New Year, New Knits

These corks got all dressed up in their New Year’s finest (remnants of Silk Garden, Manos wool, and sari silk), to wish you a very happy 2009.


Thank you all for being out there in blog-land in 2008 and being my imaginary friends. I’d like to do a 2008 knitting reckoning and 2009 knitting resolutions post, but mostly, I’m happy with most of what I knitted in 2008, I’d like to knit more in 2009, and at the start of a year that will no doubt be filled with both fun times and challenges, I’m grateful for knitting. The corks say it all.

Happy New Year!


  1. The corks are too cute! Happy New Year! Cheers to good yarn and fun knits in 2009!

  2. knittingdodo · ·

    O.M.G. Those are so adorable, I might vomit. I need me a cork buddy…got one you don’t need?

  3. Hee!!

    Happy New Year to you too! šŸ˜€

  4. Love your korknisse cards. Thanks for being of one of my favourite blogs in 2008.

  5. Happy New Year – love the march of the corks!

  6. I love the corks! I hope you had a wonderful New Years and may 2009 be wonderful for you.

  7. wiscjennyann · ·

    Oh I love this! Ha!

    And thank *you* for being out there in blog-land. I dunno what I’d do without my “blog friends!” Happy new year and wishing you all the best in 2009!

  8. Those are too cute.

    Happy New Year Glenna!

    All the best in 09! With fabulous knits!

  9. Your cork friends look so handsome! Happy New Year!

  10. They are so incredibly adorable! Thanks for adding some smiles to my day! :o}

    Best wishes for a wonderful new year! Happy knitting!

  11. Those are adorable! Happy New Year and better yet, Happy Knitting!

  12. Happy New Year right back at you! That’s one friendly-looking army of korknisse.

  13. I really do think that corks make the world go round –

    happy new year from one imaginary friend to another…

  14. The March of the Corks! LOVE it!
    (who are you calling ‘imaginary’?) :^)
    Happy Knitting in the Happy New Year!

  15. That is SO CUTE. Happy new year!

  16. Happy New Year. I do like it that all around the world we call the people we know in the ether our ‘imaginary friends’!!

  17. I LOVE the corks!!!
    And I also agree that, “corks make the world go ’round.”
    Happy New Year to you too!

  18. Korknisse are perfect for a New Year’s post! Next year someone will need to come up with a pattern for a champagne cork Korknisse.

  19. Thank you for posting those, Glenna — they’re awesome! Happy new year!

  20. SewIknit2 · ·

    cute! cute! cute! I wants them all!!
    Happy New Knittingly Year for 2009!

  21. Such well dressed little woolly guys and girls!

    I’ve loved reading your blog in 2008.

    All the best for 2009!

  22. birdwoman · ·

    Happy New Year to you and the corks!

  23. cutest corkies ever!! I love the new year resolutions, and I hear you about how important knitting is to me- It’s kept me sane so many times….

  24. Happy New Year! This is the best thing I’ve seen anyone do with corks ever – here’s to the best knits in 2009!

  25. Happy New Year!

    I’ll make a belated resolution: drink more wine so I can make some cutie-pie corkies for meself! šŸ™‚

  26. clarabelle · ·

    Happy New Year to you too, Glenna!

    I honestly think that you must have been just about the first person that I ‘met’ in knitting-blogland a year or so ago. And your knitting and blogging have been inspiring!

    best wishes


  27. What cuties! Happy New Year, Glenna!

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