Monthly Archives: January 2009

Winter winter winter

The holidays are gone, but winter sure ain’t. Oh, would it were the other way around… A scene from today: The Charades would like to report that yes indeed, 15cm of snow has accumulated. On top of, you know, all the snow that was there already. I have also not stopped with the winding of […]

Serious Winter

Despite the fact that I tallied up several sweaters in 2008 and several of these are already in constant rotation in my wardrobe this winter, I just need to keep on knitting more. We’re in the third week of -It’s Too Cold to Be Cheerful Celsius and I’ve got sweater quantities of yarn in the […]

It must be yarn o’clock

Is it wrong that this morning I spent so much time wandering through Ravelry and thinking about what socks I’d like to make and all the fun yarn I have that I could make socks with, that I was halfway through a session of winding yarn before it occurred to me that I hadn’t even […]

Yummy Socks

It’s a hand-painted sock-knitter’s world out there, and I’m just living in it. Or so it seems, a lot of the time. And while I have my own little stash of hand-painted and hand-dyed sock yarns, it makes it that much more of a relief to be reminded that a person can actually knit quite […]

Oh, Knit Picks.

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Knit Picks. Or rather, a like/confused relationship. On the one hand, I enjoy their needles, they have a nice book selection, and I have enough Palette to knit several sweaters. But on the other hand, I am often confused or vaguely dismayed by the marketing choices they […]

Just a bit late

I’ll admit that I wasn’t going to do a 2008 Roundup because I felt like I’d missed that window right in the first week of January. But then I realized that I couldn’t start my 2009 ‘Finished Objects’ sidebar until I cleared out the one from 2008. So, here we go on January 15th! A […]

Meek Urban Canadians

Well sure, it’s darned cold this week, but lest we forget that it was 10 years ago this week that the City of Toronto embarrassed itself by calling in the military to help clear snow? (Okay so it was a lot of snow…still, we are still living that down to the rest of Canada…) Snow. […]

I have a white balance?

So Jacquie sauntered by my blog yesterday and said, “hey man, groovy mitts. But your pictures are all blueish, check your white balance, dumbass.” (Okay so she didn’t say dumbass, she was actually very nice, but even extremely friendly camera tips always remind me that I treat my perfectly serviceable digital camera like a point-and-shoot […]

Now I can be in 2009

It gives me a great deal of reassurance to know that Kelly is still obsessively knitting Christmas gnomes, because I only just finished the last of my Christmas gift-knitting. Le-voila, a finished pair of Cat Mittens, the first FO of 2009 and the second-last thing I cast on in 2008: Pattern: Cat Mittens (scroll down) […]

At the expense of other hobbies

I think all my knitting has kept me inside and not spending enough time at the movie theatres. I might have seen about half a dozen films in 2008…and possibly only 1 or 2 clipped in this lovely little vid (how did I miss Wall-E? Yikes!) Enjoy this little cinema treat today. It’s a blustery […]