear you on those mittens- I have a hat i’ve been dragging around for two months. A hat. Oh, the shame.

  2. We’re wii golfers over here. Don’t have the dance party revolution…I’ll have to check it out. I have one more gift to knit by Tues., which I should be doing right now. Hope you had a great holiday!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog after I got my Blackberry. I really enjoy checking it for new posts.Youhave inspired me to dig out my sock knitting bag!

  4. I have recently discovered your blog, as well as rediscovering my passion for knitting, and just wanted to let you know that I am in awe of your knitting ability. Your creations are stunning, and I will be checking out your blog regularily for inspiration. Thanks!!

  5. I also have one more gift to finish. It’s a baby sweater and for some reason I am really not enjoying knitting it. But I make myself pick it up every day and do just a little bit. I tell myself I only have to do ten minutes and then I can go knit something else. I find that once I pick it up and start, I can usually put in 20 minutes or sometimes more before I start to get annoyed with it, and then I’m allowed to put it down. Or even if I only do 10 minutes, at least that’s a few rows, so I’m making progress. If you do this with the mittens they will be done in a pretty short time and you will feel better.

  6. If you do figure out how to make the week last longer…please share! I am so with you on the knitting thoughts being more fun….

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